What Happens When You Pause Your Shopify Store?

Navigate the effects of pausing your Shopify store to adapt to changing circumstances.

To run an online store effectively, you must be flexible and make strategic decisions that meet your business needs. At times, you may also choose to close your Shopify store temporarily to manage seasonal fluctuations or take a break. In either case, let’s explore the key considerations to fully understand what happens when you pause your Shopify store.

What Happens When You Pause Your Shopify Store?

What Happens When You Pause Your Shopify Store?

Pausing your Shopify store is a significant decision that can affect different aspects of your online business. Let’s learn insights into the impact of this decision on your products, customers, and overall business operations.

Can I Pause My Shopify Store and Not Pay?

No, you can pause your Shopify store and pay the reduced subscription fee of $9/month with the Pause and Build plan. Moreover, only the store admin can temporarily pause or deactivate the store completely.

Can I Put My Shopify Store on Hold?

Yes, you can put your Shopify store on hold using the Pause and Build plan. But, to use the Pause and Build plan, you shouldn’t be in the free trial period. While using Pause and Build plan, you can access your store backend, basic report on site performance, and view the store frontend.

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What Happens When You Pause Your Shopify Store?

The following are the consequences of pausing your store on Shopify:

  • Unable to access store backend or admin page
  • Unable to sell products
  • Invisible to customers

But, if you have chosen the Pause and Build plan, you can customize your store in the backend. But your customers cannot check out the product. Also, you have to pay a minimum subscription fee of $9/month for using this plan.

Note: Shopify Plus doesn’t support the Pause and Build option. Also, it will also not be available to the users with the free trial plan.

How Do I Pause Shopify for 3 Months?

You can choose either of the following methods to pause the Shopify store. Remember that only shop admins can perform the following methods.

Option I: Using Pause and Build Plan

1. Log in to your Shopify account using admin credentials.

2. Click on Settings from the bottom of the left pane.

Click on Settings at the bottom left corner

3. Select Plan from the left pane.

Choose Plan in the left pane

4. Click on Deactivate Store.

5. Then, click on Pause and Build.

6. After reviewing the plan, click on Switch to Pause and Build.

It is how you can pause or close your Shopify store with this plan.

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Option II: Cancel Subscription and Deactivate Store

1. Navigate to the Plan section in your Shopify account.

2. Click on Cancel subscription and deactivate store.

3. Select the desired reason and click on Continue.

Select the reason and click on Continue

4. Click on Deactivate now.

Note: Enter your password if prompted.

Click on Deactivate now

By learning what happens when you pause your Shopify store from this guide, you can maintain control over your online operations and guarantee a smooth transition when you reactivate your store. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, so share your comments and keep checking in for new articles.

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