What is Driving Too Close Behind a Vehicle Called?

Traveling on the road is a very challenging activity since it involves your safety and the safety of other travelers. While driving on the road, you should be extremely careful since you are responsible for the lives of many people traveling with you or who might have taken the same path. You should always try to be constant and steady most of the time though you might be getting late for your work or any other thing. Hence, it would be best if you thought of other ways to get to your destination faster such as taking the shortcut rather than driving rashly and throwing your life in danger. The activity often takes place during heavy traffic, in the parking area, etc. It implies driving too close behind a vehicle which might lead to rear-end crashes. If you are wondering what to do when a car is close behind you or tailgating, you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with all kinds of information related to tailgating, like what is anticipatory driving.

What is Driving Too Close Behind a Vehicle Called?

What is Driving Too Close Behind a Vehicle Called?

Nowadays, people, especially teenagers, are getting fond of aggressive driving, racing, driving at max speed, and breaking traffic rules to experience adventure, which can be severely dangerous and becomes a situation of life and death. Hence, parents should teach their children to be responsible enough before allowing them to drive. Keep reading further to find out what is it called when driving too close behind a vehicle in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

What is It Called When You Drive Too Close to the Person in Front of You?

It is known as Tailgating. It is a very rude and dangerous act to do, and it is even very unsafe for oneself while driving on road. Moreover, it is illegal to do so since it violates traffic and driving rules and regulations.

What is Driving Too Close Behind a Vehicle is Called?

The term used for driving too close behind a vehicle is called Tailgating. It is very hazardous since there is not enough distance between two cars or any two vehicles to allow any sudden change, such as slowing down, speeding up, applying brakes, etc. Hence, there are some to be followed while driving, which suggests some minimum distance or gaps between any two vehicles, thereby, ensuring the safety of oneself and others.

What is It Called When You Drive Too Close?

As mentioned before, when you are driving too close behind a vehicle, then it is known as Tailgating. This act should be prohibited and prevented since it leads to situations of life and death. There are several factors due to which any two vehicles should have a safe distance between them while driving.

What Does It Mean to Tailgating?

Tailgating is an act of driving one’s vehicle in a very close vicinity to another vehicle while on the road, which leads to invading the safe distance between two vehicles. While driving on road, the driver should be responsible enough for his life as well as the life of others.

What is Tailgating Considered?

Tailgating is considered to be an illegal activity that violates the rules and regulations of driving on road. This activity is considered illegal, regardless of the country, in other words, all over the world. In countries other than India, there are severe punishments, and people often go to jail for tailgating and other such activities, such as speeding up over the limit, drunk driving, etc. Hence, tailgating should be stopped to drive safely on road.

Is It Against the Law to Drive Too Close to Another Car?

Yes, it is against the law to drive too close to another car or follow any vehicle too closely. The law states a minimum distance of two seconds between any two vehicles to prevent accidents. If any person or driver crosses this limit, you may file a complaint against that driver. And the driver will also be considered guilty if they may have caused the accident due to tailgating; that is driving too close to another vehicle and not abiding by the rules to maintain a safe distance.

Is Tailgating Illegal?

Yes, tailgating is an illegal activity. Tailgating is nothing but driving too closely to another vehicle, as mentioned earlier, thus, invading the safe distance that may lead to an accident due to numerous factors. Hence, as it is harmful to human life, it is considered illegal.

JAN23 What is Driving Too Close Behind a Vehicle Called?

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Why is It Called Tailgating?

Tailgate refers to the board attached to the back or rear end of a car. Therefore, the term tailgating was derived from the word Tailgate since, while driving too closely behind another vehicle, the front end of the second vehicle might collide against the board at the back end of the car or any vehicle. Keep reading to learn what is anticipatory driving.

What Causes Tailgating?

Usually, tailgating is done by people when they want to drive fast or want you to drive faster. Tailgating is an indication that the vehicle behind you wants you to move faster so that it can move forward. And this situation mostly happens when there is heavy traffic, and people are in a hurry to reach their destination. However, sometimes other factors, such as road rage, rash driving, overtaking, etc., might also be the causes that lead to tailgating.

What to Do When a Car is Close Behind You?

When you feel that a car is too close and you don’t know what to do when a car is close behind you, here are some steps that you can follow to prevent an accident due to tailgating.

  • The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind while driving a vehicle on the road is that you should never freak out. Rather, stay calm and be cautious of your driving speed.
  • Never slow down or apply brakes while the car behind you is close to the rear end of your vehicle since this may lead to rear-end accidents.
  • Also, do not increase the speed of your vehicle just because the person behind your vehicle wants you to move faster. Rather, maintain a constant speed and, if possible, allow some space to let them move forward.
  • If you have some space at the side of the road, pull your vehicle over the road or at a gas station or petrol pump. Or you can also change the direction if there are different ways to reach your destination.
  • Moreover, if the driver of the vehicle is knowingly driving aggressively, don’t encourage their actions.

These are some of the points that should be kept in mind when you don’t understand what should be done when a car is close behind you.

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When Another Vehicle is Following Closely Behind You Tailgating You Should?

As mentioned earlier, when another vehicle is following you closely and trying to tailgate, you should never panic in such a situation. And never apply brakes or slow down your vehicle, no matter what. Also, try to maintain a safe distance of 2-3 seconds from the other vehicle. Read this article from the start to learn what is it called when driving too close behind a vehicle.

What is the Meaning of No Tailgating?

The meaning of no tailgating is to maintain a safe distance of 2-3 seconds between any two vehicles while traveling on road, parking in the garage, entering a garage or any kind of entrance, etc. There are no tailing signs also on the road, garage, etc., to remind people that tailgating is dangerous and prohibited for the safety of everyone. The meaning of no tailgating implies the same thing everywhere or wherever the sign is used.

What is Anticipatory Driving?

Anticipatory driving refers to the use of one’s cognitive techniques and ideas while driving on the road so that you will be able to predict the probable situation that might happen by observing the motions of other vehicles, directions of roads, etc, and position your vehicle accordingly to prevent any trouble and mishappening. Anticipatory driving means getting an idea of the probable situations that are about to occur on the road so that you can respond to the traffic on the road accordingly. You should always obey the basic traffic rules and regulations, the road signs, and other rules pertaining to driving. Though driving might feel relaxing to some people, it needs a great amount of focus since the tiniest mistake can cost you your life and someone else’s life.


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