Top 10 Dangerous Websites List (2024)

Stay away from web of threats!

In today’s digital age, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. However, with the increasing use of the internet, the risk of cyber threats has also increased. Every day, new websites are created, and some of them may pose a risk to internet users. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 dangerous websites of 2024 that you should avoid.

Dangerous Websites List

Top 10 Dangerous Websites List

According to Norton, a leading cybersecurity company, the top 100 most dangerous websites on the internet contain an average of 18,000 threats, with over 50 of them containing hard-core pornography. These websites can infect your computer with malware, steal your personal information, and even compromise your identity.

To protect yourself from these dangerous websites, it is essential to know what risks they pose and how to identify them. In the following sections, we will discuss the top 10 dangerous websites of 2024, the risks they pose, and how to avoid them.

1. Ucoz. com

It offers users free web hosting services so that they can create their websites without proper web designing knowledge. Although, it has been suspected as unsafe.

2. 17ebook. co

It sells digital products, mainly ebooks. It has been reported to have negative ratings and users faced potential risks.

3. clicnews. com

As this website is suspected for different purposes, it’s difficult to establish its exact nature. It has been mentioned as a cyber threat. 


It is unclear what this website really serves. However, it is flagged as filled with spam and malicious activity. 


It claims to offer medicines for different diseases like ED, diabetes, cancer, etc. but is reviewed with a very low trust score.

6. Ginedis. com

With a low safety rating, the website does not state its function and the purpose is unknown.

7. kingfamilyphotoalbum. com

This website seems to be associated with King Family Vineyards, Virginia, USA. However, it a suspected as a spammy website.

8. magic4you. nu

It provides you with information on different magic tricks and performances. However, its safety and legitimacy are not clear.

9. stock888. cn

It is registered in China and is regarded as potentially unsafe.

10. teamclouds. com

It claims to provide hosting and cloud solutions so that users can set up their websites or blogs. However, its safety and legitimacy are not up to the mark.

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What are Virus-Infected Websites

Virus-infected websites, aka malicious websites, are webpages that have been compromised by hackers or cybercriminals to host and distribute malware.

Such websites can exploit vulnerabilities in your web browser and plugins.

When you navigate to any of these, it can affect your device directly with virus, ransomware, spyware, or other malicious software. Moreover, they may trick you into downloading malware which can crash your software or breach its security. 

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Top 10 Malicious Websites

Here are some of the restricted malicious websites that you should never visit:

  • sapo .pt
  • bpwhamburgorchardpark. org
  • dfwdiesel. net
  • fantasticfilms. ru
  • Blogspot .de
  • hihanin. com
  • mactep. org
  • sendspace .com
  • kr
  • nacjalneg. info

Now that you have the list of some of the dangerous websites you should never visit, we hope it will be helpful for you to keep your device and sensitive information secure.

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