Can I Use My Xfinity Mobile SIM Card on Any Phone?

Comcast offers mobile service through Xfinity Mobile in addition to your current internet and TV packages. The reasoning is that because you already subscribe to Comcast for your cable and internet, you might as well receive your cell service. In addition, there is a fairly strong case in favor of Xfinity Mobile when you take into account the benefits of combining those services. There is no doubt that this is how Comcast’s consumers feel. Five years after Xfinity Mobile’s start in 2017, it experienced rapid growth. Due to Comcast starting to build its cell towers, that quick increase didn’t happen. Instead, Xfinity Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (or MVNO) that uses one or more of the main carriers’ current networks to support its services. It offers various Xfinity SIM card plans. If you are someone looking for tips about Xfinity Mobile SIM card, we bring you a helpful guide that will teach you how to use a Xfinity phone on Verizon and use any phone with Xfinity Voice.

Can I Use My Xfinity Mobile SIM Card on Any Phone?

Can I Use My Xfinity Mobile SIM Card on Any Phone?

You will get to know if you can use Xfinity Mobile SIM card on any phone with the help of this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Does Xfinity Do SIM Cards?

Yes, Xfinity has SIM cards. The essential component for connecting your phone to the Xfinity Mobile network is an Xfinity Mobile SIM card.

What is Xfinity SIM?

The Subscriber Identity (or Identification) Module is referred to as a SIM. It refers to how a mobile device, such as a phone, operates on the network of a certain service provider. Your phone cannot connect to the mobile network you subscribe to if it is missing a SIM card or has the incorrect one.

Nano SIMs are utilized in all Android devices connected to an Xfinity Mobile (the physical SIM cards). Nano SIMs are also used in iPhone generations that predate the iPhone X series. Dual SIM functionality is available in the iPhone X series to the iPhone 13. The majority of those Xfinity Mobile network-connected devices have been utilizing nano SIMs. If you got your gadget straight from Xfinity Mobile, the nano SIM was already a part of the deal.

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What is Xfinity SIM Card Price?

The total number of lines on the account, including tablets and lines utilizing Unlimited or By the Gig data, determines the monthly cost.

  • 1 line: costs $45
  • 2 lines: each $30
  • 3 lines: each $30
  • 4 lines: each $30
  • 5th line: $20/month
  • 6th line: $20/month
  • 7th line: $20/month
  • 8th line: $20/month
  • 9th line: $20/month
  • 10th line: $20/month

What are Xfinity SIM Card Plans?

As you know Xfinity SIM card price, let us know Xfinity SIM card plans.

Note: The cost for two and three lines of service under Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited plans was reduced to $30/month in August 2022.


  • $45/month for a single line
  • $60/month for two lines
  • $90/month for a trio
  • $120/month for a quartet (reduced speeds after 20 GB)

From the Gig:

If you use more than your selected amount, you must pay $15 per additional GB. There is no rollover data. The following prices apply:

  • 1 GB costs $15/month
  • 3 GB costs $30/month
  • 10 GB costs $60/month

Can I Order Xfinity SIM Card?

Yes, you can order an Xfinity SIM card.

Can I Put My Xfinity SIM Card in Any Phone? Can I Use My Xfinity Mobile SIM Card in Any Phone?

Yes, Xfinity Mobile Bring Your Own Phone (BYOD) allows you to use your Xfinity Mobile SIM card in any phone as long as it is compatible.

Xfinity Mobile Bring Your Own Phone

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Can You Put Xfinity Mobile SIM Card in Another Phone?

Yes, you can put an Xfinity Mobile SIM card in another phone. You must ensure that the device you’re connecting to the current line is compatible with the network. Most iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel devices, LG, and Motorola phones, bought straight from Xfinity Mobile, are compatible.

Can I Put My Xfinity SIM Card in Another iPhone?

Yes, you can put your Xfinity SIM card in another iPhone. iPhones allow you to change SIM cards easily. It will fit if the SIM card shapes on both smartphones match.

Can I Put My Xfinity SIM Card in a Verizon Phone?

Yes, you can put your Xfinity SIM card in a Verizon phone. Most Verizon phones, as long as they are unlocked, are compatible with an Xfinity SIM card. This is due to Xfinity Mobile using the Verizon network.

How Do I Get a New SIM Card Xfinity?

You can get a new SIM card from Xfinity in either of the ways:

  • Physical SIM Card: A SIM card you ordered will show up in a few days. After receiving it, you may activate it using your Xfinity Mobile account online, over the phone, or in person with a consultant at an Xfinity store.
  • eSIM: A SIM card already integrated into suitable devices is known as an eSIM. It enables phone activation without needing a physical SIM card; no shipment is required.

Xfinity store locator | Xfinity SIM card plans

Is Xfinity Mobile CDMA or GSM?

Yes. Both GSM and CDMA/LTE are supported by Xfinity Mobile. It also depends on your phone. Your phone utilizes CDMA if it has a MEID or ESN number and GSM if it has an IMEI number. Both GSM and CDMA networks are supported by your phone if you can see both.

What Carriers are Compatible with Xfinity Mobile?

As a great substitute for Verizon, Xfinity Mobile provides dependable 4G LTE service on the latter’s network at a lower cost. The greatest phones from Xfinity Mobile come in various models, from iPhones to Androids.

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Does Xfinity Mobile Accept Unlocked Phones?

Yes, only unlocked mobile devices are allowed at Xfinity Mobile. Many phones are locked to the carrier from which they were purchased. However, after the phone has been fully paid for, it may typically be unlocked. If you’re unsure, check with your existing carrier.

Can You Use a Xfinity Phone on Verizon?

Yes and no. All Verizon phones, with a few exceptions, are compatible with Xfinity Mobile since it rents out the same network that Verizon does. Customers who migrate from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile will discover that the procedure of bringing their cellphones, particularly more modern iPhone and Android models, is relatively simple.

Will Xfinity Mobile Pay Off Phone?

No. Your outstanding device debt and any early termination fees you could incur while switching to another provider are not covered by Xfinity. Unless you paid cash for your phone or you’ve owned it for a while, you’ll probably need to make payments on it. Before changing carriers, any outstanding debt must be paid in full.

Can You Use Any Phone with Xfinity Voice?

Yes. But you may utilize phones that adhere to the:

  • FCC Part 68 standards and regulations with Xfinity Voice
  • Have a Ring Equivalency Number (REN) that is no higher than the industry norm of 1.0
  • Be in excellent condition
  • Support DTMF (touch tone) dialing


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to learn about Xfinity Mobile SIM card and what are the Xfinity SIM card plans. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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