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Can Life360 See Your Internet Search History?

Investigate 360-degree to find out whether your searches fall under its purview!

Safety comes first, you might have heard this. Used especially by parents to keep a close check on their children, the Life360 location-sharing app helps families and close-knit groups stay informed about each other’s movements. While its objective is to provide a sense of safety, security, and coordination, it also raises privacy concerns. Children often wonder about the extent of its watchful eye, such as what can their parents see on Life360, and whether the app can see their search history, texts, or any other personal data. Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

Can Life360 See Your Search History

Can Life360 See Your Search History or Text Messages?

Life360 lets users share their real-time location with their family members or other designated individuals. As the app keeps a history of user’s past locations, it becomes helpful for users to review where their family members have been. But is that all it peers into or it keeps an eye on your internet search history or texts? 

Well, no. You need not be concerned about Life360 eavesdropping on your browsing history. Its primary focus is on collecting location data using the GPS, device information, and communication made on the device.  Additional features provided also include tracking of driving speed and battery life monitoring.

Moreover, this location data is only shared with friends and family who are connected with you via the app and is not shared with third parties.

Seach History

Can Life360 See Your Texts?

No, Life360 has no direct access to your phone’s data, including text messages. Group members may exchange, copy, and paste text messages using the app. This means, it may access the content of messages sent between the circle members within the app’s messaging tool but not those sent out outside the app. Life360 does not compromise user privacy and only shows limited information without spying on others.

Can you See the Location History on Life360? 

Life360 allows users to view location history for up to 30 days for family members with a Life360 Gold or Platinum subscription. Without the paid version, you can view the location history of your family members for the last 24 hours.

You can use filters to view the location history by date and time. All you need is to tap on the name of the person whose location history you wish to see and move to the History tab.

GPS Location Tracking

Life360 shows a list of a person’s whereabouts, as well as the time and date of their stay. Users may navigate through the list or tap on a single place to access further information such as address and arrival hours. However, one can only check the location history of individuals who have shared their location with them. It is a useful tool for staying in touch with loved ones and ensuring their safety. Still, it must be used carefully, concerning the privacy of other circle members.

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What Can Parents See on Life360?

Life360 is a valuable tool for parents to monitor their child’s location and activity. With a Life360 Premium or Platinum subscription parents have access to the following information:

  • Real-time location
  • Location history for up to 30 days
  • Driving habits, including speed, hard braking, and rapid acceleration
  • Battery level
  • Check-ins and place alerts
  • Messages sent within the Life360 app

Life360 also offers several other features that can be helpful for parents, such as:

  • Family Safety Alerts: Family Safety Alerts are provided to parents if their child is running low on battery, in a high-crime area, or traveling at a high speed.
  • Panic Button: The panic button in the Life360 app can be pressed to send an alert to parents and other family members if their child is in danger.

Panic button

  • Place Alerts: Parents can set up alerts to be notified when their child arrives or leaves a specific location, such as school, home, or work.
  • Driving Safety Reports: Parents can receive a weekly compilation of assessments on their child’s driving habits, such as speed, hard braking, and rapid acceleration.

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What Data Does Life360 Collect? 

Life360’s privacy policy defines its approach to the gathering and keeping of personal data. While Life360 says that it does not collect or retain any more data, users may read the policy to see how their data is used and shared, and alter their privacy settings to restrict data collection and sharing.

  • Location Data: Life360 uses GPS to track the real-time location of users, enabling them to view their loved ones’ locations on a map, enhancing the app’s main feature.
  • Device Information: It collects device information, including IP address, to improve app performance and troubleshoot issues, ensuring optimal user experience.
  • Battery Level: It also collects battery data to send alerts to users and their family members when their battery level is low.

Battery Percentage

  • Communication Data: Life360 enhances user communication by collecting messages, placing alerts, and analyzing data to enhance the app’s features and user experience, ensuring efficient and effective communication. However, all this stands true for communication that took place within the app and not outside it.
  • Driving Habits: It analyzes driving habits, including speed, hard braking, and rapid acceleration, to provide personalized safety insights and help users improve their driving habits.

Life360 is a great tool for promoting family safety and peace of mind. As a result, it should be utilized carefully and only after a thorough discussion of the tool’s significance. We hope our blog helped you understand whether Life360 can see your search history or not. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such informative blogs.

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