What to Say When Reposting on LinkedIn?

Amidst the noise, let your reposted content raise above!

You may know LinkedIn as a professional networking hub where usually people explore job prospects.

However, are you aware you can repost someone’s content here, similar to Twitter’s retweet?

Before you eagerly share, think about what to say when reposting on LinkedIn as it can either open or shut doors for you. 

We are here to help you with the same.

What to Say When Reposting on LinkedIn

What to Say When Reposting on LinkedIn?

As we know, impact is a new necessity. Hence, it becomes necessary to share impactful pieces of information and add a thoughtful caption that provides context to the content being shared.

The same is the case when reposting. 

Keep the following points in mind to say when reposting on LinkedIn.

  • Express Your Views: It is important to share your perspective on the content. Write your interpretation about what exactly caught your attention and why you feel that the content can be valuable or relevant for others.

For example: I read on [topic] and here’s why I believe [point from the article] is important in current [industry].

  • Take Care of the Tone: Always use a professional and catchy tone while writing to showcase the seriousness of the issue or the information. It also needs to be easy to understand.
  • Highlight Key Points: Summarize the takeaways from the content as this can make the post more accessible if you want to encourage engagement. Cover all the data in a short and crisp manner at the end of the post.
  • Personal Connection: Share your experiences related to the content to add authenticity to the repost.

For example, Having faced [challenge mentioned in the post], I completely resonate with [author’s] views.

  • Ask Questions: You can gain more interaction by posting one or more questions related to the content at the end of the post. Doing so can start a healthy discussion from your network in the comments section, and hence, boost the repost’s reach.

For example: I would also want to know what’s your take on [topic]. Share your thoughts in the comments!

  • Credit the Original Author: Do not forget to include a line at the end of the post to tag the author or source of the content. You can also thank them for sharing your article. 

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How to Repost on LinkedIn

Before you begin with the steps, remember that the caption you write should align with your brand or the image you want to project on LinkedIn. 

Option 1: On Smartphone

1. Launch the LinkedIn app on your phone and navigate to the post you would like to repost.

2. Tap on the Repost under the post.

3. Choose whether to Repost with your thoughts or Repost.

Choose whether to Repost with your thoughts or Repost

3. If you choose Repost with your thoughts, write your caption and tap on Post at the top-right corner.

Option 2: On PC

1. Head over to LinkedIn on a browser and locate the post which you want to repost.

2. Click on the Repost button.

Click on the Repost button

3. Write your thoughts, mention other users if you want to, and click on Post at the top-right corner.

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How Often Should You Repost on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to repost as many times as you would like to.

However, it is advised to not repost many times a day as it can be irritating for your connections or followers.

To maintain a healthy reputation, try posting not more than 1-2 times a day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it Better to Share or Repost on LinkedIn?

Yes, you may say that, as reposting increases the reach of the post and helps you support the original creator. Whereas, the share feature only diverts the interactions to the author’s feed.

Q2. Is it Okay to Repost on LinkedIn?

Yes, it is fine to repost. It is an in-built feature on LinkedIn and you can refer to our guide to learn more about it.

Reposting on LinkedIn can be useful if done correctly and we hope our blog guided you well on what exactly to say when doing the same.

If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section.

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