Why Does TextNow Say Call Rejected?

TextNow is an American-owned communication service provider established in 2009 by two college students. Since then, they have grown in scale and structure and now boast over ten years of providing free calling service in the USA and Canada. It is an app for communication that functions as a mobile virtual network provider. Although it mimics conventional messaging apps, the underlying ideas are targeted toward distinct user groups. If you are someone looking for tips on how to call someone on TextNow, or if you’re facing issues like having your TextNow call rejected, we bring you a guide that will help you with the same. You will also learn what happens when you block someone on TextNow.

Why Does TextNow Say Call Rejected?

Why Does TextNow Say Call Rejected?

You will get to know why it says TextNow call rejected further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Can TextNow Numbers be Blocked?

Yes. TextNow comes with a full SIM activation kit. Additionally, they offer options that let you personalize the level of service you receive, giving you complete control over your monthly phone expenditure. It means you can have your own number and add a new number through TextNow. Any number can be blocked by another number, whether it is a TextNow number or not. Simply text #STOP to any TextNow number you want to block to accomplish this. Both TextNow and non-TextNow numbers will be equally affected by #STOP. If they keep trying after this, their TextNow call will be rejected.


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What does It Mean When You Call a TextNow Number and It Says Call Rejected?

TextNow call rejected usually means that they have blocked your number in the first place, or that they simply haven’t kept the application on their device.

Why does TextNow Say Call Rejected?

TextNow is an application-based service provider. They will provide you with a number which could’ve belonged to someone before too. So a person you are calling through TextNow might have black and white callers lists based on certain configurations, sometimes without their prior knowledge about it too. Maybe the number you are trying to call belongs to someone who has uninstalled the app. So when somebody calls, they’ll have their TextNow call rejected.

Why Can’t I Call Someone on TextNow?

After knowing why was TextNow call rejected, when you can’t call someone on TextNow, there could be due to a variable number of reasons. Usually, TextNow allows you to seamlessly connect to their Nationwide Wireless Network, but you can face issues due to the following reasons:

  • Denied or disabled necessary permissions
  • Outdated TextNow app
  • Unstable or no internet connection
  • Airplane or Aeroplane mode enabled
  • Corrupted TextNow app cache and data
  • Inadequate international long-distance credits on TextNow

What Happens If You Block Someone on TextNow?

Upon knowing why was TextNow call rejected, if you block someone on TextNow, they won’t be able to contact you anymore.

Note: They can still contact you through separate numbers not registered with TextNow. It can happen even if you remove the application from your device. Please report through the TextNow Customer Support page and the representatives will help you out.

TextNow Customer Support page

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How Do You Know If Your TextNow Number is Blocked?

The voicemail/ringtone pattern won’t operate smoothly. A voicemail prompt will appear after a few rings when you call an unblocked number. You will instead go directly to voicemail if the person’s device is off or if they are currently on a call. You won’t receive any sort of indication if you call someone who has blocked your number.

The best way to find out is to call the person through another number and see if the call connects smoothly. If they are able to connect that way, maybe you’ll be able to find out if/why they have blocked you.

How Can You Tell If Someone is Using TextNow?

Unless you block someone on TextNow and you have received a call or text from someone with a number, you can find out whether they are using TextNow by using the TextNow app itself. All records will appear in the app. |And if they don’t, you can be certain that they are not using TextNow. Read this article from the start to learn why it says TextNow call rejected.

How Long does a TextNow Number Last?

TextNow numbers won’t expire unless you discard the account on your device. An indicator that the account is in use is necessary, which is why an outgoing text or phone call is requisite.

You can also purchase some of the premium numbers by paying a nominal fee. This is subscription based, hence, easier to keep track of in terms of the time period you can keep the number, after which it can be allocated to someone else. You can purchase a Locked-In Number add-on separately even if you don’t have a Premium Number, which will keep your number linked to your account for the duration of the locked-in subscription. The Premium and Locked-In numbers are available at $4.99 and $6.49 per year.

Why is My TextNow Not Working?

You should always use an updated version of the application on your phone unless you want your TextNow not working properly. There can be a few reason why you are facing an issue of TextNow not working, which include some of the points we have mentioned before regarding updating and privacy. Using a VPN can mess with the network too. If TextNow is not functioning, there is a high possibility that the app has a bug or a glitch, or that their server is down. The TextNow team will already be working to fix this problem as soon as possible.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to learn why it says TextNow call rejected. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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