15 Incredibly Challenging & Hardest Android Games

15 Incredibly Challenging & Hardest Android Games

Buckle up! You are going to get flustered as you’ll be playing several hardest Android games. Everyone likes fun and intense Android games. And who is not fond of challenges — if it brings along fun.

Fortunately, Android offers a whole lot of exciting games, and this is the list of some of the best options. As mentioned earlier, these are some very tough Android games. So if you’re searching for some of the greatest games on Android, then here is a list of the Top 15 Challenging & Hardest Android Games of All Times. 

15 Incredibly Challenging & Hardest Android Games

1. Duet


Duet is an absorbing puzzle game. You play like two orbs. You spin the balls about different platforms. Every side of the frame manages the balls’ movement. There are a few simple levels. Afterward, the levels get tougher. It is rather difficult to get past this one. The major part of the game is free. Whereas, other parts require to be purchased.

Download Duet

2. Smash Hit

Smash Hit

If you’re looking for a game that needs calmness, attentiveness, and determination, then maybe Smash Hit is the best option for you. Your concentration will be tested to an intense degree by this game. During the game, you must move as far as possible while smashing the glass pieces that are in the way. It is a free and exciting game, and it will surely please you. 

Download Smash Hit

3. Beat Stomper

Beat Bomber | Challenging & Hardest Android Games of 2020

Beat Stomper is yet another tough and challenging mobile game. In Beat Stomper, as if it is a series of shifting platforms, the player must jump up a staircase. The gamer has to go as far as possible in Beat Stomper, without falling. This is certainly one of the hardest Android games that you’d enjoy playing.

Download Beat Stomper

4. Brain it On

Brain it on

Do you want to solve puzzles linked to physics? Then Brain It On! Maybe your dream option. This is a habit-forming game in which your IQ will be tested. You can find loads of mind-boggling physics puzzles in this game, which you will need to solve to unlock new levels. 

Download Brain it On

5. Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is a very interesting game. This is mainly a music-based game during which you have to leap, soar, and pave your way as needed. The best thing about this game is that it delivers tune to finish with ten different ranges. This one more exciting game on the list of top 15 challenging & hardest Android games of all times.  

Download Geometry Dash World

6. 100 Doors Puzzle Box

100 Doors Puzzle Box

100 Doors Puzzle Box is a very exciting puzzle game that you’ll play. The gamer must find the solution to the puzzle in the game, and search for hidden things to enter new levels. Yet as you advance, the problem gets harder. So, Puzzle Box 100 Doors is the ideal game if you’re searching for some tough android puzzle games. 

Download 100 Doors Puzzle Box

7. Dumb Ways to Die Original

Dumb Ways to Die Original | Challenging & Hardest Android Games of 2020

Dumb Ways to Die Original is among the most enjoyable and interesting games on your Android smartphone that gamers can play. The gameplay also presents tons of odd tasks that are certain to confuse you. The player aims to save the stupid characters’ lives. The game is filled with adventure, and as you advance, it gets more difficult.

Download Dumb Ways to Die Original

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8. Big Hunter

Big Hunter

In Big Hunter, the gamer needs to use physics principles to hunt down ancient animals. This is a very catchy and thrilling game. Players can use various weapons to hunt huge animals. The game has 100 levels, and it’s one of the most tricky android games that one can play on their smartphone.

Download Big Hunter

9. Orble

Big Hunter

Orble is a simple game to focus on one’s reflexes. In addition, the Orble sport will also enable you to strengthen your hand-eye coordination. The game is simple but tricky. The principles for playing sport are humble – you are the grey ball, steer well clear of the orange balls, and pick the green ball from the golf course. So, you are going to be able to play one of the toughest android sport.

Download Orble

10. Escape Game

Escape Game

If you enjoy playing strategy games on your smartphone, you’ll certainly love Escape. It is a popular 50 room escape game. You must continually assess the course of the gameplay, to evade the room. Playing the game is enjoyable, but so is its demand. So, Game Escape is another fun game that you can play.

Download Escape game

11. Happy Glass

Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a game that you can enjoy on your Android smartphone. Players have to draw lines in this game and make a water-filled glass to make it happy again. The game is easy, and installation requires only 50 MB. However, the gameplay gets tougher as you get up the levels. The games’ first 100 missions are easily possible to accomplish, but you need to depend on the tips to advance.

Download Happy Glass

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12. Scale

Scale | Challenging & Hardest Android Games of 2020

When you are searching for a mind teaser, you should try Scale. The Scale is fairly new and is being highly appreciated by Android players on the Google Play Store. This game has balls and slicers. Keeping the slicers in a particular position allows users to slice and trim the board. It’s not that simple because users have to be cautious to get across the board while dodging the balls strategically.

Download Scale

13. Dancing Line

Dancing Line

Dancing Line is one of the most exciting games you’ll ever play. In this game, you have to listen to music and direct an infinitely long line through various blocks. This game will test your reflexes and speed, and you won’t be able to get past a single level without trying multiple times.

Download Dancing Line

14. Cut the Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2

As in the first episode, your task is to cut numerous ropes that will ultimately bring a swirly candy to Om Nom — the quadruped snaggle-toothed protagonist who appears to be a cross between an alligator and a crab apple. He is lovable. But merely feeding him is not enough: if you wish to advance through all 210 stages, you will also have to use the candy to catch stars.

Download Cut The Rope 2

15. Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy

Getting over it with Bennett Foddy | Challenging & Hardest Android Games of 2020

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is one of the most challenging, but enjoyable Android games at the same time. It’s like a challenging climbing game where you push the hammer with the mouse, and you’ll be able to leap, swing, ascend, and float with the practice. The game will test your emotional and psychological endurance. This game is recommended for those who like tough games.

Download Getting Over It With Bennett Foody

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So these are the Top 15 Challenging & Hardest Android Games of All Times. We hope you have fun playing and find every one of it interesting. These games will surely help you exercise your brain muscles and entertain you at the same time. Enjoy!

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