What Do Telegram Check Marks Mean?

Keep an eye out for those check marks for a hassle free communication on Telegram

Simple check marks can speak volumes! Right from the humble one green check to the mighty two green check mark; each holds a specific meaning. Understanding the same helps recognize the status of your conversations on Telegram. Thus, in this comprehensive guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about Telegram check marks beginning with what they mean and how to proceed in your conversation accordingly. Let’s get started!

telegram check marks

What Do Telegram Check Marks Mean?

Discover the different types of check marks and what they mean when sending and receiving messages. Gain a better understanding of how ticks on Telegram depict messages’ delivery and visibility. 

  • Clock Icon: The clock icon on Telegram appears next to a message that represents the pending status of the text. That means the message is still being sent to the user. It can appear when there is a weaker internet connection or the Telegram server is down and the message is still held.

Clock Icon on Telegram

  • Single Tick: The single tick mark on Telegram means your message has been successfully sent from the device to the Telegram servers. However, the recipient has still not received the message, if you’ve sent the message in a group, the single tick remains until it is received by everyone in the group.

Single Tick Checkmark

Note: The color of the checkmarks is based on the chat theme applied in Telegram. In the case of the default chat theme, the single tick appears green.

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  • Double Tick: Two green checks on Telegram indicates that your message has been delivered to the recipient’s device. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have seen or read it. In a group, the double tick appears when the message is received by all the members in it.

Double Tick Checkmark

  • Blue Tick: On Telegram, two blue ticks appear when the message is read by the individual or all the members of the group. If there is no blue tick, the message is unread. Moreover, a single blue tick also appears if a channel, group, or bot is verified by Telegram.

Double Tick Checkmark 

  • Red Exclamation Mark: Sometimes you might see a red exclamation mark. This means that the message could not be sent to the server for some reason. Thereby it needs to be resent.

Red Exclamation Mark

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That is all about Telegram check marks. We hope this article answered all your doubts. If you have any more queries or suggestions, leave a comment for us and stay connected with TechCult.

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