13 Best AI Video Upscaler to Enhance Videos Online (Free and Paid)

Charge all your low-resolution footage with electrons of visual quality, driven by AI!

Let’s tap into this hypothetical imagery, where you randomly shot a cooking video on your phone or camera, just you know, for fun but your friends push you to publish it on YouTube. While you rewatch the video and decide to edit it, you realize the video quality isn’t up to the mark. Well, even great shots lose their charm when captured in low resolution, and we believe that’s not what you’re after. Online AI Video upscaler software are meant for situations where you need to revive your recordings in a better quality, and we have picked some of the best ones for you. Let’s get straight into it!

Best AI Video Upscaler

Best AI Video Upscaler Software Online

The capabilities of artificial intelligence are no longer undercover. On the other hand, the surging demand for video content has opened new doors for creators. When it comes to editing videos, upscalers with the power of AI elevate the process to a whole new dimension, redefining all your work marred by grainy visuals in the blink of an eye. Gear up to make your video clearer with the under-mentioned online upscalers.

TOPAZ Labs Video AI 4 Direct Comparison UI; Facial Recognition Windows and macOS 4.8
AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI Motion tracking, Frame Interpolation Windows and macOS 4.8
HitPaw Video Enhancer Denoise and Colorize Model Windows and macOS 4.7
VideoProc Converter 307+ Input and 420+ Output Formats and Codecs Windows and macOS 4.7
Pixop Frame rate converter; AI Deep Restoration Web App 4.6

1. TOPAZ LABS Video AI 4

Topaz Labs Video AI

Video AI by Topaz has become a popular choice for content creators & filmmakers when it comes to video upscaling software. It gained recognition for its ability to transform low-resolution or outdated recordings into crisp & clear high-definition videos.

  • Direct Comparison UI to preview and compare any two out of 24 AI models
  • Machine learning algorithm to analyze and upscale each frame of the footage
  • Can add ultra sharpness, upscale up to 16K, fix compression, and denoise while maintaining details.
  • Facial recognition technology recognizes and corrects people & faces
  • Can increase the frame rate of videos to 16x FPS for smooth slow-mo & reduced motion blur
  • ProRes and Image Sequence export options
  • Pricing: $299/lifetime

2. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer | AI video upscaler

Supported on both Windows and macOS, AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a free, user-friendly option for video enhancement and upscaling software. With its integrated AI model, it can quickly and automatically reduce noise & grains. 

  • Automatic tools to guide beginners.
  • Facial recognition and motion tracking.
  • Single-frame and Multi-frame enhancement to upscale low-quality video to HD, 4K, and even 8K.
  • Frame Interpolation adds frame rate and manages motion & animation
  • Can add vivid color even to black-and-white videos.
  • Offers fast processing with the help of ONNX Runtime.

3. HitPaw Video Enhancer

HitPaw Video Enhancer

HitPaw Video Enhnacer is an AI-driven upscaler software that offers a simple yet powerful way to improve video quality, regardless of what device it was initially shot with.

It has two versions: the Desktop version and the HitPaw Video Enhancer Online Version. While the desktop version has more features and requires installation, the online one allows users to upload their videos, choose one of the four AI models, preview the improved footage quality, and export it if satisfied.

  • Denoise Model automatically detects and corrects noise
  • Upscale resolution up to 8K
  • No watermarks
  • Colorize Model adds colors to black-and-white recordings
  • Supports over 30 formats such as MP4, RMVB, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, etc.
  • Pricing: Windows: ($42.99/month); ($99.99/year); ($349.99/lifetime) | macOS: ($69.99/month); ($109.99/year); ($349.99/lifetime)

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4. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter | AI video upscaler

Digiarty Software’s VideoProc Converter is a comprehensive and powerful video-processing software that offers a wide range of features, effective both for personal and professional projects. Some of its key highlights include:

  • Can easily convert videos in over 307 + input codecs and formats including HD and 4K footage of all file sizes.
  • Can render videos in over 420+ Output formats
  • Incorporates Level-3 hardware acceleration technologies from NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, and Apple
  • Encodes and Decodes up to 47x faster
  • Video Enhancer can help reduce noise, deshake, and improve the overall quality
  • Pricing: Premium 365 ($38.90/year/3 PCs); Lifetime License ($78.90/1 PC); Family License ($57.95/lifetime/ 3-5 PCs)

5. Pixop


Pixop is a professional-grade cloud-based platform that offers advanced image & video enhancement and upscaling. It offers powerful tools to amplify video quality and utilizes its machine-learning algorithm to provide unmatched results. The best part about this software is its affordability, as it requires no separate hardware or plugins.

  • Suit of features for de-blurring, de-noising, sharpening
  • Upscaling ranges up to 8K
  • Frame rate converter can create new frames in existing video
  • AI Deep Restoration
  • Compatible with different platforms and devices
  • Pricing: Pay per gigapixel for processing and pay per gigabyte for storage and downloads

6. PowerDirector 365

PowerDirector | AI video upscaler

PowerDirector 365 IS quite a popular video editing software developed by CyberLink.  Not only it is known for its user-friendly interface, but it is also equipped with many AI-powered tools & features to simplify the video editing process.

  • AI tools to generate custom images, stickers, subtitles from speech, etc
  • Easy-to-use shortcuts to apply effects
  • Color correction and replication feature to import colors & contrast from any clip
  • Chroma key offers beginner-friendly green screen effects
  • Video Collage Designer with nearly 7000 templates
  • Pricing: PowerDirector 365 ($50.55/year); Director Suite 365 ($78.99/year)

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7. VEGAS Pro

Vegas Pro

Designed for content creators, that’s what VEGAS Pro claims. Well, VEGAS  Pro 21 is a powerful video editing software with new AI tools for composing, masking, motion-tracking, and voiceover generation.

  • Several look-up tables (LUTs) to add better colors to your video.
  • Mocha VEGAS tool to pin motion-tracked masks to specific positions
  • SOUND FORGE allows users to record on up to 32 channels at 64-bit/768 kHz
  • Z-Depth AI image analysis tool can build a complex depth map from 2D imagery
  • Automatic realistic voiceovers with Text to Speech
  • Pricing: VEGAS Pro Edit ($149.00); VEGAS Pro Suite 21 ($199.00); VEGAS Pro Post 21 ($349.00)

8. Video 2X

Video2X | AI video upscaler

Video2X is a free and open-source video/GIF/image upscaler that uses advanced AI algorithms such as Waifu2X, Anime4k, SRMD, and RealSR to increase the resolution and quality of videos. It is well-known to be used for editing anime videos in particular, which can be helpful if you want to watch lower-resolution content on larger screens without losing too much quality.

  • Adds details and reduces artifacts in upscaled footage
  • Improves the quality of older or low-frame-rate videos
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Supports multiple drivers including Waifu2X Caffee, Waifu2X Converter CPP, SRMD NCNN Vulkan, RealSR NCNN Vulkan, Anime4KCPP, etc.
  • Can be used on Google Colab for free 

9. TensorPix


TensorPix is a powerful and accessible free AI based online video editing software that offers a wide range of web-based tools for intricate image and video upscaling. Compatible with any device, it focuses on providing a more professional look to low-quality video, adds detailed advancement to it, and is trusted by thousands of users, including filmmakers and studios. 

  • Can be directly used on a web-browser 
  • Quick and reliable upscaling from SD up to 4K resolution
  • Detail restoration, blur removal
  • Convert any video to 60 FPS
  • Flicker removal and film dirt from old 8mm or 16mm films
  • De-interlacer, fix color shifting
  • Pricing: Free ($0/month); Standard ($11.58/month); Premium ($26.32/month); Elite ($64.23/month)

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10. Movavi Video Converter

Movavi AI Upscaler | AI video upscaler


Movavi Video Converter is a highly feature-rich video editing software with an integrated AI-upscaling tool that helps to improve the video resolution up to 2 or 4 times. Moreover, it also offers automated processes such as video stabilization, object removal, background replacement, etc.

  • Drag and drop makes it easy to initiate the process
  • Supports multiple Formats and Codecs for both Input and Output
  • Works on PC as well as smartphone
  • Automated subtitle search to help you locate subtitles effortlessly.
  • Allows to change video size without compromising quality.

11. GDFLab


Powered by artificial intelligence, GDFLab is a real-time AI video-enhancing software that delivers high-quality results in almost no time. It is more helpful when watching live broadcasts, online lectures, or any other content on a phone or PC.

  • User-friendly interface, helpful for beginners that does all the work.
  • Offers a free version with limited duration and watermark
  • Pricing: Monthly ($59.99/month)

12. iSIZE

iSize | AI video upscaler

iSIZE is an award-winning AI video upscaler with an exclusive Deep neural network algorithm that offers high-quality results with almost negligible visual distortions. It has a wide range of upscaling choices to adjust intricacy, crispness, and other features to achieve your desired results.

  • Improve resolution up to 4K and 8K
  • Pre-coding reduces bitrate by up to 50% compared to other encoders
  • Deep perceptual optimization tools to improve results
  • Compatible with standard video formats and codecs
  • Claims to offer up to a 2-fold reduction in energy footprint

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13. DVDFab Video Enhancer AI


Found in 2003, DVDFab is an AI-powered DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD video backup, conversion, and authoring software. However, it also offers a Video Enhancer that can improve the resolution of any footage using AI and GPU-based machine learning. It is priced at $59.99 dollar.

That is it! We hope our blog helped you find the best AI video upscaler as per your needs and requirements. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such software reviews.

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