What is the Red Dot on Google Chat?

Google Chat is a highly secured platform that makes it straightforward to do business within the Google Workspace environment. Using Google Chat, teams may organize web conferences, build collaborative chat groups, share documents, and deliver presentations. Google Chat, formerly Hangouts Chat, served as a more professional counterpart to the consumer-oriented Hangouts. The ordinary edition of Hangouts is augmented with a plethora of team collaboration tools and connectors in Google Chat. Besides, several new Google Chat users are curious about the red dot that appears next to the username. So, read more to know about what is the red dot on Google Chat and colored dots Google Chat.

What is the Red Dot on Google Chat?

What is the Red Dot on Google Chat?

Users will be able to pin a specific Google Chat using a new tool that Google has added to Gmail. Additionally, a “room” may be pinned to the top of the list. In Gmail, the conversation or room will be pinned to the top of the list view, and you can access the pinned messages from the menu on the left. Within a few days, everyone will be able to see the functionality, which has already started rolling out to qualified users. Customers of Google Workspace will mostly be able to access it.

So, keep reading further to find out what is the red dot on Google Chat in detail.

What Do the Colored Dots Mean in Google Chat?

The state of each contact on your chat list is shown by a collection of colored dots Google Chat. The Chat area in your mail settings is where you can change your chat preferences.

  • The green dot indicates availability for chat
  • The yellow dot indicates computer absence
  • The red dot indicates busyness or the do not disturb status

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What does the Little Circle Mean in Google Chat?

While a red circle suggests that the user is busy and does not want to cause any issues, a green circle indicates that the user is signed into chat and available. The orange circle displays when a user logs in to chat but is not actively engaged, signifying that they are not connected to the computer. Users who were recently active in Google Chat but aren’t right now can be identified by an orange clocks icon in both Google Chat on the web and Chat in Gmail.

What is the Red Dot on Google Chat?

On Google Chat, a red dot with a dash signifies the do not disturb status for that account.

red dot with a dash signifies the do not disturb status for that account

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What does the Orange Dot Mean on Google Chat?

If you’ve been idle in Gmail or Google Chat for the past 5 minutes, an Idle orange clock icon will show up. Although custom status support (with corresponding emoji) was implemented last year to add more context, this status cannot be manually adjusted. When you are on the phone and hang up, the light in chat will turn orange, indicating that you have been idle and are no longer communicating. When you are using your phone, it will glow green.

Idle orange clock icon

What does the Green Diamond Mean in Google Chat?

Google Chat now has a new Space Manager job that gives you more control over the management of your Chat spaces. Space creators will be Space Managers by default, and they can delegate this job to other members of the space as well. Space Managers will have a green diamond (Green diamond) next to their name in the space’s chat and member list.

  • You can add and delete space members as a Space Manager
  • Space Managers can be assigned or removed
  • Remove a space
  • Can delete messages and spaces
  • Make changes to the space description and guidelines

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What does a Green Triangle Mean in Google Chat?

Green triangles signify that the message is delivered but has not yet been received by the recipient. Whereas the blue triangle signals that a message has been delivered and received.

Can You Tell If Someone is Active on Google Chat?

Only persons with whom you share a space or who have accepted a conversation invitation can view your status. Users who have been blocked will never be able to see your status.

  • One method is to check the chat window to see whether there are any active messages. If there are, it is likely that individuals are online.
  • Checking the status of a user’s account is another option. If their account is designated as Active, they are most likely online.

status of a user's account | What is the Red Dot on Google Chat?

How Do I See Who is Online on Google Chat?

If the contact is online, a green dot will appear next to their name with the Active label. Otherwise, the Away status will appear.

Note: Only persons with whom you share a space or who have accepted a conversation invitation can view your status.


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