22 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10

Windows search tools are useful programs that can assist you in quickly and easily navigating your computer. The internet is filled with software that claims to be the best tool to search files and folders on your computer. However, the best free search tools for Windows 10 are a question worth asking. We have come up with a list of 22 search software for Windows 10 that is easy to use and give you the best results. Read along to find the best tools for your Windows 10 computer.  

22 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10

Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10

Following is the list of best search software for Windows 10.

1. Everything

everything search tool webpage

Everything is often considered one of the best and fastest file content search tool Windows 10. Using the Everything tool is very simple. A user just needs to install the tool and run it on their computer. You can easily index your computer with the tool. Generally, this tool can index a fresh Windows install on your computer in under a minute. Once you have successfully indexed your computer, you can simply start typing to see the immediate results. If you are looking for a simple yet effective search tool, Everything is the best pick for you. If you are still not convinced and wonder what is the best desktop search tool, read along to find more exciting tools.

2. Listary

Listary search tool webpage

Listary is one of the best free search tools for Windows 10. The tool comes with a minimalist look but works smoothly on computers. One of the most unique properties of this tool is that it doesn’t get in your way while you work on your desktop. You can easily use the program by typing commands. Along with easily searching files for you, Listary can also understand various commands such as Open Folder and Copy Folder Path. A user can also use this tool to navigate between folders by simply typing the name of the folder.

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3. grepWin

grepwin github page

The grepWin search tool provides users with a more hands-on approach. This search software for Windows 10 can search through an entire directory tree and find the file matching your search entry. If you’ve worked with Linux before, you’ll recognize this tool as the grep command, but it’s entirely designed for Windows computers. The tool comes with a nifty interface.

4. AstroGrep

AstroGrep page

Launched around 2006, AstroGrep is one of the oldest file content search tool Windows 10. AstroGrep receives regular updates to its program and is constantly improving its performance. AstroGrep can find files based on your search query. Like grepWin, this program also considers content when searching for files instead of the file name. A user can also filter out which file type they want to search for and save and print the search results. If you are not convinced with AstroGrep and are wondering what is the best desktop search tool, continue reading to find more exciting tools.

5. SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFiles webpage

Although at first glance you may think that SearchMyFiles is primitive, this is one of the most flexible search tools that are available for Windows computers. Once, you get comfortable with the tool interface, you will be able to perform complex search queries with the help of the filter and wild card features. the program is built lightweight and is also portable.  

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6. Exselo Desktop

Exselo Desktop website

Although the Exselo Desktop program is not as well-known to people as other search tools, the tool deserves recognition for being one of the best free search tools for Windows 10. It has a very simple interface. The tool is also able to perform searches for powerful search queries. One of the best things about this search software for Windows 10 is that it securely shares data and is integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Exselo Desktop can also search networks and cloud stores to locate a file. You can get all these features with the free edition of the software.

7. Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

Duplicate and Safe File Searcher webpage

If you are still looking for what is the best desktop search tool for Windows 10, Duplicate & Same Files Searcher may be the answer for you. The Duplicate & Same Files Searcher tool is only 1 MB in size and easy to install. This file content search tool Windows 10 is also portable and can be stored on a USB stick. It uses content to search for a file rather than the file name. Although scanning speed may seem slow, you can filter search queries to speed up the process. When this tool locates a duplicate file, it doesn’t just delete it. It replaces these files with hard links. These links work as a shortcut to these files. This process helps you save a lot of space on your computer.

8. Registry Finder

Registry Finder website

A free Windows 10 search tool, Registry Finder helps you locate files in the Windows Registry. The tool can search keys depending on when they were last edited or modified. Therefore, Registry Finder is a very helpful tool when you want to know what recent changes were made to the Windows Registry. Although Windows has continuously tried to improve the Registry Editor, it remains a little hard to navigate, this is where the Registry Finder tool comes in handy.

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9. UltraSearch

UltraSearch website

Created by JAM Software, the UltraSearch tool is loaded with tools that help you find files on your computer. The tool works by directly searching the Master File Table (MFT). You can locate all the important file information in the search window itself. The tool also shows your available space on your device and all of your computer’s partitions and the space taken by them.

10. FileSearchEX

FileSearchEX website

If you miss the Windows XP interface, the FileSearchEX tool will give you the same vibe. The interface is easy to follow and works great. The tool also uses minimal space and is completely portable. However, you can only avail of the free version of the tool for a trial and will have to pay for the complete program.

11. Launchy

launchy website

Launchy is a nifty program that can replace the start menu, taskbar, file explorer, and desktop shortcuts on your device. The tool indexes your computer and then helps you launch applications, files, folders, and bookmarks. Most users have the misconception that Launchy can only launch applications and files on the computer. However, if you enable settings, it can also search files for you. You can follow these simple steps to find files with Launchy.

1. Press Alt + Space keys to open Launchy.

2. Now, click on the gear icon at the top-right of the screen.

3. Here, navigate to the Catalog tab.

4. Find File Types in the right panel and then click +.

5. Add file types and required directions to the search.  

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12. Wise JetSearch

Wise JetSearch website

Another free search tool for Windows 10 computers, Wise JetSearch can locate all important files on your computer, including videos, music, images, and texts, from the local and removable drives on your computers. The tool supports drive formats such as NTFS, FAT, and exFAT. Wise JetSearch also provides interesting features such as Quick Search and the Preview Pane.

13. FileSeek

FileSeek website

FileSeek is a famous search tool for Windows 10 computers. The tool gives users a lot of control over search options. You can use the Advanced Querying feature to be as specific as you wish with your search query. You can also use the Tabbed interface to look up multiple files at once. The tool also allows you to filter your search options to get specific results. You can also copy the search result to the clipboard and then export it in CSV and HTML formats.

14. Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack is one of the best free search tools for Windows 10 computers. The tool is available for commercial and personal use. The program gives your immediate search results without a user having to open a file. You can share the search results from the tool with others using various features such as printing, exporting, and reporting.

15. DocFetcher

DocFetcher website

DocFetcher is an open-source, free search tool for Windows 10 computers. Users can use the tool to search through a large number of files on their computers. DocFetcher can generate search results in a matter of seconds. DocFetcher allows users to search files in a variety of formats, including PST, HTML, RTF, ODT, MP3, JPEG, plain text, zip, etc. 

16. Glarysoft Quick Search

Glarysoft Quick Search website. Best search software for Windows 10

Glarysoft Quick Search tool allows users to find files on their computers in quick and efficient ways. The program is designed with a minimal interface. Some of the most interesting features of the tool are search filters, a real-time display panel, and search box. The Glarysoft Quick Search also comes with a pro version. However, the free tool should be sufficient for general use.  

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17. SSuite Desktop Search Engine

SSuit Desktop Search webpage

The SSuite Desktop Search Engine tool is developed to run on Windows OS computers using the Win32 API structure. This allows the SSuite Desktop Search Engine to use less memory and electricity in compression when compared to other Java and.NET-based programs.

18. Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search website. 22 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10

The Copernic Desktop Search tool helps you search files from computer discs and emails. The free version of the tool allows you to index and search more than 119 file types. The pro version allows you to search recent files such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, PDFs, Cloud Services, and so on. As you type search queries, the tool begins to return search results.

19. Lookeen 

Lookeen website. Best search software for Windows 10

An easy-to-use program, Lookeen can search through Microsoft Office, PST archives, and public folders to find the best results for you. It instantly searches your emails and desktop to get you the best results. You can also add Lookeen as a search plugin on Outlook. The tool provides you with a clear view of the data in the list of search results.

20. Puggle Desktop Search

Puggle Desktop Search webpage. 22 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10

Puggle Desktop Search allows you to look for the most used files on your computer. The program is easy to set up once you install it on your computer. However, you will need to install the Java Runtime Environment on your computer to use this program. The Puggle Desktop Search tool can index files in specific locations on your computer.

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21. Locate32

Locate32 webpage. search software for Windows 10

Locate32 can locate files on your computer using file names saved in your computer’s database. Once the program finishes indexing your computer, you can search for files using the search option. The search option in Locate32 works similarly to the updatedb and locate commands in Unix.  

22. LAN Search Pro

LAN Search Pro webpage. 22 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10

The LAN Search Pro tool searches for files over the network instead of local discs on your computer. Any computer that is connected to a network can be searched for with the LAN Search Tool. You can install this program as a computer application or a portable tool.


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to find the best free search tools for Windows 10. Let us know which search software for Windows 10 worked best for you. If you have any suggestions or queries for us, please let us know in the comment section.

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