When I Follow Someone on TikTok It Automatically Unfollows?

When it comes to entertainment, no other app can beat TikTok. Since its release, in a very short period of time, TikTok has gained much-needed popularity on the internet. Be it short videos on the platform or new trends, TikTok has become home to many creators, influencers, and comedians across the world. Following such interesting people on TikTok is an important part of the experience. Being unable to do so can be quite frustrating. When I follow someone on TikTok it automatically unfollows is an issue faced by many TikTok users. If you are also one of them and are wondering why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow, then this guide will be of great help to you. To get answers to all your queries and doubts about this uncommon occurrence and methods to fix it, read our guide till the end.

When I Follow Someone on TikTok It Automatically Unfollow Fixed

When I Follow Someone on TikTok it Automatically Unfollows?

Following someone on TikTok is a way to stay connected to the creator and be updated with the creator’s content and posts. However, if for some reason the platform obstructs you from following someone, it could be frustrating and demotivating as well. After all, who would even want to miss on anything that surrounds the artistry of its favorite artist? So, let us first evaluate the causes of the error.

Why is TikTok Unfollowing People I Follow?

TikTok is sometimes unable to process the Follow command due to various bugs and errors. To be precise, we have listed some commonly faced issues that can trigger this error on TikTok:

  • You might have crossed the Follow limit of 140 accounts or 30 users per hour. 
  • TikTok might suspect you as a bot in case your connection is public. 
  • If you are wondering why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow can also be due to a processing error
  • The account might have been shadow banned or temporarily blocked for certain reasons.
  • A server outage due to routine maintenance or other issues.
  •  The person has blocked you or has a privacy setting restraints.
  • Bugs and app glitches also trigger TikTok’s inability to process the Follow operation.
  •  An outdated app version can also cause this error.

Quick Answer

If TikTok automatically unfollows a profile, you can try to fix the issue by restoring the network settings on your device. If that doesn’t work, you can try updating the app:

1. Open Google Play Store and search for TikTok.

2. Locate the Update icon and tap on it to install the latest update.

How to Fix TikTok Won’t Let Me Follow Anyone?

You can simply wait for about a few minutes to check if being unable to follow on TikTok is a minor glitch. If you still cannot seem to overcome this issue, try the troubleshooting methods given below:

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

There are some basic troubleshooting methods that you should attempt before performing advanced ones to get TikTok back on track.

1A. Wait for Server Up-Time

First and foremost, the best thing to do in case TikTok acts up and stops processing the Follow command is to check its servers. Working servers are important to deliver content and services to users on TikTok. In case of maintenance, outage, or downtime due to other issues, you can wait for some time and then launch the app again to run its operations. You can visit Downdetector and figure out the platform’s current status.

Wait for Server Up-Time

1B. Restart TikTok

Another simple solution to follow is to restart the app if you can’t follow users on TikTok. Doing so will allow the device to reload TikTok’s resources and resolve any possible errors that may have occurred during run time. You can simply perform this by closing the application and after a few seconds launching it again. This will allow the app to restart without any glitches.

Restart TikTok | Why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow

1C. Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues

A weak internet connection can also stop TikTok from processing your request correctly and restricting you from following others on the platform. Therefore, you must make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable. If you find your data network connectivity to be weak, try fixing it with the help of our guide on How to Boost Internet Speed on Your Android Phone.

Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues

1D. Re-Login in TikTok

Another easy way to resolve the when I follow someone on TikTok it automatically unfollows issue is by re-logging in TikTok. A simple logout and login action can sort out bugs and other issues that might stop you from following other TikTok users. To re-login to your TikTok account, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the TikTok app on your Android mobile device.

Launch TikTok app | Why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow

2. Now, tap on the Profile icon at the bottom.

Tap on the Profile icon

3. Next, tap on the hamburger icon at the top.

Tap on the hamburger icon

4. Then, select Settings and privacy.

Select Settings and privacy | Why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow

5. Scroll down and tap on Log out.

 Tap on Log out

Once done, Log In to your TikTok account again by entering your username and password and check if you can now follow others on TikTok.

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Method 2: Clear TikTok Cache 

By clearing the TikTok cache, you can answer the most asked questions, why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow? This is because temporary data stored on TikTok to enhance its performance can accumulate over time and become corrupt. Therefore, you must clear this cache with time.

1. Launch Settings of your device and open the Apps section in it.

2. Now, select TikTok from the list.

Select TikTok

3. Next, tap on Storage & cache.

Tap on Storage & cache | Why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow

4. Then, tap on Clear cache to remove unnecessary data.

Method 3: Update TikTok 

If you still can’t follow users on TikTok then try checking for the latest available updates. An outdated version of the app welcomes bugs and glitches in the app that might prevent you from following other users. If so, updating TikTok is the best decision.

1. Navigate to the Google Play Store app on your Android mobile phone.

Open Google Play Store

2. In its search bar, search TikTok.

 Search TikTok | Why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow

3. Now, tap on the Update button to get the latest version of TikTok on your phone.

Tap on the Update button

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Method 4: Use TikTok Web

To fix TikTok won’t let me follow anyone, you can also use the TikTok website. It is a known fact that TikTok’s app version and web version have different codes and therefore work differently as well. Keeping this in mind, you can access the web version of TikTok and try to process follow command.

1. On your desktop, launch the official webpage of TikTok.

2. Log in to your TikTok account on the webpage.

3. Now, try running the “Follow” command from your TikTok web profile.

TikTok web profile | Why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow

Method 5: Restore Network Settings

To fix this when I follow someone on TikTok it automatically unfollows error, restoring the network settings of your device is also suggested. Doing so removes all the stored internet and networking-related data on the device. Resetting the network on your Android phone clears all the optimized settings previously set to that network.

1. Open Settings on your smartphone and select General management.

 Select General management

2. Tap on Reset in General management.

Tap on Reset | Why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow

3. Next, select Reset network settings.

Select Reset network settings

4. Then, tap on Reset settings.

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Method 6: Reinstall TikTok

One of the last fixes that you can opt for if you still can’t follow users on TikTok is to reinstall the app on your smartphone. This will allow all the files of the app to upgrade and will fix the corrupt ones.

1. Search TikTok in the Play Store of your Android phone.

Search TikTok

2. Now, tap on Uninstall to remove the app from your device.

3. Once done, Install the app again from the Play Store.

4. Finally, log in to your TikTok account and check if you can now follow users in it.

Method 7: Contact TikTok Support

Finally, to fix TikTok won’t let me follow anyone, contact TikTok support from your respective device. You can contact professionals for technical and other help by reporting the issue you have been experiencing. Provide details of the issue you are facing and other necessary information on your report and get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Contact TikTok Support | Why is TikTok unfollowing people I follow


This brings us to the end of our guide on when I follow someone on TikTok it automatically unfollows. We hope that the above doc was helpful in answering all your doubts and you were able to use one of the above-mentioned methods to your aid. If you have other queries or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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