What Does a Grey X Mean on Snapchat?

Personalize your Snapchat experience by learning the significance of the grey X symbol.

Snapchat’s symbols and icons can be confusing at times. However, by learning whether they indicate a status or a feature, you can enhance your experience on the platform. Let’s explore whether a grey X on Snapchat represents being blocked or if it holds some other meaning.

What Does a Grey X Mean on Snapchat?

What Does a Grey X Mean on Snapchat?

Learning the symbols on Snapchat can enhance your experience and understanding of social interactions on the app. One such symbol is the Grey X, which appears on different app menus and carries distinct meanings. Let’s explore and grasp these meanings!

Does a Grey X on Snapchat Mean Blocked?

Yes. If you notice a grey X beside a person, with whom you were friends, in the Chat tab, it indicates that the person has either removed or blocked you. Consequently, you won’t be able to send them messages or view their Snapchat story. However, it’s important to note that there could be other reasons for the appearance of the grey X, such as network problems or temporary glitches. If you suspect that you have been blocked, it is advisable to contact the person directly to clarify the situation.

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What Does a Grey X Mean on Snapchat?

The grey X on Snapchat can have different meanings. One of these meanings is related to the profiles in the Quick Add section of the Add Friends menu. If you see a grey X next to a username in the Quick Add section, you have previously removed that user from your friends’ lists. This feature helps you manage your connections and easily identify users you have decided not to add as friends.

Note: The grey X can also appear for other reasons. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the context before jumping to any conclusions.

Quick Add section of the Add Friends menu - Profiles list with grey x

What are the Other Indicators of Snapchat?

Snapchat incorporates various indicators, including grey X, to assist users in navigating their social interactions.

These indicators include symbols representing the status of snaps and chats.

  • Purple Square: Represents a Snap or chat with an audio note
  • Red Square: Symbolizes a Snap or chat without an audio note
  • Blue Circle: Stands for an unopened chat message
  • Open Blue Circle: Indicates that your chat message is being read by the recipient

Arrows are also utilized to convey information:

  • Red Arrow: This signifies that you have sent a Snap without audio
  • Purple Arrow: Indicates that you have sent a Snap with audio
  • Red Hollow Arrow or Purple Hollow Arrow: Implies that your sent Snap has been viewed by the recipient

On the other hand, if someone has blocked you on Snapchat, several indicators may manifest:

  • Inability to view their Snapchat score or stories
  • Their username not appearing in your friends’ list, even if searched for
  • The disappearance of chat logs with the blocked user

These indicators serve to help users understand the status of their interactions and identify potential blocks on the platform.

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By going through this guide on what does a grey X mean on Snapchat, you must have understood how grey X on this platform has diverse interpretations. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to stay tuned for more insightful articles.

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