15 Best OpenLoad Movies Alternatives

OpenLoad was essentially a website developed for sharing files online. Since its shut-down in 2019, many of its users have been searching for OpenLoad alternatives. Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of the best OpenLoad movies alternatives for you to watch movies free online. So, read till the end and make an informed decision.

15 Best OpenLoad Movies Alternatives

Best OpenLoad Movies Alternatives

1. 123Movies


123Movies is one of the best OpenLoad alternatives that is a free movie streaming platform. Some of the great features of this platform are:

  • All the movies on this site are free to stream. This means you don’t need to pay for anything.
  • No need for a high-speed internet connection to use this site and stream the best movies and TV shows that the site has to offer.
  • You will find movies of high quality like HD, Blu-ray, and HD-RIP on 123Movies.

2. FMovies


Similar to 123Movies, FMovies is one of the best sites like OpenLoad to watch movies free online because:

  • FMovies also offers a mobile app that you can download and use on your Android phone.
  • Hence, you can keep yourself entertained, on the go.
  • You can view movies and TV Shows classified by country, genre, and Top IMDB.
  • You can also create a free account and save your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • There are daily updates to the site to keep it fresh and bug-free.
  • The site has minimal ads.
  • What’s great about FMovies is that it supports Chromecast too.

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3. Putlocker


Putlocker is another movie and TV show streaming site that is an excellent Open Load alternative. Written below are some of its features:

  • All movies and TV shows are free to stream.
  • The site is well-organized. This makes it easy to find the content of your liking.
  • You will find the site divided into categories viz Movies, TV shows, Individual episodes, TopIMDB, and Most Viewed.
  • Under the Genre category, there are 20+ genres that you can choose from.
  • Putlocker works with a primary internet connection.

4. LosMovies


LosMovies is a popular website to watch movies for free online due to the following reasons:

  • There are more than two thousand pages of movies that you can watch.
  • Using LosMovies, stream all content for free.
  • You can view the site in categories of Movies, Tv shows, Top Movies, Movies by Country, Directors, and Actors.
  • There are more than 25 genres that you can use to filter your search.
  • Each genre is further sub-divided into TV Shows and Movies.

5. Vmovee


Vmovee is an online streaming platform and is considered to be one of the best OverLoad movies alternatives. Its features include:

  • Zero subscription fee for watching content on this streaming site.
  • A Vast collection of old favorites and newly released movies.
  • Under each movie, details about the actors, release date, genre, and category are provided.

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YIFY is the best OpenLoad movie alternative for the reasons listed below:

  • Movie and show watchers love this site because the media content is available in small files and easily downloadable.
  • Even though the videos are small-sized, the HD quality of the content is conserved.
  • You can download movies either in 720p or 1080p HD quality.
  • The site hosts a massive database of free content that you can download and stream.
  • Movies and TV Shows are well organized in categories which make searching for a particular film/show easy and less time-consuming.
  • Each movie has a magnet link as well as a download link to cater to all its customers.
  • The magnet link can be used to transfer the film to your Torrent application directly. Thereafter, you can download the film as a torrent file.
  • If you do not have a torrent engine, you can use the direct download link to download or view the movie directly on your system.

7. GoMovies


GoMovies is another great website and one of the best sites like OpenLoad to watch movies free online. Its noteworthy features are:

  • On this site, you can stream movies without paying anything i.e. at no cost.
  • The website has a user-friendly interface.
  • Movies are sorted into categories for easy navigation.
  • Alternatively, you can find anything with the search function.
  • Also, you can choose a country. Then, you will be able to view all the movies listed under that country.
  • There are numerous genres to choose from.

8. PRMovies


PRmovies is one of the best OpenLoad movies alternatives especially, for people who love to watch Indian regional films. Some of its unique attributes are as follows:

  • The site hosts content in many Indian regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.
  • Hence, it caters to users from various regions and ethnicities.
  • Another exciting feature of this site is that you will find Hollywood films dubbed in Indian regional languages.
  • A good amount of Pakistani media is also available to stream.
  • The platform is accessible not just to Indians, but to people around the world.

9. PrimeWire


Get quality shows and films for free on PrimeWire, one of the best OpenLoad alternatives.

  • PrimeWire is popular among movie and TV show fans because it offers the best, newest releases.
  • The website is clean and easy to use.
  • Unlike some other websites, your screen will not fill up with frustrating ads.
  • The video & audio quality of the videos on the site is really good.
  • The quality of the film is mentioned on the poster of a movie on the site. So, you can decide which quality to steam and download.

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10. SeeHD


SeeHD, as the name suggests, offers high-quality HD movies and shows. This makes it one of the best sites like openload. A few other positives are:

  • All the movies and TV shows on the site are available in HD quality.
  • Easily search for movies and shows based on their release date & genre.
  • No ads will pop up on the interface of the website and ruin your streaming experience.
  • The website is clean and lightweight. Thus, it loads quickly.
  • Each film poster is displayed with a rating so that you can pick the top-rated shows and films.
  • When you steam content, you will see multiple mirror links. This is extremely useful as you can use alternate links if the current link stops streaming in between.
  • By clicking on the download button, you can download films and shows to watch later.

11. GoStream


You might have heard about GoStream which too is a great site to watch movies free online. It is similar to the other sites on this list with the following attributes:

  • You can search for movies and TV shows based on genre.
  • You can go to Top IMDB, and Most Viewed categories to stream the most popular content.
  • The site is easy to access and use.
  • You can hover your mouse over a film/show poster and see all the relevant information about that film, like the release date, genre, and the official IMDB rating.
  • Moreover, users can click on the Favorite button to save movies and TV shows on their favorites list.

12. MovieNinja


MovieNinja is one of the best sites like OverLoad to watch movies free online. Its notable characteristics are listed below.

  • It houses a massive collection of great movies.
  • You can use the search bar and the category viewer to find movies easily & quickly.
  • You can find the top-rated movies of 2019 and 2020.
  • Under the Greatest Movies tab, you will find the most viewed movies on the site.
  • You can also view movies by genre. There are around 15 genres that you can browse through.
  • The only disadvantage is that unlike most sites on this list, Movie Ninja does not host TV Shows.

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13. PopCornFlix


PopCornFlix was one of the first websites that were released for streaming services. This too ranks in the list of the best OpenLoad alternatives because:

  • The site has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows for you to stream and watch.
  • The website has an attractive interface.
  • It can be easily found online and quite accessible.
  • If a particular stream link is not working, there are several other mirror links that you can click on and begin streaming movies.
  • You can download the PopCornFlix mobile app from Play Store.
  • In addition to the above, there is a tab titled Viral Vids, where you can watch viral and trending videos from around the internet. This sets it apart from other such platforms.

14. CONtv


CONtv is one of the best OpenLoad movies alternatives to watch movies free online because:

  • It hosts a massive collection of movies and TV shows.
  • All content is sorted into categories for easy access.
  • The user interface looks professional and beautiful.
  • CONtv streaming service is available for free.
  • You will also find a Save button on this platform. You can save movies & shows to watch later.
  • Here, you will find Hollywood movies and TV shows sorted by genre. This is a feature that you usually don’t find on most streaming sites.
  • What makes CONtv stand out, is the collection of comic films, anime, and martial arts that you will find on it.
  • Since it was made to cater to comic con lovers, it showcases content from Wizard Wold Comic Cons as well.

15. Soap2Day


Soap2Day is the last site on this list of best sites like OpenLoad to watch movies free online. With this platform, you can

  • Explore a vast library of great films in HD quality.
  • Create an account for free and reap extra benefits like tracking your watch list, saving content for later, and adding comments.
  • The major disadvantage of this website is the number of ads and pop-ups that appear. If you click on these, you will be redirected to other web pages, which may be malicious or dangerous. Hence, we suggest you remain extra careful while streaming content on Soap2Day.


We hope you found this guide to be helpful and you could find the best online movie and TV show streaming site in the form of the best OpenLoad movies alternatives. Let us know which online streaming site is your favorite. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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