Will Days Gone Come to Xbox One?

Days Gone is one of the most anticipated games that every gamer is looking for. It is an action-adventure video game in which players can use every type of weapon. The thing about this game is that it has everything, like bikes, guns, and haunted creatures, and it is set in a post-apocalyptic open world. The concept of the game is totally based on the virus that killed humanity in large numbers and on action-packed zombies. So, you may be wondering if Days Gone is a game worth playing after learning about it. Read this article until the end to learn if will Days Gone come to Xbox One or if the Xbox Days Gone is only an illusion. Let’s find out!

Will Days Gone Come to Xbox One?

Will Days Gone Come to Xbox One?

You will get to know if will Days Gone come to Xbox One further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Will Days Gone Come to Xbox One?

No, Days Gone will come to Xbox One because Bend Studio, the developer of the game, is owned by the Sony Interactive Entertainment company. As a result, the game will not be released on consoles from rival companies; it is only available on Sony consoles.

Bend Studio

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Is Days Gone 2 Confirmed?

No, Days Gone 2 is not confirmed because the creator and writer of the game are struggling with the concept. Also, they do not have any idea about Days Gone 2, so that’s why it is not confirmed.

Is Days Gone a PS5 Exclusive?

Yes, Days Gone can be played on a PS5 because the developer of the game made the game for PlayStation consoles. Bend Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment made the game for PS5 users.

Is Days Gone a Free Game?

Yes, Days Gone is a free game, but you need to have the latest console to play the game. If you have a PS5 console, you can play the game for free, but if you don’t, you may need to pay the price.

Is Death Stranding on Xbox?

No, but Death Stranding will be available on Xbox. Currently, the creator of the game, Hideo Kojima, is working on a sequel. So if you have the latest console, like the PS5, you can play the game.

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Is Days Gone Only for PS4?

No, Days Gone is not just for the PS4; you can play the game on your PC or laptop too. The only difference would be resolution and frame rates, so that’s why people choose a PC over a PS4.

Can You Play Days Gone with Xbox Controller?

No, you cannot play Days Gone with the Xbox controller because the game is not accessible on Xbox consoles. Also, only the PC gives you the controller feature because voice chat and multiplayer lobbies are available on the PC.


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