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18 Best Video Subtitle App for Android

Smartphones have become one of the most popular forms of video content consumption. You may be wondering which movie subtitle app for Android is best for you. Android has a wide range of video subtitle apps, each with its own unique features and capabilities and might be confusing to choose from. Therefore, we have  compiled a list of best video subtitle apps for Android to help you find the perfect app for your needs.

18 Best Video Subtitle App for Android

Best Video Subtitle App for Android

There are many good movie subtitle apps for Android. Let us learn about which is best video subtitle app in detail.

What to Look for in Movie Subtitle Apps for Android?

With the wide range of unique movie subtitle apps available on Android, it can be hard to choose one that is best suited for you. Knowing what to look for when choosing a movie subtitle app for Android can be very helpful. Here are some features to look for when choosing best video subtitle app for Android:

  • Offline support: Look for an app that can download subtitles for offline use so that you can watch your videos without an internet connection.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the app is compatible with your device and operating system.
  • Accuracy: The most important feature of any subtitle app is its accuracy. Look for an app that can accurately sync the subtitles with the video and ensure that the subtitles are properly translated or transcribed.
  • Language support: Make sure that the app supports the languages you need, especially if you’re watching movies or TV shows from different countries. The best movie subtitle app for Android has multi-language support.
  • Customization options: A good subtitle app should offer customization options, such as font style, size, color, and background. This will allow you to adjust the subtitles to your liking and make them easier to read.
  • Automatic subtitle generation: Some apps can automatically generate subtitles for your videos, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

Some video subtitle apps have distinct features that make them stand out from the rest. Taking into account the different factors that make a video subtitle app unique, we have compiled a list for you. You can find some of best video subtitle app for Android below.

1. VLC for Android

Play Store page of VLC for Android

VLC for Android is an excellent movie subtitle app for Android. It provides a seamless experience for users to watch movies and TV shows with accurate subtitles. With VLC, users can easily download subtitles from various sources, including OpenSubtitles, and synchronize them with the video they are watching. Additionally, the app offers several features to enhance the subtitle experience, such as font customization, position adjustment, and delay settings. Other features of VLC for Android include support for multiple audio and subtitle tracks, playback speed control, and gesture-based controls for easy navigation.


  • It has easy subtitle download and synchronization from various sources.
  • It offers customization options for font, position, and delay settings.
  • It has support for multiple audio and subtitle tracks.

2. MX Player

Play Store page of MX Player. 18 Best Video Subtitle App for Android

MX Player is a popular media player app that provides an excellent subtitle experience for its users. The app supports various subtitle formats and allows users to easily download subtitles from the internet. MX Player provides subtitle gestures, which allow users to control subtitles with simple swipe gestures. Overall, MX Player is a versatile and user-friendly media player app that provides an excellent subtitle experience for Android users. This is one of best video subtitle app for Android.


  • It offers customization options for font size, color, and position.
  • It supports subtitle delay adjustment and synchronization.
  • It offers subtitle gestures for easy control.

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3. BSPlayer

Play Store page of BSPlayer. 18 Best Video Subtitle App for Android

BSPlayer is a well-known media player application that delivers a superior subtitle experience to its users. The application enables users to download and watch movies and TV shows with precise subtitles effortlessly, as it supports various subtitle formats. Moreover, BSPlayer allows users to customize their subtitle settings, including font size, color, etc., enabling them to personalize their subtitle experience. This is one of the best movie subtitle app for Android.


  • It supports automatic subtitle search.
  • It has buffered network playback from SMB shares
  • It offers advanced subtitle options which enable users to watch video content with subtitles from many popular subtitle formats.

4. Get Subtitles

Play Store page of Get Subtitles. 18 Best Video Subtitle App for Android

Get Subtitles is a free Android app that caters to movie and TV enthusiasts, enabling them to acquire subtitles in different languages for watching videos. The app allows users to search for movies by simply entering the title in the search bar, without the need to have the file on their phones. It has subtitle synchronization and delay adjustment for users. The support for multiple subtitle tracks is a very useful feature. It is amongst best video subtitle app for Android.


  • The app supports over 170 languages, providing users with a vast range of subtitle options.
  • The application seamlessly integrates with local media players such as MX, VLC, among others.
  • It has customization options for font size, color, and position.

5. Kaptioned

Play Store page of Kaptioned

Kaptioned is an Android app that allows users to view movies, shows, and other media with subtitles in multiple languages on their smartphones. The app automatically provides subtitles for media files. Kaptioned also offers a filter option that enables users to sort subtitles by episodes and seasons. It also supports multiple media player apps on Android to watch videos with subtitles.


  • The app includes a powerful search function that allows users to locate subtitles for a particular video easily.
  • It has an excellent filter tool.
  • It has a search function that easily lets you find the subtitles you want.

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6. MightySubs

Play Store page of MightySubs

MightySubs is a well-known subtitle app that has gained popularity among users. The premium version of MightySubs offers various benefits, such as removing ads and download limits, which may appeal to some users. However, there are some drawbacks such as lack of automatic scanning for movies and TV shows. Unlike other subtitle apps, users of MightySubs need to manually navigate to the folder where they have stored their movie or TV series to download the subtitles. This can be time-consuming and may not be convenient for some users. Additionally, the user interface of MightySubs may appear confusing for some individuals.


  • It fetches subtitles from multiple sources.
  • It offers directory profile management.
  • The app lets you enable more than one language at once.

7. MixCaptions

Play Store page of MixCaptions

MixCaptions is more of a video subtitle app rather than a movie watching subtitle app. Likewise, it is an app that can automatically detect and caption sounds in a video. The app is a type of automated subtitling software. All that users have to do is enter the language of the audio in a video to caption it.


  • It has a free version as well as a premium version.
  • It is fast and easy to use.
  • It lets you create your own watermark.

8. Subbr

Play Store page of Subbr

Subbr is an app which focuses on converting and editing subtitles and text content for videos. This app offers full support to all commonly used subtitle formats, making it a useful tool for video editors and content creators who work with different subtitle formats. It allows users to conveniently create and edit subtitles, synchronizing them with video playback time. This feature helps users adjust the subtitles’ timing accurately to match the video content. Additionally, Subbr allows the use of text editing with HTML tags, which provides greater flexibility and customization to users while creating subtitles.


  • The Subbr app offers a feature that allows users to translate subtitles into different languages.
  • The app has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.
  • It allows users to work with different subtitle formats, including SRT, ASS, SSA, and SUB.

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9. GMT Subtitles

Play Store page of GMT Subtitles

GMT Subtitles is an application that is highly regarded for its ability to manage subtitles. One of the most remarkable features of GMT Subtitles is its automatic video detection capability, which enables the app to download matching subtitles automatically. This function saves users time and effort manually searching for the appropriate subtitle files. It also allows users to access subtitles from various databases and ensures that they can find the appropriate subtitles for any video they may be working on. This is one of best video subtitle app for Android.


  • It has auto-download for missing subtitle files.
  • It offers users the option of manual subtitle downloading from a variety of sources, including OpenSubtitles, Podnapisi, and BetaSeries.
  • It lets you share subtitles via Bluetooth, E-mail, etc.

10. SubGet

Play Store page of SubGet

SubGet is an excellent app that allows users to easily search and download subtitles for movies, TV shows, and music. The app’s intuitive and well-designed user interface enhances user experience, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. With SubGet, users can easily access the latest and most popular subtitles.


  • The app has a powerful search feature that allows you to find related subtitles to any title.
  • SubGet also allows you to download subtitles to your device storage.

11. Live Transcribe & Notification

Play Store page of Live Transcribe & Notification

Live Transcribe & Notification is a powerful accessibility tool from Google. It is one of the most highly advanced transcription apps. With Live Transcribe, users can instantly transcribe spoken words into text in real-time. The app is incredibly easy to use and can be customized to suit the needs of individual users. The transcriptions and subtitles are highly accurate, making it an invaluable tool for anyone.


  • It has a clean UI and is very easy to use.
  • It offers the ability to transcribe or offer captions in real-time.

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12. FoxSub

Play Store page of FoxSub. 18 Best Video Subtitle App for Android

FoxSub is an app that offers a range of exciting features for mobile and tablet devices. One of the app’s most impressive features is its ability to hardcode subtitles into video, supporting substation alpha, srt, or vtt subtitle formats. Users can also choose different export resolutions, fps, and quality when hardcoding subtitles to video, giving them complete control. It is amongst best video subtitle app for Android.


  • The app can extract wav files from video and draw waveforms quickly.
  • Users can attach substation alpha, srt, or vtt files or create these formats from scratch.
  • It allows export of subtitles.

13. Subtitled Pro

Play Store page of Subtitled Pro

Subtitled Pro is a versatile subtitle editing and making app that supports all popular subtitle file formats, including SRT, VTT, SSA/ASS (SubStationAlpha), and SBV. With the app’s powerful features, users can easily edit and export subtitles and videos, making it an excellent tool for content creators and filmmakers. One of the most impressive features of Subtitled Pro is its ability to burn-in subtitles into videos, providing a seamless viewing experience for audiences who prefer hard-coded subtitles.


  • Subtitled Pro offers full multi-language and translation support, making it an ideal tool for international audiences.
  • It offers advanced timeline-based editing for precise editing of subtitles.

14. GetSub

Play Store page of GetSub

GetSub is an Android app that helps you find the perfect subtitles for all your movies and TV shows. With a simple design and an autocomplete search feature, you can quickly and easily locate the subtitles you need and start watching your favorite content. You can access all downloaded subtitles offline and locally. It is one of best video subtitle app for Android.


  • It lets you change the language and location of the subtitles.
  • It supports popular media players like MX Player or VLC Player to view videos with subtitles.

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15. Easy Subtitles

Play Store page of Easy Subtitles. 18 Best Video Subtitle App for Android

Easy Subtitles is an app that offers an intuitive interface that allows easy modification of subtitles line by line, or even creation of new ones from scratch. It supports formats such as SubRip (.srt) and SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass). The app is great for users who want a simplified subtitle editing tool. It is amongst the best movie subtitle app for Android.


  • It has support for multiple characters encoding.
  • It has an integrated video player within the app.
  • It lets you load subtitle files from external storage.

16. Simple Subtitles

Play Store page of Simple Subtitles. 18 Best Video Subtitle App for Android

Simple Subtitles is a free Android app that comes with an easy-to-use interface, making it simple and convenient for users to search and download subtitles for their favorite movies and TV shows. The app features an auto-complete search option and language-centric search and downloads, enabling users to quickly and easily find the subtitles they need.


  • It can be opened with popular video players like MX Player, Localcast, etc.
  • It has an auto-complete search feature.

17. Subtitles

Play Store page of Subtitles

Subtitles is an Android app that lets you download multi-language subtitles for movies, TV series and shows, enabling you to enjoy them on multiple devices. The app also allows you to filter subtitles by season and episode.


  • It has a search bar which offers autocomplete suggestions.
  • It has support for multiple video players.

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18. Subtitle Viewer

Play Store page of Subtitle Viewer

Subtitle Viewer is an Android app designed to search for and display subtitles. Once synchronized, the subtitles are shown in real-time, and the current subtitle is highlighted. This is strictly a subtitle app that is worth trying out. Although it does not come with a video player support, it is the best for viewing any movie subtitle format.


  • You can easily view vtt, stl, str, ttml, smi files in the app.
  • It lets you easily manage all subtitles or caption files.
  • The app works as an srt file viewer for Android.


We hope that this guide was helpful and that you were able to learn about best video subtitle app for Android. Let us know if the list was helpful for you. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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