Why Does Life360 Say Last Updated 2 Hours Ago?

Time to find the truth behind this outdated timestamp!

If you’re using the Life360 app to keep track of your family’s location, you may have noticed that the app sometimes displays a “last updated” time that is several hours old. This can be concerning, especially if you’re relying on the app to keep track of your loved ones in real-time. There are several reasons why Life360 may display an outdated “last updated” time, ranging from technical issues to user behavior. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why Life360 may say “last updated 2 hours ago” and provide tips on how to ensure that the app is providing accurate and up-to-date location information.

why does life360 say last updated 2 hours ago

Why Does Life360 Say Last Updated 2 Hours Ago?

Seeing Last updated 2 hours ago on Life360 can be frustrating, especially if you need real-time location information.

Now there are several reasons why this might happen:

1. Poor Network Connectivity

Life360 needs to be connected to the internet to update the recent location. Moreover, when roaming, the app uses cellular data which needs to be faster and stable. Poor network connectivity on any device can delay updates. 

Also weak GPS signal can prevent accurate tracking of the user’s location.

So, boost the internet speed on both devices and see if that resolves the issue.

2. Battery Saver Mode is Enabled

If the user has manually enabled the battery saver on the device, or it has entered into power saving automatically, Life360 may not be able to update the location. 

It is so because the app won’t be able to consume the device battery nor will be able to use background data. 

3. Device is Turned Off

If Life360 says last updated 2 hours ago, it indicates that the device on which the app was installed for tracking is probably switched off. 

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4. No Location Permission

Life360 needs location access on your device along with other necessary permissions in order to function correctly.

If the user has disabled location sharing on Life360 or completely on the device before two hours to save battery or maintain privacy, the app will not update it.

5. VPN Enabled

Life360 may experience issues updating real-time location if a VPN is active on the other person’s phone. VPNs alter and hide the device’s actual location, disrupting the location-sharing capability of the app.

6. Outdated App

You might encounter errors like outdated timestamps if the Life360 app on your phone is outdated or is affected by bugs or technical glitches. 

Update the Life360 app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

7. Life360 Logged Into Multiple Devices

When the same Life360 account is logged into multiple devices, it could confuse the app and might not update the exact location.

How to Change Your Location on Life 360 When It’s Not Updating Location

Several third-party apps such as Fake GPS and iTools can help you change your location on Life 360. Such apps offer an easy process to modify or spoof your phone’s location on both Android and iOS platforms.

Moreover, you can refer to our guide for a step-by-step process to change the Life360 location.

How to Fix Life360 Say Last Updated 2 Hours Ago

Here are some troubleshooting tips to address the outdated location issue on Life360:

Quick Answer

If your Wi-Fi isn’t working, switch to mobile data. Additionally, disable the power-saving mode or data saver to allow Life360 to run in the background and update location instantly.

Method 1: Logout of Other Devices

Inaccurate location updates can happen if the same Life360 account is logged in on multiple devices. As each one might report a different location, it will be hard to pinpoint the specific device you’re trying to locate.

Make sure to log out on other devices and use your account only on the targeted phone.

Method 2: Re-check the Location Settings on the Device

Check whether the Life360 app has location permissions enabled on the device. If not, enable it to fix the issue.

1. Follow the path: Settings > Apps > App Management.

2. Tap on Life360, followed by Permissions, and then choose Allow all the time.

3. Turn the toggle on for Use precise location.

tap allow all the time

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Method 3: Clear Cache and Update Life360

Corrupt cache data causes various issues within the app. So, clear them out to improve the app’s performance. Also, make sure to update Life360 from the device’s app store.

Method 4: Give Permission to Run in Background

For accurate location updates, your Life360 app must remain active in the background continuously.

1. Follow the path: Settings > Apps > App Management.

2. Tap on Life360, then on Batter Usage, and turn the toggle on for Allow background activity.

turn on background activity

How do You Know if Someone Paused their Location on Life360?

When a user pauses their location sharing on Life360, the app notifies other members of the circle about this with a message – Shared location paused  on the person’s profile when they look into it.

However, this notification may also appear if the user has turned off the location on their iPhone or Android device through app settings.

Some users have reported seeing the message Shared location paused even when they exit the application.

What Does it Mean When Life360 Says Last Updated?

When Life360 says Last Updated, it refers to the time when the app received the most recent location data from a particular user’s device. 

It helps you track the current whereabouts of family members or friends who are part of your Life360 circle.

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Can You See How Many Times Someone Checks Your Location on Life360?

No, you cannot see how many times someone checks your location on Life360 as the app doesn’t notify you when someone from their Circle views their location in the app. 

We hope our guide helped you understand why life360 says last updated 2 hours ago and ways to resolve the issue in no time.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to TechCult for moe informative guides.

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