13 Best Apps to Remote Control Android Phone from your PC

Reimagine the way you use your Android phone!

In today’s tech-savvy world, our devices are more connected than ever before. Imagine being able to control your Android smartphone using your computer – it’s not just handy, it’s becoming essential. We are here to introduce you to some of the best apps to remote control Android phones from your PC or desktop. Whether you are a multitasker or you just really love technology, remote control apps are here to make life easier.

Best Apps to Remote Control Android Phone from your PC

Best Apps to Remote Control Android Phone from your PC

So, without wasting a second let’s dive into some of the best apps that can easily mirror as well as control some of the most important functions and apps of your Android smartphone.



With over a decade of continuous improvement, AirDroid provides seamless file transfer, screen mirroring, remote control, SMS notifications, and more – all conveniently accessible through a single app. Whether you’re looking to manage files, mirror your Android screen, or remotely control devices, AirDroid offers a range of features to simplify your mobile experience.

  • Rapid file transfers at speeds up to 20MB/s, both locally and remotely.
  • Nearby feature allows instant file sharing with friends nearby, even without an account or internet connection.
  • Effortlessly mirror and control your Android devices remotely, without requiring root access.
  • AirDroid PC clients can perform tasks such as playing games, opening apps, and checking device status from a distance.
  • Transform unused Android devices into remote cameras to monitor surroundings or listen to sounds via One-Way Audio.

2. ApowerMirror


ApowerMirror is a wireless screen mirroring application designed for seamless connectivity between Android devices and computers. With the ability to cast Android screens to PCs, Macs, and even Smart TVs with audio synchronization, ApowerMirror enhances various activities such as video streaming, app sharing, and gaming.

  • Offers audio and video synchronization while mirroring Android screens to PCs, enabling a complete multimedia experience.
  • Mirroring capabilities to facilitate screen sharing between Android devices.
  • The Reverse casting and control feature empowers users to assist family and friends in debugging their devices or providing remote visualization effectively.
  • Allows full control of Android screens from a PC or Mac, making it possible to perform tasks like giving presentations, watching movies, and playing games with precision.

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3. TeamViewer Remote Control

TeamViewer Remote Control

TeamViewer Remote Control offers a powerful solution for remotely controlling a wide range of devices, providing users with fast, secure, and intuitive access regardless of their location.  With a track record of serving over 1 billion devices globally, TeamViewer stands as a trusted name in remote access, making it one of the best remote desktop apps for Android.

  • Ability to share screens and fully control target devices, allowing users to perform tasks as if they were interacting directly with the device.
  • Touch and control gestures that make remote interactions feel natural and fluid.
  • Exchange files between connected devices in both directions.
  • Communicate with users on the remotely accessed device through built-in chat functionality.
  • Advanced security measures include 256 Bit AES Session Encoding and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange.

4. AirMirror: Remote control

AirMirror: Remote control

AirMirror is a powerful application that enables users to remotely control Android devices, establishing a seamless connection for various purposes. This app allows you to control one Android phone using another, granting you access to features such as remote control, remote camera access, screen mirroring, and more. This makes it one of the best apps to remote control Android phones from your PC.

  • One-way Audio, enabling users to listen to surrounding sounds from the remote device.
  • Users can take direct control of another device, regardless of its location.
  • Remote camera access to another device’s camera view.
  • Quick connection using a 9-digit connection code, eliminating the need for account sign-up.
  • Clear voice calls while controlling the remote device, simplifying communication and problem-solving.
  • Guide the remote user through gestures displayed on their screen.

5. Link to Windows

Link to Windows

The Link to Windows app is a tool designed to facilitate seamless interaction between your Android phone and your Windows PC, it was developed by Microsoft for mobile users. This app allows you to access various features and functionalities of your Android device directly from your PC. It is indeed one of the best remote desktop apps for Android.

  • You can view and reply to text messages directly from your Windows PC.
  • If your Windows 10 PC has Bluetooth capability, you can make and receive calls through your PC.
  • Drag and drop files between your PC and your Android phone using the app.
  • Copy and paste content between your PC and your phone.
  • Access the photos stored on your Android phone directly from your PC.

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6. RemoDroid


RemoDroid stands as a remote control app that empowers users to control Android devices using other Android phones, PCs, or Macs. While currently in beta, this app presents an opportunity to remotely control a wide array of devices, including Android TV sticks, smartphones, and tablets. It is one of the best remote desktop apps for Android devices.

  • Introduce presentations, allowing multiple users to connect to a single device simultaneously.
  • Offer remote configuration support to friends or individuals who require help, demonstrating necessary actions and procedures.
  • Share videos and images with friends without the need for them to download the files.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously view the screen, making it suitable for collaborative activities.
  • Supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet/LAN as communication channels for seamless connectivity.

7. DeskDock


DeskDock is one of the best apps to remote control an Android phone from your PC, allowing seamless mouse sharing via a USB cable. With the ability to control your Android device as an extended monitor for your computer, this app transforms your mouse cursor into a versatile tool for cross-device interaction.

  • Clipboard sharing between your computer and Android devices.
  • Cross-platform support works with Windows, Linux, and macOS environments.
  • Supports Android 4.1 and beyond.
  • Operates without requiring root permissions.
  • Multitouch interactions through a customizable shortcut for enhanced functionality.
  • Connect multiple Android devices to a single computer.

8. AnyDesk Remote Desktop

AnyDesk Remote Desktop | Best Apps to Remote Control Android Phone from PC or Desktop

AnyDesk Remote Desktop stands as a robust and reliable solution for remote assistance, enabling users to securely control Android phones from their PCs with remarkable ease. Whether you’re an IT professional, a remote worker, or a student engaged in virtual learning, AnyDesk’s remote desktop software bridges geographical gaps and empowers seamless connectivity.

  • Supports every operating system and device.
  • Banking-standard encryption, ensuring data security during remote sessions.
  • Outstanding performance with high frame rates and low latency.
  • An array of remote desktop functions, including file transfer, remote printing, and Wake-On-LAN.
  • Choose between Cloud or On-Premises deployment options based on your preferences.

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9. Vysor – Android control on PC

Vysor - Android control on PC

Vysor presents a dynamic solution for Android users seeking enhanced control and accessibility through their computers. This versatile app enables users to seamlessly view and control their Android devices on their PCs, with the convenience of apps, games, and device management through mouse and keyboard interaction.

  • Mirror Android device to your desktop for presentations and content sharing.
  • Share your screen with others for remote assistance and collaborative troubleshooting.
  • A valuable tool for developers, allowing real-time testing and debugging on actual Android devices.
  • Dedicated app and desktop client to connect your Android device via USB.
  • Enable USB debugging and access your device via the Vysor Chrome app.

10. Scrcpy


SCRCPY is a free and open-source tool that enables users to display and control their Android devices from their computers via an ADB (Android Debug Bridge) connection over USB. Though it does not have a Play Store app it is one of the best apps to remote control Android phones from your PC.

  • Very low latency, ensuring minimal delay between the actions on the Android device and their appearance on the computer screen.
  • Users can customize SCRCPY to their preferences, like adjusting the mirrored display’s resolution, bit rate, and frames per second (fps).
  • Provides a lag-free gaming experience. Gamers can use their computer’s keyboard and mouse for more precise control and fluid gameplay.
  • For developers, SCRCPY offers the ability to view and control the device screen for testing app behavior on an actual device.

11. MirrorGo (Stream & Recorder)

MirrorGo (Stream & Recorder) | Best Apps to Remote Control Android Phone from PC or Desktop

MirrorGo is a powerful tool and one of the best remote desktop apps for Android devices, that enables seamless mirroring of your phone screen to your PC. With this application, you can use your mouse and keyboard to take full control of your Android device right from your computer. Whether you want to enjoy a larger screen for gaming, record your Android screen, or receive notifications on your PC, MirrorGo has you covered.

  • With the Capture and Record feature capture real-time snapshots of your Android screen and record screen activities.
  • Works with all devices without requiring you to root your Android phone.
  • Get Android notifications on your PC in real-time, including calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, and more.
  • Use your computer’s keyboard to type and send messages on your Android device.
  • Transfer photos, videos, and other files between your Android device and PC through drag and drop.

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12. Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow offers a connected and secure experience across your devices. With this software, you can effortlessly connect and share content between your smartphone, tablet, and PC. You can even authenticate your devices, sync notifications, and access your smartphone’s content on larger screens.

  • Receive smartphone notifications on your tablet or PC.
  • Authenticate your PC using your smartphone, and log in securely with biometric data, such as iris or fingerprints, through Samsung Pass.
  • Supported on Windows Tablets/PCs with Windows 10 OS Creators update and Android Phones with Android N OS or newer.
  • Turn on your smartphone’s Mobile Hotspot to keep your tablet or PC connected to the internet.

13. Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more

Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more | Best Apps to Remote Control Android Phone from PC or Desktop

Pushbullet is an indispensable tool, offering unparalleled convenience for device integration. This app keeps you connected and organized by allowing you to send SMS messages, reply to app notifications, and easily share content across your devices. This makes it one of the best apps to remote control Android phones from your PC.

  • Reply to messages from popular apps like WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger directly from your PC.
  • View all your phone’s notifications on your computer. Dismiss a notification on one device, and it disappears on the other.
  • Subscribe to timely notifications that matter to you, keeping you updated on topics of interest.
  • Text from your computer’s keyboard instead of using your phone.

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From making your computer’s keyboard type on your phone to showing your phone’s display on your computer, these apps are like digital magic wands that connect your devices and make your techie life even cooler. Should you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section. Also, don’t miss out on future articles by regularly exploring our website.

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