What is Explore Activity on Snapchat?

Discover the hotspots of snap traffic worldwide with Explore Activity feature.

Snapchat introduced the Explore feature in Snap Map in 2017. It enables you to discover new content and accounts that match your interests. However, you may be unfamiliar with how this feature exactly functions. This guide aims to explain just that and address concerns like whether it is possible to know if someone has viewed your Explore Activity on Snapchat and if it is safe.

What is Explore Activity on Snapchat?

What is Explore Activity on Snapchat?

Explore Activity is a feature on Snapchat that allows you to see snaps from your friends and people around the world on the snap map. The map shows how many snaps are sent from a specific area using colored hotspots.

  • If there is a red hotspot within a particular area, it means that many snaps are being sent from that area.
  • The color shifts from red to yellow to green according to the number of snaps.
  • You can also view public snaps if you tap on a specific area.

How to Use Explore Activity on Snapchat?

Note: Make sure to update your Snapchat app to the latest version before attempting these steps on your device.

1. Open the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS mobile device.

2. Tap on the Map tab from the menu at the bottom.

Tap on the Pin icon located at the bottom left corner

3. Locate the hotspots in the world map of snaps that will be presented with specific colors, like:

  • Red shows high activity.
  • Yellow shows moderate activity.
  • Green shows low activity.

4. Tap on the desired hotspot on the map to see the most recent public snaps from that region.

Note: You can tap the Friends option from the bottom right corner to see only your friends on the map.

Tap on the desired hotspot to see the most recent public snaps

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How Do You Know If Someone Viewed Your Explore Activity on Snapchat?

As per the current version of Snapchat, there is no way to know if someone viewed your Explore Activity on Snapchat. Users can only view others’ public stories or photos, but there is no way they can track those profiles. Snapchat does not offer third-party applications or tools to track or monitor who views your Explore Activity or other Snapchat content.

What is Snap Map Live Location?

Snap Map Live Location is a feature in Snapchat that lets you share your location and your activity in real-time with your friends on a snap map. It functions like GPS trackers, your friends can track you like a GPS, and they can see what you are doing now. But only if you allow them. So the power to show yourself on the map is entirely in your hands.

Note: You can turn this feature on or off whenever you want.

Does Snapchat Tell You When Someone Checks Your Location?

No, Snapchat does not provide notifications or alerts when someone views your location. Snapchat’s Explore Activity feature allows you to share your location with friends or a selected group of contacts, but there is no way it can send a notification to you if someone checks your location.

How to Share My Location on Snapchat?

The steps to share your location on Snapchat to use the Explore Activity feature are simple! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Launch the Snapchat app on your phone.

2. Switch to the Map tab and tap on the Settings gear icon from the top right corner.

Tap on the Gear icon at the top right corner of the Map screen to access Map settings

3. Turn off the toggle for the Ghost Mode option from the My Location section.

Turn off Ghost Mode if it's enabled, as this allows your location to be visible. Choose from the three location-sharing options.

4. Choose from the three location-sharing options:

  • My Friends: To share your location with all of your friends
  • My Friends, Except…: To share your location with all friends except for selected ones
  • Only These Friends…: To share your location only with selected friends

You can choose the option that suits your preferences and privacy settings. Reviewing and adjusting your location-sharing settings on Snapchat is important to ensure you are comfortable with who can see your location information.

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We hope this guide has given you a clear understanding of what is Explore Activity on Snapchat and how to use it. Feel free to ask your doubts in the comments, and keep visiting our website for more informative tutorials.

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