19 Best Monitor Arm for Heavy Monitor

If you have a heavy monitor, it is important to have a stable and reliable monitor arm that can support the weight. So, we have got you covered as you will know best monitor arm for heavy monitor in this article. Keep reading to explore the best monitor arms and Desktop monitor mounts for your needs.

19 Best Monitor Arm for Heavy Monitor

Best Monitor Arm for Heavy Monitor

Here, you will get to know about the best monitor arms and Desktop monitor mounts for your heavy monitor to improve stability and experience.

How Monitor Arm and Desktop Monitor Mounts Will Help You?

The very first reason for using a monitor arm is that it allows you to position your monitor screen relative to your keyboard, eyes, and the rest of the body. Secondly, it helps to move your computer monitor screen. Thirdly, it will help you be free from any aches or pains you suffer from working at the desktop all day. With the above-mentioned benefits, it also aids in creating space and tidying up your workspace.

Now without wasting time we will take you through the best monitor arms and mounts from which you can choose the one as per your requirement after reading out their features.

1. AmazonBasics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm

AmazonBasics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm

One of the best monitor arms and desktop monitor mounts AmazonBasics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm is a premium product available on Amazon. It supports monitors up to 32 inches and 11.3 kg. This fits your desk between 0.4 and 2.5 inches thick to clamp it to your desk. It can help to tilt your screen between 70 degrees back and 5 degrees forward.

Major highlights:

  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Very lightweight for easy adjustments
  • Easy to set up
  • Increase desktop space

2. LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Want to give your monitor a supportive hand to hold its weight effortlessly? Then Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm is the right choice. You can push or pull this arm comfortably because of its sturdiness. The movement is really smooth and feels effortless.

Major Highlights:

  • Possess good cable management
  • Easy to adjust
  • Provide increased viewing comfort
  • Provides a great look and durability

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3. LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm, Tall Pole

LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm Tall Pole

The best monitor arm for heavy monitor LX Desk Monitor Arm, Tall Pole will help you meet your most productive self. Place it wherever you need it and move it as you want. With its taller pole, it offers you more workspace with increased visibility.

Major Highlights:

  • Saves space
  • Foldable to fit under storage shelves
  • Provides extra flexibility
  • More motion by sleek body
  • Passed 10,000 cycle test

4. M2.1


If you are a lover of classical objects, then the M2.1 is the best monitor arm for heavy monitors a classic act that comes in three finishes. It is meant for lighter monitors made up to 15.5 lbs with great angles and super easy installation.

Major Highlights:

  • Fully compatible
  • Smart stop functionality
  • Enables personalization and flexibility needed for the workplace
  • Supports a better working posture

5. Mount-It! Dual Monitor Mount

Mount-It! Dual Monitor Mount. 19 Best Monitor Arm for Heavy Monitor

Have two monitors and want a single solution for both? Then this Mount-It! Dual Monitor Mount should be your choice. Its steel construction is impressively sturdy. Monitors up to 27 inches in size can be rig up using this mount which weighs about 9.97 kg in weight. Basically, it is designed for slightly smaller monitors 24 inches in diameter.

Major Highlights:

  • Rock-solid support
  • Steel body
  • Height adjustable arms
  • Easy installation
  • Tilt up and down 90 degrees

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6. 3M Dual-Swivel Monitor Arm

3M Dual-Swivel Monitor Arm

Having a heavy monitor and looking at a mount with extra strength? Then make the 3M Dual-Swivel Monitor Arm your pick. It can support monitors weighing up to 13,6 kg and can clamp desks up to 4.25 inches thick. You can easily run the cables between its hollow arm which make everything look neat and tidy.

Major Highlights:

  • Get impressed with its weight capacity
  • Amazing cable management
  • Rotate the monitor from landscape to portrait
  • Sleek design with quality features

7. NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount

NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount

If you are looking for a good monitor mount but at a cheaper price, then you can look to this product. NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount is a little basic and can support lighter-weight monitors so don’t risk your heavier display with this mount. It can tilt your monitor between +35 and -50 degrees and rotate from -30 to +85 degrees. This doesn’t go fully portrait but is still of use.

Major Highlights:

  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install
  • Hidden cable management
  • Easy positioning of monitor

8. Vari Dual-Monitor Arm

Vari Dual-Monitor Arm

If you own two smaller monitors, then the mount you must look for is Vari Dual-Monitor Arm. It can hold weight up to 8.9 kg and monitor size of 24 inches which is not preferable for maximum monitor size. You can rotate this arm from landscape to portrait as per your needs.

Major Highlights:

  • Built-in cable management clip
  • Supports two monitors
  • Flexible movement
  • Provided with tools for easy installation
  • Fully articulating a range of positions
  • Provide more desk space

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9. LX Dual Stacking Arm

LX Dual Stacking Arm

Having two monitors but don’t want to use them side by side? Then LX dual stacking Arm is here to solve this. You can use monitors next to each other when you want by arranging them in different arrangements. For this, the maximum monitor size is 24 inches making it useless for larger monitors. It provides height adjustment of up to 13 inches for your monitor screen and it is the best monitor arm for heavy monitors.

Major highlights:

  • Provide maximum space
  • Foldable arms for better adjustments
  • Comes in a sleek design
  • Provides flexible screen arrangement

10. Jarvis Monitor Arm

Jarvis Monitor Arm

Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm is a simpler product to keep your spine protected and in good health. The better alignment of this arm helps keep your spine in healthy alignment. For individuals with active seating and who want to keep their workspace organized, this product best suits your need. This will make your home look like an office at home.

Major Highlights:

  • Extremely simple to assemble
  • Easily adjustable range of movement
  • Provides valuable desktop space
  • Keeps workspace organized
  • Easy to install

11. Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount

Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount

The arm that fits every brand’s monitor is Mount-It! premium single monitor arm. It can hold a monitor up to 32 inches in screen size. You can tilt it 90 degrees up and down. The base of this arm can be held as a clamp or grommet. This sleek monitor arm is made up of steel and aluminum. This mechanical spring arm comes with adjustable tension for height adjustment.

Major Highlights:

  • Increase the monitor height
  • Better cable management
  • Elevate the monitor above the desktop

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12. VIVO Premium Aluminum Heavy-Duty Arm

VIVO Premium Aluminum Heavy-Duty Arm

VIVO Premium Aluminum Heavy-Duty Arm with built-in features like an elbow spring gauge can hold up a screen weighing up to 33 lbs, offering an exceptional range of flexible motion with -45 to +45 degrees. It is best suited for the desktop with thickness ranging from 0.4″ to 3.3″ with clamp and 0.4″ to 1.9″ with grommet. This is considered the best monitor arms and desktop monitor mounts.

Major Highlights:

  • Perfect weight adjustment
  • Clear cable management
  • Simple monitor installation
  • Fits ultrawide monitors

13. WALI Dual Monitor Gas Spring Desk Mount

WALI Dual Monitor Gas Spring Desk Mount

Get double efficiency and productivity by opening up desk space with WALI dual monitor gas spring desk mount. Its compatible size fits monitors up to 35″ and 33 lbs each screen. It is built with high-grade heavy-duty aluminum with a pneumatic gas spring arm which can help correct position to reduce neck and eye strain.

Major Highlights:

  • Free standing base
  • Easy quick detach VESA plate
  • Rotate from landscape to portrait
  • Allow adaptable positions for display

14. AVLT Dual 13ᵒ-35ᵒ Monitor Arm Desk Mount

AVLT Dual 13ᵒ-35ᵒ Monitor Arm Desk Mount

AVLT Dual 13″-35″ Monitor Arm Desk Mount is the best monitor arm for heavy monitors, which can fit most flat, curved, and ultrawide computer monitors up to 33 lb. Just fix a few screws which instantly improves working posture. This assists height adjustment from 10 to 23″ passing the 16,000-cycle motion test. It comes with a C-clamp and grommet mounting which supports up to 3.3″ desk thick.

Major Highlights:

  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Assist height adjustment
  • Increase workspace and hide cables
  • Friendly tech support

15. R-Go Zepher 4 C2

R-Go Zepher 4 C2

Place it or rotate it as you please with the R-Go Zepher 4 C2 Circular Monitor Arm. You can even expand this with a document holder, smart bar, laptop holder, or an extra arm. This system is eco-friendly comes in CO2 neutral design and uses patented SMART functions for moving parts. And it is also considered the best monitor arm for heavy Monitor

Major Highlights:

  • Integrated cable management
  • Modular design
  • Fully adjustable
  • Patented SMART functions

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16. Loctek Monitor Mount Heavy Duty Gas Spring Monitor Mount

Loctek Monitor Mount Heavy Duty Gas Spring Monitor Mount

Now sit more comfortably at your desk with the help of a Loctek Monitor Mount to help ease your neck, eye, and back strain. This aircraft-grade aluminum arm features a stylish anti-scratch surface. This durable hardware supports clamp or grommet hole installation. The arm can support 13.2 to 33 lb monitors between 10″ to 34″.

Major Highlights:

  • Support clamp or grommet installation
  • Better cable management system
  • Rotate from landscape to portrait
  • Fully adjustable

17. Eureka Ergonomic- Single Adjustable Monitor Arm

Eureka Ergonomic

Upgrade your screen with this EUREKA ERGONOMIC S05 Monitor arm to make it most relaxing to work with. This one is a well-designed and well-made piece of equipment. It can hold the weight of the monitor with ease. It can fit a monitor 17″ to 32″ with a load of up to 17.6 kg.

Major Highlights:

  • Comfortable viewing angle
  • Fully adjustable
  • Flexible installation
  • Support C-clamp or Grommet installation
  • Optimize view and workstation

18. MX Wall Monitor Arm

MX Wall Monitor

Get the best, ergonomic view with the Ergotron MX Wall Monitor Arm. Now using this mount, you can move heavier monitors into the best viewing position. You can tilt, and rotate your monitor without scrolling and enjoy the view in landscape or portrait. This arm will help you get the best viewing position.

Major Highlights:

  • Offers full monitor movement
  • Streamline look to enhance your work area
  • Hidden cable management
  • Opens up the valuable work area

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19. AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

AmazonBasics Heavy Duty wall mount

Looking for a full motion articulating TV wall mount for 32-inch to 80-inch LED? Then purchase AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Full Motion Articulating mount. The articulating design extends up to 19.9 inches from the wall. The complete body is made up of aluminum and steel.

Major Highlights:

  • Equipped with built-in bubble level
  • Get reliable strength with aluminum and steel
  • Articulating design


We hope that our doc has guided you extremely well in knowing about the best monitor arm for heavy monitors. With some amazing features and personality, the above-mentioned monitor arm is going to be a useful asset for you. Let us know about any of your queries or suggestions, if any, in the comments section below.

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