Can I Have 2 Depop Accounts?

Find the available options to create two Depop accounts to sell products.

Depop is a popular secondhand marketplace for clothes and accessories. And as a seller, you may think to get the most out of this platform. One strategy you might consider is opening two separate accounts to sell products in different categories and reach distinct customer bases. In this article, we will explore whether having 2 Depop accounts is allowed and, if not, what the reasons are.

Can I Have 2 Depop Accounts?

Can I Have 2 Depop Accounts?

The possibility of having two Depop accounts may excite you, but you must examine the facts first before taking any step. This article will help you clear all your doubts about it so stay tuned until the end.

How Many Depop Accounts Can You Have?

You can only have one account associated with a specific email ID and phone number. Depop terms of service do not allow users to use multiple accounts simultaneously. If this policy is violated by trying to create 2 Depop accounts, it can result in suspending or termination of all associated accounts.

Depop terms of service page

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Can I Make Depop Account with the Same Number?

No, you cannot create a new Depop account with the same number. You need to give a different number when making a new account on Depop. It will help to verify the identities of the users and prevent fraud. It means that if you try to create a new account using a phone number already associated with an existing one, the system will not allow you to create a new account.

This policy is mainly implemented to prevent users from fraudulent or spammy activities and to ensure each user has a unique and secure account on the platform. If you still try to create an account with the same number, you will receive an error message saying that this phone number already exists. However, you can create another account after deleting the current account.

Can I Have 2 Depop Accounts?

No, you cannot have two Depop accounts. In Depop, you are allowed to use one account at a time. If you want to create another account, you must first delete your current one and then create a new one.

Can You be Logged into Depop on Two Devices?

Yes, you can log into Depop from two different devices at once. It enables users to log in to their accounts from different devices, like a tablet and a smartphone, as long as it’s the same account. But it’s crucial to remember that if you’re selling something, you should maintain track of your inventory to prevent mistakenly selling the same thing more than once.


So, through this article, we have given you complete information about whether can I have 2 Depop accounts. If you still have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comment box below. Make sure to check out the other Depop articles on our website to learn more about this platform and grow your business accordingly.

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