10 Best Car Learning Apps for Android

Driving a car in real life is not as joyous as playing a game, as it requires a lot of practice with added precautions. You need to have experience of driving a car. Otherwise, people feel reluctant to ask you to drive. You would have thought of driving a car as a simulation to assess your driving skills or just trying it for fun. The apps you will know are a type of simulation that will give you a fair idea of your driving skills and your knowledge of steering, indicators, speed management, and many such features. Basically, these are car learning apps for Android.

Not everyone likes playing multiplayer fighting games or games like Chess and Ludo. Racing games do not provide you with sufficient controls either, because they lack parking and other features. Sometimes, there is a need to try something different for your good. There are many apps available on the Google Play Store that are worth trying, so through this article, you will get to know about these best car learning apps for Android that will give you a worthy gaming experience and assess your driving skills. 

10 Best Car Learning Apps for Android

1. Parking Mania 2

Parking Mania 2 | Car Learning Apps for Android

As the name suggests, the game builds your skills and understanding of parking your vehicle most appropriately. It lets you comprehend the criteria for reverse and parallel parking. After spending considerable time using the app, you will learn what angles you need to park your car to prevent accidents. 

In the game, you earn points by perfectly parking your car and lose them whenever you touch an object. While it is not preferable to make a drift in real life, you can earn points in the game.

2. DMV GENIE Permit Practice Test

DMV GENIE | Car Learning Apps for Android

This exclusive game will let you qualify for a test that you need to obtain a license to drive. DMV of the USA (Department of Motor Vehicles) conducts a test for people willing to obtain a driver’s license. If they don’t clear the test, it becomes difficult for them to get the license. 

The app becomes your guide in providing you with a practical test and a written test to prepare you for the real test. It tests your knowledge of driving safety, road signs, traffic rules, etc. Whenever you give a wrong answer to the question, it pops up a warning so that you end up learning from your mistakes. It is free to use and supports ads.

3. Dr. Driving 2

Dr. Driving 2 | Car Learning Apps for Android

You would have heard of this famous driving simulation app. It is a full-fledged car driving and parking app, which makes you learn the drifting tactics, taking a U-Turn whenever necessary, time and speed management, and parking, of course. It gives you personalized driving lessons. 

Like a typical guide, the app reminds you of wearing a seatbelt, blowing horns, and navigating through traffic. It has all the controls you will need to drive the car. The app supports ads and contains in-app purchases. It just requires a space of 20MB in your phone.

4. Driving School

Driving School

This app is quite different from other car driving apps. It has high-quality graphics. The cars in the app have been designed as a replica of original cars(including interior and exterior), giving you the feeling of driving the car in reality. 

The game revolves around real scenarios, delivering you a near-reality experience of driving a car. The app features the use of windshield wipers, adjusting steering wheels, and using handbrakes. You can also play this game with your friends to compete and rise to the top position. The only thing bothering in the game is that cars are quite expensive, and upgrades are also costly.

5. Car Driving School Simulator

Car Driving School Semulator

This is yet another one of the best car learning apps for Android, making a list of things you did absolutely right and things you did terribly wrong. It is much like a trainer for making you learn driving skills and keeping certain things in mind while driving, like Seat belts, headlights, indicators, etc.

In the beginning, you are supposed to give a driving test in which you do not have to change the lanes. You have to check that everything is in order and avoid mistakes. After you pass the test, you can freely drive in the city and improve your level for more tasks and rewards. The app is worth using but supports ads and in-app purchases for updating maps.

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6. Driving Academy

Driving Academy

This app is a fun cum learning app that will help you assess your driving skills, grasp some concepts and rules of driving safely, and test your skills. This car driving simulation app has apt features like allowing you to drive in almost 350+ countries, changing maps, change camera angles and views, and customize your cars with rims, headlights, and other accessories. 

This game will hone your driving and concentration skills by letting you follow traffic signals, take turns when needed, and manage speed according to the traffic. It also allows you to drive from other vehicles like trucks and buses rather than just driving a car.

7. Concept Car Driving Simulator 

Concept Car Driving Semulator

Learn how to drive a car in a totally different environment with the basic controls, and customize your car in every attractive way possible. This app gives you a different ambiance of driving your car, just like you would like to play on PS4 or Xbox. Once you install the app, you are given 50 electrifying levels, 2 camera views, and 14 amazing cars.

The app has an innovative environment, letting you drive in 2 futuristic, 3D cities. It has the same driving mechanics and controls, except with the changing environment and design of the car you choose.

8. Driver Guide

  Driver Guide

This app provides you personalized Driving training and testing by giving you lessons over your phone. It gives you daily reports of your performance and lets you assess your driving abilities and what needs to be improved. If you are a student, then this app is suitable for you. It does not mean that you will not be able to access the app if you are not a student. You can even open the app as a visitor.

It informs you about traffic violations, signals, speeding limits, and performance as per these criteria. It is a multilingual app. Overall, the app is worth trying and will let you develop good driving habits.

9. Learn How to Drive: Manual Car

Learn How To Drive Manual Car

This app is a blessing for you if you are a novice in driving or do not know how to drive. This app is free to use and works offline too. Unlike other car driving simulator apps, this app will become your guide to operate a manual car, just like a personal coach.

The app provides easy steps that you have to follow before starting to drive your car. It is one of the best car learning apps for Android and provides you self-train techniques for driving to not have to rely on someone else.

 10. MapFactor: GPS Navigation

Map Factor Navigator

With the help of this wonderful app, you can navigate through cities by enabling GPS on your Android Phone. It works offline, too, and can navigate through over 200 cities without using the internet. It has speed limit warnings, camera views, and instructions in many languages for your convenience. 

Just like Google Maps, the app tracks your path, but in a better way. It has 2D and 3D options to display maps. The app features door-to-door route planning and is a perfect guide while driving through the cities, completely unaware of routes and paths. The app is free to use and can be your personal guide to drive from one place to another.

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So, these were some of the best car learning apps for Android mobile that you can use to hone your driving skills and develop safe driving habits without taking somebody else’s assistance. Once you download these apps, they will act as your personal guide in driving and make you analyze certain situations where you have the possibility of getting your car crashed and overcome them easily. These apps are free to install and use, except for some in-app purchases in a few of them.

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