What is Bumble Beeline?

Bumble Beeline saves hours of your time and saves you unnecessary swipes.

Dating apps are crucial aspects of connecting users with their potential partners. For those who are active users of Bumble and have recently stumbled upon the Beeline feature, it may be tempting to upgrade immediately. However, it is essential to take a moment to understand What Bumble Beeline is and how to use it.

what is bumble beeline

What is Bumble Beeline?

A dating platform’s entire scenario may be based on an accepted guess, a hit-or-miss affair. But what about you leave the dice unrolled and later feel sorry about losing? Bumble Beeline is a paid subscription feature that ensures you do not miss a chance to get a date on their platform. It allows users to discover profiles of people who have swiped right on you but that you have yet to swipe right on their profile. 

With this feature of the Bumble app, it’s no longer necessary for you to go through each and every profile and swipe in either direction. Using Beeline, just select the profiles you are interested in and receive instant matches. Additionally, it also lets users enable filters to further minimize the list.

How to Use Bumble Beeline

Bumble Beeline is a premium feature. Even though Bumble preaches itself to be free, it charges for its absolute features from the users under two different subscription plans – Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium.

After you purchase the Bumble Premium subscription, the Beeline list will unblur for you to see. To use it:

1. Launch the Bumble app on your phone or the website in case you are using a PC.

2. Tap on the grey chat bubble or your profile picture in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

3. Navigate to the pixelated square in the left pane of the Match Queue.

4. Click on it and view for people who looked out and swiped right on you.

Is Bumble Beeline Worth the Pay?

There is no denying that dating platforms are fun. However, if you barely get to interact with others or are shy enough to show your interest in someone, you may find Bumble Beeline helpful. Moreover, there are other benefits that might intimidate you such as:

  • Bumble Beeline does the work of searching for perfect matches for you and unblurs profiles after you’ve paid. 
  • It cuts down on extra screen time just in the search of connections.
  • There is also a Snooze feature that mutes all the responses until the time you decide to come back.
  • Curiosity about dating platforms since day one of signing up is usual. Beeline lets you know who likes you and who you should see for the move.
  • Faster chats are enabled in Beeline. The user can instantly have access to chat with the match.

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How to Unlock Your Beeline on Bumble for Free

Many users often look for ways to unlock their Beeline on Bumble for free. Sadly, unlike Tinder, one is not likely to be able to use Bumble Beeline for free. Even though Tinder does not allow you to chat or connect with someone who swiped right on you without buying the premium, at least it is possible to see who liked your profile.

It is not possible for you to detect from the face which person has tried to connect as images of all the users listed under Bumble Beeline are blurry. Beeline’s algorithm is uncompromised and has no loopholes or loose ends. The only way a user can see matches is by buying a plan.

Does Bumble Beeline Expire?

So far in this article, we got to know what is bumble beeline and what are its benefits. But there is more of a catch to it. Users are often concerned about how long will it be accessible. Bumble Beeline does not expire until the Bumble premium subscription validity ends. For example, if you bought a package for six months, the Beeline feature will be accessible for six months as well.

However, there is a possible chance of a reduction in the number of profiles under the beeline. This is because the search filters you might have applied before subscribing to Beeline now apply to this as well. Making tweaks in the preferences and advanced filters will again encourage more profiles.

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Is Bumble Beeline a Gimmick?

Bumble homepage on Windows

There have been a few controversial statements in the past concerning Bumble Beeline where users have stated it to be fake. Some users have inquired whether the profiles that appear in Beeline are bots or fake profiles on the app that disappears after subscribing. Several users have complained that Bumble entices users to buy premium features and monetizes its business through deceptive advertising.

However, not all profiles on Bumble Beeline are fake. Most of them are real users who swiped right on your profile and turned admirers for you. Users get chances to reply to the other profile in a span. Once seen and connected, it gets removed.

Butter campaigns are prevalent in almost every industry. You might be lured to add the premium. However, we suggest, if you want then sign up for a trial period or a short-term subscription plan initially to see the Beeline and get an idea of whether you find it useful.

That’s it for our article on what is Bumble Beeline. Let us know in the comments about your experience on the platform.

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