What is a Moderator on Facebook Group?

Meet the secret to an engaging Facebook community!

If you have recently started a business or community on Facebook, managing and expanding your reach may be challenging. Luckily, you can appoint a Facebook group moderator to assist you. Let our article introduce you to what a moderator does and their responsibilities. Let’s get started!

What is a moderator on facebook group

What is a Moderator on a Facebook Group?

A moderator is a member of a Facebook group who has been given specific responsibilities by the group admin. These duties include the ability to reject or approve membership requests, delete comments or posts, or block any member. They’re expected to help the admin and creator to keep the conversation on topic and informative.

Can a Moderator Post on a Facebook Group?

Yes, a moderator can post in a FB group. However, as compared to admins, moderators have less access to groups. They can’t post content to the group but have the right to respond to comments that are posted on it by group members.

What Does a Moderator Do in a Facebook Group?

Moderators are people who care about the community with the same set of values and compassion as you. They delete spam comments and posts on the group, examine members’ profiles before accepting or rejecting their requests, and react to members who contact them directly.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Moderator

The Moderator of a Facebook group has one of the main responsibilities of ensuring that all group members are following the rules and guidelines. Some roles and responsibilities include the following:

  • Create engaging content to keep members engaged
  • Respond to queries and issues raised by group members
  • Remove or ban disobeying and rule-breaking member
  • Maintain group harmony by stepping in when conflict arises
  • To welcome new members
  • Control group settings
  • Encourage discussion.

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What Can Facebook Group Moderators See?

Some of the things that FB group moderators can see are:

  • Instagram comments
  • Facebook insights
  • Created ads
  • Send messages
  • Pin or unpin the post.

Admin vs Moderator in a Facebook Group

The admin and moderator both play an important role in managing and maintaining the FB group. Some key differences are:

  • Admins have full access and control over all features in the group. They are basically authority figures. While moderators work under the admin and have limited access.
  • Admins have the ability to make another member an admin or moderator; they can also remove moderators. While the moderator cannot do so.
  • Admins can change the group’s privacy settings, photo, description, or group name. While moderators cannot.
  • Both an admin and moderator can approve or deny participants’ requests.
  • Admin can delete and deactivate posts. While moderators can only remove posts from the group.

A moderator is not just a title but an asset to maintaining a positive environment. We hope now you understand what is a moderator on Facebook group and what their roles are. If you have any queries to ask, please leave them below in the comments box.

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