How to Create LinkedIn Headshot Using AI

Revamp your LinkedIn profile with the perfect headshot!

Have trouble getting that ideal headshot photo for your LinkedIn profile? We understand how frustrating it can be when you visit a professional photo studio, spend so much money, and still aren’t satisfied with your headshots. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back! We’ve sourced the best free and paid AI tools to help you create hundreds of headshots. Exciting, right? Let’s explore how to create a perfect LinkedIn Headshot using AI.

How to Create LinkedIn Headshot Using AI

How to Create LinkedIn Headshot Using Paid AI Tools

Well, many AI-based tools can help you create a perfect headshot that you can use for your LinkedIn profile picture. Consider checking out Aragon AI,, Tryitonai,, and many more.

What is an AI-Generated Headshot?

An AI-generated headshot is essentially an image generated by powerful AI tools, inspired from a collection of your real pictures. The process is simple: just upload a few selfies and AI does its work. It analyzes your photos, taking in details like your facial features, skin tone, and even the way the light hits your hair. Then, it uses this info to produce an all-new headshot that’s both realistic and flattering for a variety of purposes, including professional profiles, social media accounts, and dating apps.

Below we have used Try It On AI tool to generate headshots:

1. Go to the Try It On AI website and click on Continue under Express AI Headshots on the home screen.

2. Scroll down and click on Get AI Headshots.

click get AI headshots | How To Create LinkedIn Headshots Using AI

3. Select your options like the number of headshots or edits and select Continue to Purchase.

4. Enter your bank details and complete the action by paying.

5. You will be redirected to the studio. Enter the name of the photoshoot and click on Continue.

click on Continue

6. Pick a gender and follow the guidelines on the screen to upload recent pictures as asked.

7. Click on Let’s Get Started!

8. Select your pictures and click on Finish Uploading.

click Finish Uploading | How To Create LinkedIn Headshots Using AI

9. Select the style of your headshots and click on Continue.

10. Select any additional features like eye color or hairstyles and click on Complete Submission!

Note: If you wear a hijab, select hijab or the AI might generate pictures without it.

11. Go to Express AI from the left panel, scroll down, and select View Results.

select View Results

Now, your fabulous headshots are ready to enhance your digital presence across any online platform.

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How to Create the Perfect Headshot Using AI For Free

Some AI-powered headshot generators like ProfilePicture.Ai or PFPMaker offer free trials or limited free features. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create perfect headshots using AI for free:

1. Open PFPMaker and click on Upload Photo.

2. Click on the save icon to download the pictures generated.

3. Click on the edit icon if you wish to edit your headshot and then click on Download.

select Download

Your free AI-generated headshot will be completed.

What Types of Headshots can I Create for my LinkedIn Profile?

Creating AI-generated headshots might be easy with these automated AI Tools. However, deciding on the right type of headshot for your LinkedIn profile can be a bit challenging. Here are some common headshot styles to consider, each serving a different purpose and conveying a unique professional image:

  • Classic Headshot: The classic headshot is a timeless and professional option, simply showcasing your face and expression. It typically features a neutral background and soft lighting, keeping the focus on your persona.
  • Casual Headshot: This type of headshot is a bit more relaxed and can be a good option if you want to show your personality. You can smile or laugh, and you can wear more casual clothing.
  • Corporate Headshot: For a formal and authoritative zone, opt for a corporate headshot. This style is suitable for individuals in leadership roles or business-oriented professions with a slightly more structured pose and a sharper background to convey expertise and confidence.
  • Action Headshot: Capture yourself in motion or engage in an activity related to your profession with the action headshot. This style expresses energy, enthusiasm, and dedication, making it ideal for those in sports, entertainment, or hands-on industries.

You can choose from the above types to create a perfect LinkedIn headshot for your profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Should my LinkedIn profile picture be a headshot?

Ans. Yes, your LinkedIn profile picture should be a headshot. It is a great way to make a good first impression on potential employers and helps you to get more connections on LinkedIn.

Q2. What are the LinkedIn profile picture or headshot size and supported format?

Ans: Your LinkedIn profile picture resolution should be 400 x 400 pixels and the file size doesn’t exceed 8 MB. The supported formats are JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

Q3. Why is a professional LinkedIn photo or headshot important?

Ans: A professional LinkedIn photo or headshot holds immense importance as works as a first chance to make a positive impression and convey that you are serious about your career.

Q4. Is Remini good at creating headshots with AI?

Ans: Absolutely, yes! Remini is an excellent AI-powered headshot generator. It can generate several stunning photos of yourself in various poses and angles, giving the impression that they were taken by a professional photographer.

Choosing the right style depends on your personality and the image you want to express. We hope you have learned how to create a perfect LinkedIn Headshot using AI tools. Go ahead and create the perfect picture for yourself!

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