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How to Block an Attack in Injustice 2 on Xbox

Explore this article to avoid any attacks in Injustice 2.

Injustice 2 is a fighting game in which DC comic superheroes and supervillains battle one another in one-on-one matches. Using various controls on your Xbox, you can execute a range of skills to defeat your opponent, including blocking attacks. In this tutorial, we will explore how to block attacks in the Injustice 2 game on your Xbox and become familiar with all the other fight controls.

How to Block an Attack in Injustice 2 on Xbox

How to Block an Attack in Injustice 2 on Xbox

Blocking is a crucial skill in any combat game, just as important as any other fighting skill. To effectively block attacks in Injustice 2 on your Xbox, it’s important to use the appropriate controls. Let’s explore how you can master this skill.

Quick Answer

You can block attacks in Injustice 2 on Xbox by holding the Left trigger button and using the Joystick to avoid attacks from all directions. Also, use the Left Joystick + Left Trigger combination to do a crouch block.

Does Injustice 2 Work on Xbox One?

Yes, Injustice 2 works on Xbox One as well as on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Injustice 2 is designed for consoles like Xbox and PS. If you run it on these consoles, you will get better graphics and smooth gameplay. You can purchase Injustice 2 from the Microsoft Store and find different editions of the game there. And if you have an Xbox Gold Pass subscription, you can download and play the Injustice 2 game for free on your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Injustice 2 for Xbox

What are Injustice 2 Controls on Xbox?

The Injustice 2 controls on Xbox are listed below:

  • Movement: Left joystick or D-pad
  • Light Attack or Quick Attack: X
  • Medium Attack: Y
  • Heavy Attack or Slow Attack: B
  • Character Trait: A
  • Block: Left Trigger
  • Meter Burn: Right Trigger
  • Forward Throw: Right Bumper + Y
  • Backward Throw: Right Bumper + B
  • Character Interact: Left Joystick + Right Trigger
  • Character-specific Moves: Quarter-circle forward or backward + Light/Medium/Heavy Attack button
  • Super Move: Left Bumper + Right Bumper + Character Trait (Uses 3 bars of Super Meter)

These were all the default controls of Injustice 2 that you can perform using your Xbox controller. These controls can be changed as per the need of the player.

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How to Block Attacks in Injustice 2 on Xbox

To know how to block on Injustice 2 Xbox, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Note: You cannot block throws done by the opponent.

1. Launch the Injustice 2 game on your Xbox console.

2. Start the Injustice 2 game and select the desired characters for a fight.

3. Hold the Left Trigger on your Xbox controller to get into a blocking stance.

4. Now, while holding Left Trigger, move your character to different positions to prevent attacks from different angles.

5. To block yourself from low attacks, hold down the Left Joystick + Left Trigger to perform a crouch block.


You may have realized the perks of using the block skill in battles after learning how to block on Injustice 2 Xbox in this article. If you still have any doubts regarding using this technique, you can reach out to us by using the comments section below. Keep visiting our website to discover more interesting tutorials!

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