40 Best Photo Editor Online For Instagram – Free and Paid

Don't let your grid be confined, get them stunned, with your pictures, skills, and visuals!

Gone are the days when we used to capture pictures, get the reels developed, and design a physical photo album. Instagram has turned into a modern-day gallery where pictures are no longer just snapshots. Well, who’d wish their profile to look meh? You need to display great photographs on your feed and highlights to stay with the trends. If your feed has set itself back with dull and unattractive images, you need nothing but a creative editor. The best part – you don’t need to hire one rather simply, download any from our list of the best free Instagram photo editor tools online. Let’s get into it!

Best Free Instagram Photo Editor Online

Best Free Instagram Photo Editor Online

People love to treat Instagram as their personal photo gallery and it’s quite trendy to post pictures there, be it self-portraits or aesthetic visuals. Great tools at your fingertips can make a difference in the way your feed expresses you. We have selected some of the best photo editors in this blog and each one has some unique features. While some integrate Artificial Intelligence, others are old-school apps with great editing features. You can go through the details and figure out which is the best for you.

Picsart Background remover; AI Image generator Android & iO 4.5
Canva Templates for Posts, Stories, Reels; Auto-enhance Android & iOS 4.5
Pixlr Auto-background remover, AI image  generator Android & iOS 4.2
Fotor Change & blur backgrounds, Image upscaler Android & iOS 4.2


Drag & drop, adjustable canvas size

Online Web Version


1. Pixlr


Pixlr is a renowned online photo editing software that can be used to edit photographs for Instagram efficiently and for free. The user interface of Pixlr is quite simple even with the uncountable features it offers.

  • Can automatically remove backgrounds from images and make them profile-ready in seconds.
  • Contains hundreds of templates that can be used for an Instagram post, story, or highlight.
  • Inbuilt AI generator to generate images with just a text prompt.
  • More than 15 styles with numerous color and tine, lighting, and composition options.
  • No need to sign up or log in to start editing.

2. BeFunky

BeFunky | Instagram photo editor online

BeFunky is an all-in-one solution for your every Instagram need. It has some of the most amazing features that can make your photos from better to best even if you don’t know a letter of editing.

  • AI-powered background remover to create colorful and transparent backgrounds.
  • Artsy filters to convert photos into pieces of art like sketches and cartoons.
  • Batch-edit photos to crop and resize all of them at once.
  • Great touch-up tools to give that alive look to your portraits.
  • Premade templates that you can customize according to your needs.
  • Millions of free stock images and thousands of vector graphics.

3. Canva


Canva is undoubtedly one of the most popular online editing tools with millions of users designing great artwork with minimal knowledge about editing. Though it’s not exactly an Instagram photo editor tool, it can be used for it in a variety of ways that too online.

  • Image enhancer for all your editing needs
  • Numerous filters and photo effects with enhancements like focus, retouch, and blur.
  • Auto enhance feature to level up your images with just one click.
  • Uncountable templates for everything and anything you might want.
  • New Magic Studio converts all your photos to ready social media posts.

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4. Picsart

Picsart | Instagram photo editor online

Picsart is an AI-powered online photo editor especially built for content creators. With the recent AI boom, it too has created an army of AI-based automation tools that can give that professional look to your photos in just a couple of seconds.

  • Batch editor tool to save your time on editing multiple images simultaneously.
  • Background remover and remove objects features both flawlessly remove any object from your photos.
  • In case you are interested in making a cartoon image of yourself, it has got a feature for that too.
  • AI enhancer feature can save you a lot of time and give amazing results with just a click.
  • Other features include the ability to add shadow to images, funky backgrounds, numerous photo effects, and the ability to unblur photos.

5. Fotor


Fotor is another online free Instagram photo editor that boasts numerous simple yet effective tools. No matter what you want to change in your photo there is a tool for that.

  • Easily crop, resize, circle crop, and shape images.
  • Change and blur backgrounds, make collages, merge images, and add photo frames.
  • Change your photos to sketches as well as cartoons.
  • Image upscaler, photo retouch, and sharpen image tools to improve image quality
  • All-in-one face editor can effectively remove blemishes & wrinkles, and smoothen skin.
  • Great in-built AI tools to make your work easy.

6. Adobe Express

Adobe Express | Instagram photo editor online

Adobe has been in the photo editing business for a long time and the free online image editor tool from it truly does wonders. Every photo has to go through just a 3-step process which takes merely 15-20 seconds in total.

  • Preset filters that can add depth as well as style to your photos.
  • Includes all basic tools for photo enhancement including sharpening, brightness, warmth, and contrast.
  • Easily remove and blur backgrounds flawlessly in seconds.
  • Numerous crop shapes with set social media posts and profile photo sizes.
  • Tons of templates for posts, covers, profile photos, etc.
  • One can edit up to 32 images at once with the ability to change every setting at once.

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7. Photopea


Photopea has one of the simplest designs for an online photo editing website with no glimmers or self-praise. But we must warn you, it might take some time for you to understand its interface which looks somewhat like Photoshop. 

  • Free version supports all features and also provides you with 500MB of space on Peadrive.
  • More than 15 categories of templates from social media and websites to presentations,
  • Numerous plugins for filters, content generation, and effects are not usually provided by other editing tools.
  • You can also add different texts using plugins and gradients or styles too.

8. Photo Editor

Photo Editor | Instagram photo editor online

Photo Editor seems to be an online photo editor straight from the 2000s. With its simple UI, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but still, it can do all the basic functions of editing.

  • Basic editing features include crop, resize, red eye removal, strip background, and altering exposure.
  • Can also correct lens distortion, blur or sharpen images, or change color temperature.
  • Filter effects include autocorrect, clarity, Hemingway, lord kelvin, etc.
  • Can also add text, shapes, symbols, images, and even free drawings.
  • Effects include cartoon, monochrome, spotlight, vintage postcard, recolor, etc.
  • Add distortions to give that aesthetic look to the image.

9. VanceAI


Vance AI as the name suggests doesn’t require any kind of skills to edit images. It is a great tool for both novices as well as photography enthusiasts. The minimal time duration required to edit images makes it a good choice for Instagram influencers.

  • Colorize old photos with just a few clicks.
  • Cleanup Pictures feature can remove any background object ruining your photo aesthetic.
  • Enhance photos with bad quality and enlarge them to 2 times or 4 times the size.
  • Remove photo backgrounds and create a clear cutout with no distortions.

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10. PhotoKit

PhotoKit | Instagram photo editor online

Photokit is one of the most advanced free Instagram photo editors available online. Its main focus is on artificial intelligence, which is quite obvious from the tools that it offers.

  • All photo editing tools are free but with limited image downloads.
  • Smart brush magically removes any object from the background.
  • Remove blemishes, wrinkles, and watermarks of any kind.
  • Improve the image quality of any picture to use it for professional purposes too.
  • Exposure Repairment helps enhance the brightness of one object while reducing others.
  • Can delete the background of an image in 5 seconds with just one click.

11. Kapwing


A well-known photo editor, Kapwing has been in this game for a long time. In this period, it has worked immensely to provide cutting-edge editing features for free.

  • Basts more than 100 photo editing tools to fine-tune images and 1,000+ royalty-free stock images.
  • Can make your image background transparent or add some other features in the back.
  • Easily highlight portrait photos and product images without the requirement of a green screen.
  • Easy-to-use sliders to adjust the saturation, brightness, and other facets of an image.
  • Supports a variety of formats including PNG, HEIC, JPG, etc.
  • Can even create collages and add music to still images.

12. Polarr

Polarr | Instagram photo editor online

Well, you can skip this one if you don’t have the patience or skills to create the stunning images that it’s capable of. Polarr comes under the professional photo editing category with features that can edit every facet of your photo.

  • Saves photographers time by learning their editing style and taste and gives recommendations keeping that in mind.
  • Shows every single detail about the image right on the screen.
  • Basic editing tools include clarity, vibrance, saturation, exposure, tint, temp, etc.
  • Add sample settings to an image in the looks section and save it, so next time you edit an image just select your custom look.
  • Effects include grain. Vignette, and chromatic shift.

13. Online Photo Editor by Skylum

Online Photo Editor by Skylum

If you consider yourself a novice photographer or a content creator low on time, then free Online Photo Editor is your go-to choice for Instagram posts. It comes with some great AI features that give you great results in less time.

  • Enhance AI tool analyzes your photos and accordingly edits them to improve their tone, quality, and color quality.
  • Crop photos to perfect dimensions to make them right for your Instagram posts.
  • Improve the lighting of your photos to enhance images.
  • Accent AI slider can automatically adjust highlights, exposure, shadows, tone, and saturation.

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14. Colorcinch

Colorcinch | Instagram photo editor online

 Colorcinch comes under a different category of editing photos online. It is more inclined towards giving your photos that artistic look.

  • Special effects include cartoons, paintings, and sketches.
  • Specialized background remover, crop, resize, and background color changer options.
  • Apply floral masks and artistic patterns to photos.
  • Numerous frames and borders are handcrafted as well as premade.
  • Adjust image brightness, tone, contrast, clarity, and sharpness.
  • Supports freehand drawing with several amazing brushes and tools to choose from.

15. Visme


Visme is an online tool that promises to make your Instagram posts engaging. The great thing is, that it’s not just concentrated on Insta influencers but also for marketers, sales, and education professionals.

  • Numerous professionally designed templates for presentations, infographics, and social media graphics.
  • For influencers promoting their gigs, it has templates for eBooks, invoices, brands, brochures, etc.
  • Can add photos, data, graphics, and many other elements to your creation.

15. PicMonkey

PicMonkey | Instagram photo editor online

PicMonkey is one the most powerful online photo editors for Instagram posts that also has a free trial. What makes it this amazing is the presence of some really smart editing tools.

  • Smart resize tool lets you resize your images to any size without losing their original essence.
  • Color Changer can change the color of any shirt, wall, or object to select your favorite color even if you haven’t worn it.
  • Photo filters too come with adjustable settings to change focal points as well as tweak lighting.
  • 100+ templates, touch-up tools, 1000+ graphics, and millions of royalty-free stock images.
  • Tutorials on how to design Insta stories and an option to schedule your stories using PicMonkey.

16. Fotostars


Fotostars calls itself instant Photoshop which might be also true taking into consideration its professional features. With the motto of Create, Edit, Inspire, it does deserve a try.

  • Boasts more than 50 filters and photo effects.
  • 15 color correction tools and more than 30 photo frames to make your photos look elegant.
  • Easily add text to your photos with the end number of style selections.
  • Face editing and retouching tools can remove blemishes & wrinkles and whiten your smile.
  • Also provides basic tools like leveling, reflection, rotation, and resizing.

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17. Pixomatic

Pixomatic | Instagram photo editor online

 Pixomatic is a new-age AI-powered tool with all photo editing capabilities that are a must for an Instagram post. The best thing about this editor is, it has a mobile application too.

  • Features a powerful BG remover and a magic AI cut tool to add interesting layers to photos.
  • Batch image editor lets you edit multiple images in a single click.
  • Remove objects from images without leaving any distortions.
  • Object remover also works on blemishes, wrinkles, and all other spots.
  • Trendy and aesthetic filters with several pics overlaid using Photo Blender make your photos truly stand out.
  • Other simple additions include funky collages and image blur tools.

18. Picmaker


 Picmaker says a total no to working on our photo editing skills. This is because it boasts a simple yet powerful interface that can make your photos from okay to wow in just a few clicks.

  • Basic editing tools include crop, rotate, and resize.
  • Free background remover and templates for all types of needs.
  • Download all your designs with a transparent BG and get free access to thousands of fonts.
  • Thousands of characters, frames, and shapes along with various file format downloading options make it a great choice.
  • Hosts a special MAD button that can suggest to you various elements, may it be for background or font with just one click.

19. Spyne.AI

Spyne.AI | Instagram photo editor online

 Though Instagram hosts mostly personal profiles it also is a home for some of the biggest brands. To help them edit their product images Spyne AI has done its part with this online tool.

  • Offers image upscaler tools that can refine photo quality and improve its quality.
  • Can add some stunning backgrounds using its AI background generator.
  • Transform a part of an image by selecting it and giving the AI tool the description of all the changes that you want in it.

20. Instasize


 If you want a photo editor just for editing your Instagram images, then there is nothing better than this online Instagram photo editor available for free. It is also available as a mobile application on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Remove the background from your images to give them a transparent background look.
  • Add a solid background color to your images to give them that funky Insta vibe.
  • Basic photo editing tools include cropping to improve framing and sharpness tools to improve visibility.
  • Adjusting brightness, vibrance, and saturation for color correction are other cool points.

21. Fotojet

Fotojet | Instagram photo editor online

 Fotojet is a simple yet fully capable online photo editor for Instagram images. It has a much simpler and more interactive user interface as compared to other photo editing tools.

  • Basic features include image resizer, photo cropping, and adding text to photos.
  • Tools like color splash and overlay effects give photos that aesthetic vibe.
  • Smart photo enhancer to automatically correct the exposure of images.
  • Numerous photo effects like retro, portrait, limo, etc for photo retouching.
  • Other additions include vignettes, photo frames, wallpapers, and watermarks.

22. PicWish


PicWish is an AI-powered photo editing platform that provides all its services with artificial intelligence help. The main motto of this online editor is to multiply your productivity for you can concentrate only on the creative work.

  • Photo Retouch can hide blemishes as well as specific objects while keeping the background intact.
  • Comes with a JPG  converter, so you don’t have to find any third-party software to do so.
  • Photo enhancer, white background, background remover, etc.
  • Image enhancer feature to fix blurred images
  • AI features include image to text and AI art generators.

23. MyEdit

MyEdit | Instagram photo editor online

MyEdit is an AI-supported platform to edit both images as well as audio. But this online Instagram photo editor is quite different in terms of its out-of-the-box AI tools that no other AI editor offers.

  • Basic editing tools include crop, flip, rotate, and resize image options.
  • Inbuilt JPG and PNG converter.
  • AI tools include cartoon effect, object removal, bg removal, deblur, and denoise.
  • Coming to top-notch features, it has an AI avatar and Anime maker of your face for anime fans.
  • Image enhancer and an AI image generator.

24. Phot.AI

Phot AI

Phot.AI runs on a completely new set of rules for photo editing that includes editing your photos with a text prompt. One has to simply upload their photo and enter a text prompt for all the changes and elements that you might want, and it would naturally add them.

  • Image generation tool includes avatar, tattoo art, text art, object replacer, etc.
  • Image extender can extend your images to your needed length by just assuming the elements are already present in the photo.
  • Basic editing features include Image enhancer and upscaler, Photo restore, Light fixer, Objects and background remover, and Image colorizer.

25. Autoenhance

Autoenhance | Instagram photo editor online

Autoenhnce.AI claims to enhance uploaded photos 8000x faster. Though it is not an online photo editor for everyone’s use, it will be a great addition for Instagram travel influencers.

  • Sharpen images and edit them to the highest quality.
  • Speeds up your workflow many times with features like sky replacement and image relighting.
  • Supports both raw as well as JPG images.
  • Other features include contrast and brightness boost, white balance correction, perspective correction, and 360 enhancements.
  • API is available that can be embedded into any application to automate image editing processing.
  • Its free version provides 15 images while the premium has 75 and 500 images options.

26. Removal.AI

Removal AI

As its name suggests this online photo editing app is only concerned with removing photo backgrounds. But this functionality itself is quite popular nowadays on Instagram.

  • Numerous tutorials for all types of people that may want to use it like designers, marketers, photographers, social media influencers, etc.
  •  Its API can integrate with other applications to provide you with a specialized background removal tool.
  • Removal AI provides manual services too where you just have to upload your images and give the instructions. They will send back edited images within 24 hours.

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27. FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer | Instagram photo editor online

FotoFlexer is a free online photo editor that works on a very simple yet intuitive interface. It is right now the first version of the tool therefore a lot is expected from it in the coming times.

  • More than 15 filters including Vintage, Kodachrome, Sepia, Invert, Pixelate, etc.
  • Basic editing tool to resize, crop, and flip/transform images.
  • Other features include freehand drawing, adding text, shapes, stickers, frames, and changing corners.

28. Ribbet


With a motto of – Love what you create, this online photo editor for Instagram posts is a great addition to your list. It is a simple tool but still has that new vibe that won’t make you feel like you are editing on a Windows XP computer.

  • Basic photo editing tools like crop, resize and rotate.
  • Ribbet collage has the drag-and-drop feature to make quick grids.
  • Can create and reuse one’s own earlier project template.
  • Large library of fonts and pro tools like clone and curves.
  • Inbuilt library with more than 2.7 million stock photos.

29. Promo

Promo | Instagram photo editor online

The fastest online photo editor is what it calls itself as there is no requirement for any kind of registration. This makes it a simple three-step process of upload, edit, and download.

  • More than 15 filters from the basic ones like B/W to the aesthetic vibe of vintage filters.
  • Resizer to help in times when your friend clicks a good pic but with the wrong dimensions.
  • Basic editing tools include crop, resize, add text, free draw, shapes, frames, and the list goes on.
  • Free and never leaves a watermark on edited images.

30. Pixelied


This online tool is specially designed as an Instagram photo editor which becomes pretty clear considering its amazing features. With an intuitive interface, the tool is very easy to navigate.

  • Add background, elements, border, caption, clipart, emojis, glasses, and other fun objects to your images.
  • Inbuilt background remover and a tool to blend two images just perfectly.
  • Brighten images, blur, censor images, and also censor remover.
  • Change colors in images, colorize old photos, depixelate them, and fix blurry photos.
  • Free online Photoshop for pro editing, image upscaler and quality reducer, and JPEG artifact generator.

31. LightX

LightX | Instagram photo editor online

Working on LightX is a charm because of its endless line of features and tools that make you go crazy about your skills. You can also edit your videos on the same platform with its video editor.

  • AI bg remover, product photo maker, and profile picture maker.
  • Completely free starter plan and provides 10 free AI credits daily.
  • Editing tools to change color, resize images, sticker maker, blur, etc.

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32. Fotoram.io


Though this online free Instagram photo editor is engulfed in advertisements from all sides still it has all the basic editing features that are a must for a simple project.

  • Three basic modes of editing, art style, and collage maker.
  • Tools to resize, crop, rotate, change exposure, add noise, and vignette.
  • Change the dimensions of the image.
  • Art styles are like filters that include comics, anime, Picabia, colorful, etc.

33. Veed.io

Veed.io | Instagram photo editor online

We know that this blog only concerns photo editors but if we had left out this gem then it would have been a loss on your part. Veed.io is a video editor and has a tool just for editing Instagram videos. It is a must because adding images with some music and effects always tends to grasp more likes.

  • Intuitive interface with a drag-and-drop feature.
  • Adjust the canvas size with options like Portrait, Square, Landscape, or Story.
  • Add some good font, elements, and colors to make it appealing.

34. Appypie


Appypie is not exactly a free online Instagram photo editor but does come with a 7-day trial. It is a completely AI-based tool that can help you in editing at great lengths.

  • AI lineup includes background remover, image compressor, and image resizer.
  • Numerous photo effects, texture bg, transparent bg, and blur images.
  • Some amazing additions include photo to cartoon, photo to art, unblur image, and photo enhancer.

35. Wepik

Wepik | Instagram photo editor online

Wepik is an easy-to-use photo editor with an intuitive interface. It comes with a vast array of filters, effects, and frames that are easily accessible at your fingertips.

  • Can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation levels.
  • For occasions like birthdays and festivals, you have a large selection of masks, elements, and illustrations.
  • Wide selection of premade templates.

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36. Edit Photo

Edit Photo

We know that the name sounds too basic, but the simplicity and innovation are what you get in this online photo editor. Being the demo version of the Pintura editing tool, it is free and that is the best part of it.

  • Crop and rotate, add frames, and fill options.
  • Fnetune options like vignette, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, etc.
  • Annotate options like adding text, lines, paths, and various shapes.
  • Basic filters chrome, fade, cold, mono, stark, etc.

37. Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor | Instagram photo editor online

Online Image Editor is another simple yet useful online photo editor. The tool is free and does not require any sign-up to start editing.

  • Lets you change the size and shape of animated GIFs.
  • Can combine and blend images.
  • Put text on pictures using custom fonts.
  • Basic editing includes adding borders, rounded corners, and shadows to photos.
  • One can apply preset animations to overlay images, and perform various edits on animated GIFs.

38. heyphoto


Heyphoto is one of the most interesting additions to this list. It comes under a different category of photo editing apps as it concentrates mostly on the face and operates using AI.

  • Can change the direction of your eyes and gaze and add a slight smile to your face.
  • Can also change their age and add emotions to their face.
  • Lets you adjust the skin tone of your face and change the shape of your nose.
  • Can add makeup to their face, reshape it, and try new hairstyles.

39. Photoroom

Photoroom | Instagram photo editor online

It calls itself a magic photo studio on the go and with the AI-based interesting tools it sure is one. This can be used to edit images from any industry including beauty, clothing, jewelry, and film industry.

  • Claims to be 2X more accurate while removing backgrounds from photos.
  • Can also remove specific objects from images like they were never present there.
  • Swap BG to create studio-quality product images in seconds.
  • Batch editor can edit hundreds of photos together with just a command.
  • Basic editing tools include retouching, blur, adding shadows and text, picture outliner, and bulk resizing.

40. Cutout.pro


Cutout.pro is another AI-powered visual design platform that leverages AI to improve users’ efficiency and results. It also has a photo generation tool that can create images with just a text prompt even editing your images.

  • Features like background remover, specific object remover, and even has face cutout tool.
  • Convert your photos to anime and passport photos for job profile use.
  • Other photo editing features include a photo colorizer, a cartoon selfie, and a blurred background.

Nowadays, everyone is upscaling their efforts on social media and coming up with new ideas to get as many likes as possible. So why should you lag, select one of these online photo editors for Instagram and create your magic. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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