Tinder vs Bumble: The Best Dating App

The dating app market has flourished in recent years. All thanks to the internet accessibility and approach that has made finding people online a better and transparent process. Choosing from a number of these dating sites is indeed a task. Especially, when there are so many good and attractive websites offering unlimited features and perks over others. If you are new to finding a partner online and want to choose the best dating site for yourself then our today’s guide on Tinder vs Bumble will thoroughly help you. Not only this doc contains the comparison between these two sites but we will be discussing other dating apps as well and in detail will consider their pros and cons. One such example is the most awaited comparison between Bumble vs Hinge vs Tinder. So, without further ado, let us get started with the mission of finding you the best dating app out of all. 

Tinder vs Bumble: The Best Dating App

Tinder vs Bumble: The Best Dating App

Tinder and Bumble are without a doubt two of the biggest and most preferred dating apps all around the world. Not only this, but these two apps are even similar when it comes to using them. The best thing about these apps is that the user has to swipe left or right on the person available, according to their preference which makes finding a suitable match quite easy. However, despite these similarities, there are some key differences that set these two apps apart. If you are wondering which one is a perfect fit for you, let us get started with our Tinder vs Bumble comparison.

1. Tinder


Tinder Features

  • Tinder offers a video call option.
  • It offers unlimited right swipes.
  • The application can be used on a desktop as well as on mobile phones as an app.
  • A free Tinder account is also offered to users.
  • It offers priority likes under which the person you swipe right to sees your profile first.
  • It allows users to send messages to the Tinder user before matching.
  • It also offers 5 extra Super Likes.
  • It allows users to change their location.
  • Users can easily check who has liked their profile.
  • Users also get a free Tinder boost every month.
  • Tinder users can also limit their visible personal information.
  • Users get full access to Tinder Picks.
  • Tinder offers 3 premium memberships: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

Tinder Pros

  • Tinder is the most used dating website in the US.
  • The user interface of the site is very simple yet modern.
  • The basic app of Tinder is free to use.
  • A video chat option is available on Tinder.
  • Tinder has people of all age groups.

Tinder Cons

  • Tinder is known infamously for hookups rather than stable relationships.
  • The dating distance of Tinder users can be large and thus might not be a good fit for most users.
  • To have a Tinder account, you must have a Facebook account.
  • There is a chance of getting pranked or tricked on Tinder.
  • Bots and promotional ads on Tinder can be interruptive.

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2. Bumble

Bumble | Tinder vs Bumble

The next contestant in Tinder vs Bumble comparison is none other than the famously used app, Bumble. The app was launched in 2014 and since then has garnered millions of users all around the world who are looking for a suitable partner.

Bumble Features

  • Bumble can be used on a desktop or as an app on mobile phones.
  • Bumble offers two membership plans: Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium.
  • Depending upon the plan, Bumble offers BeeLine feature that limits your feed to women who have already liked your profile. This helps in fixing a match.
  • Busybee feature of the app allows users to extend the 24-hour match window.
  • Rematch feature helps users to reconnect with past matches for extra 24 hours.
  • Bumble users get access to all the filters in the app which makes finding a partner easy.
  • Bumble offers SuperSwipe feature too.
  • The site also offers Incognito Mode that limits the list of users who can see your profile.
  • Travel Mode in Bumble helps you to change your location.
  • Bumble Spotlight is another great asset that lets you feature your profile in your area for 30 minutes.
  • A free account for Bumble is also offered.

Bumble Pros

  • Bumble has excellent privacy and safety features.
  • A Robust free version of the app is available for use.
  • The user interface of Bumble is fun and inclusive.
  • Video chat is possible with Bumble.
  • Bumble offers a 60% positive outcome.

Bumble Cons

  • The biggest con of Bumble is that its user pool is not as large as Tinder.
  • Profiles on Bumble are less meaty compared to other apps.
  • Matches on Bumble are lost after 24 hours of no communication.
  • There is a limited selection of gender identifications while signing up on the website.

While Tinder is a classic app that you can use to find unlimited matches, Bumble stands out in the fact that you can find a serious relationship on this platform. Now that we have thoroughly listed the differences including features, pros, and cons of Tinder and Bumble, it is time for you to name the winner in this race of Tinder vs Bumble.

Hinge vs Tinder

Hinge and Tinder are known worldwide for obvious reasons. People of all age groups can find suitable partners on both these apps. These apps require fewer efforts and in return offer the best results. While there are inevitable similarities between these two applications, we have listed some unknown features for both sites to help you choose between Hinge vs Tinder better.



In the competitive world of dating, Hinge stands out for its serious relationship matches. While other sites are famous for hookup matches and non-serious relationships, Hinge is on the more serious side. Hinge helps users find a potential match with similar interests.

Hinge Features

  • Hinge is available to download for free on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Standard information like name, date of birth, email, and location is required to create a standard Hinge account.
  • The best feature of Hinge is Prompts which involves providing personal information about your life and interests.
  • Three Prompts need to be filled in to show your personality better.
  • Hinge also has a special Standouts feature that presents content from profiles of up to 10 popular users in your area.
  • Hinge offers Preferred Subscription to use the website better and efficiently.

Hinge Pros

  • Free membership of Hinge offers filters like age, location, gender, identity, ethnicity, and religion.
  • Preferred Subscription offers unlimited daily likes.
  • Hinge’s premium membership also allows users to check all potential matches who have liked them.
  • Premium users can access all the advanced preference filters.
  • Premium membership also gets you more suggestions for profiles that stand out.

Hinge Cons

  • A free Hinge account only gets you 10 likes per day.
  • The number of users is another drawback of Hinge which is nowhere near Tinder.
  • Unmatching someone on Hinge is permanent.
  • For advanced filters, users have to pay on Hinge.

Hinge is a rather easy-to-use app than Tinder. Its user interface is similar to looking at an Instagram profile. While Hinge stands out for having more serious relationships, Tinder’s basic free version is better to use than its counterpart. Also, not to mention the target audience of Tinder, is much broader than Hinge. So, if you don’t want a hookup and want to find someone easily without having to go through a large number of audiences, then Hinge is the site for you and wins Hinge vs Tinder comparison.

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Hinge vs Match

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to dating sites, there are many available on the internet. While some sites have a simple user interface, others are filled with unlimited features. Here, we will be comparing two widely used sites Hinge vs Match to help you find a suitable fit.


Match | Tinder vs Bumble

Match.com was launched way before Tinder and other well-known sites of today in the year of 1995. It is unarguably one of the first dating sites on the internet. Since its release, Match.com has welcomed many changes and has made its user interface comprehensive allowing people to have deeper connections.

Match Features

  • Match.com can be accessed on its website as well as on its app.
  • A free version of the app is available to use with a number of features.
  • The Vibe Check feature of Match allows users to initiate a video chat with their matches.
  • Match.com also offers one-on-one phone calls with dating experts that help in improving the profile and experience of users.
  • Match offers safety to users with its background check services.
  • Match offers three membership plans: Free, Standard, and Premium.
  • Membership plans allow users to relish add-on features of the website like Reply for Free, Email Read Notification, Private Mode, and matchPhone.
  • MatchPhone feature allows users to call and text matches using a Match-generated number that helps to conceal their actual phone number.

Match Pros

  • Match offers a lot of features and filters.
  • Match provides personalized recommendations.
  • Detailed profiles are available on Match.com.
  • It offers one-on-one chats with dating experts.
  • It is extremely easy to set up a profile on Match.
  • Users can easily cancel their subscriptions and hide their profiles immediately on the platform.
  • Users can also attend in-person events on Match like hikes, speed dating, and more.

Match Cons

  • To use the best features of the app like read receipts, an expensive membership plan is required.
  • Active users on Match are comparatively less than on Hinge.
  • There is no guarantee of finding the right match.
  • Profiles on Match.com are limited.
  • Match software has been seen to cause glitches.

Now that you have compared the features, pros, and cons of Hinge vs Match, it is easy to choose a good fit for yourself. Match.com is undoubtedly a safe site as it keeps fake profiles off bay. Whereas, Hinge is a more modern platform that offers better choices with a high level of user security and overall protection.

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Bumble vs Hinge vs Tinder

After discussing a number of apps above, it is time to finally choose one of the best apps amongst Bumble vs Hinge vs Tinder. All three of these apps are popularly known in this modern online dating era. While Tinder has brought the swipe-and-match style to dating apps, Bumble and Hinge have somehow followed Tinder’s path and introduced unique takes on the whole dating situation. From Bumble letting women initiate a match to Hinge being a description platform to find a potential match, all three of these apps are no less than each other. So, let us try to distinguish them in regard to the following important points:

1. User Experience

  • Tinder and Bumble, both these dating apps offer their users a swipe feature that lets them choose or find a match easily.
  • Users can easily get started by using these apps.
  • Hinge is more of a detailed platform and takes time to carefully curate your dating profile.
  • Tinder and Bumble require a minimum and basic information to get started with your profile like your name, age, and location.
  • While on Tinder, anyone can start a conversation, Bumble offers the choice of matching entirely in women’s hands.
  • Bumble and Hinge profiles are more diverse than Tinder profiles.
  • You can only send text messages and video calls on Tinder, whereas, on Bumble, you can do a video call, send voice notes, and media in the chat as well.

2. Extra Benefits

  • Upgrades are offered by Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge where users get extra benefits and features to access.
  • Tinder offers three subscription plans with maximum benefits including Plus, Gold, and Premium.
  • These plans offer unlimited swipes, rewinds, no ads, five super likes every day and boosts that put your profile in front of more people on the platform.
  • Bumble offers Boost and Premium membership that gives access to features like Beeline, extended matches, unlimited swipes, a rematch with expired match, backtrack, one spotlight, and five super swipes per week.
  • Hinge also offers benefits to Preferred Members under which they get benefits like unlimited likes, the ability to see everyone who liked them at once and other advanced parameters.

3. Trends

  • Tinder is a modern dating app with the most active users.
  • Tinder constantly features events and competitions that attract new members.
  • Bumble also keeps its users engaged with the help of mental health blogs.
  • Hinge is the most inactive of all with its lagging features.

With the help of user experience, extra benefits, and trends, it is quite easy to come to a conclusion of choosing between Bumble vs Hinge vs Tinder according to your preferences and lifestyle. Tinder is a classic dating app with all the required features whereas Bumble is a safe and secure site where women can take the charge. On the other hand, Hinge is a place where you can find a stable and long-lasting match easily. In the end, it depends mainly on your life choices and needs that will eventually help you decide on the perfect dating site for you.


We hope that our doc on Tinder vs Bumble was informative, thorough, and detailed enough to guide you well on the different features of each dating site to help you compare them. If yes, let us know which one of the sites came out to be a perfect match for you. If you have any other queries or suggestions, please feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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