What Can I Do with SHEIN Points?

Unlock the rewards and benefits with your SHEIN Points.

Are you constantly searching for the best deals to update your wardrobe? If you’ve earned enough SHEIN bonus points, you can make your shopping experience even more thrilling. Let’s explore what SHEIN points are and how you can use them effectively.

What Can I Do with Shein Points?

What Can I Do with SHEIN Points?

Once you have enough SHEIN points in your account, you can redeem them for discounts on your orders. Each point has a set value in terms of dollars off, and the more points you have, the higher discount you can apply to your order.

The monetary value of points is set to $1 for every 100 points. For example, you can redeem 200 SHEIN points for $2 off on your order. These points can be used to get up to 70% off on the total amount of the product price (which does not include postage, insurance, and taxes) when you purchase SHEIN products. They are used based on how soon they expire – the points which are set to expire soon will be used first.

Note: SHEIN points can also be used to pay the shipping charges, which can be useful, especially if you are placing a huge order or if you live in a remote area where shipping costs are high. This platform also offers special promotions or giveaways, which can be entered using points.

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Do You Get Points If Someone Likes Your Reviews on SHEIN?

Yes, receiving likes on your SHEIN reviews earns you points. These points are a reward currency obtained through various activities like shopping, reviewing products, and referring friends. However, daily points earned through reviews are capped at 2000, so likes may not always result in points. Your likes on others’ reviews do not directly earn you points.

To increase your chances of earning points, provide detailed and informative reviews considered helpful by other customers. The length, quality, and relevance of your review determine the points assigned by the algorithm. Liking reviews supports customers and provides valuable feedback, but doesn’t guarantee points directly.

How Do I Get More SHEIN Points?

SHEIN points are most popular reward program, which can be earned by participating in various activities on SHEIN. You can increase your SHEIN points in the following ways:

  • Creating an account: You receive 100 SHEIN bonus points with a validity of four months after registering on SHEIN with a valid email address.
  • Downloading the SHEIN app on your phone: When you download the SHEIN app on your Android or iOS smartphone, you receive some additional points.
  • Shopping on SHEIN: You can simply shop on the website to earn SHEIN points. For every dollar you spend on buying a SHEIN product, you will earn a point. You can also earn bonus points for making your first purchase or for buying during special promotions. 
  • Leaving reviews: By leaving reviews on purchased products, you can earn points. Each review can earn you up to 17 points based on its quality and helpfulness. The breakdown is as follows: posting a review earns 5 points, adding an image (18+ age required) gives you 10 points, and including size information grants an additional 2 points.
  • Referring friends: SHEIN also lets you earn points by referring them to your friends and family to shop on the site. You can earn up to 500 points for each friend who creates an account and makes a purchase from the website or app. 
  • Completing daily tasks: SHEIN offers bonus points for completing certain tasks such as checking into the app daily, following them on their social media handles, participating in surveys, or watching their promotional videos.

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How to Get SHEIN Hack Points?

SHEIN points should be earned through genuine means by participating in the various activities and promotions offered by the website. Several ways to earn points have been discussed above. Any attempt to hack or cheat the system can result in the loss of your account and already accumulated points. It is very important to always use ethical and legal means to earn rewards and avoid any fraudulent or unauthorized behavior.

Is SHEIN Refund Free?

SHEIN offers various return and refund options to customers, but whether they are free depends on the circumstances. Defective or incorrect items qualify for free returns and refunds. Contacting SHEIN’s customer service within 35 to 60 days of delivery allows you to request a return and refund, with a prepaid shipping label provided for sending the product back. You’ll receive a full refund, including shipping charges.

For returns due to a change of mind or incorrect sizing, return shipping costs are your responsibility. SHEIN has a 45-day return policy for these cases. Request a return through your SHEIN account and, upon processing, get a refund for the item’s purchase price, excluding packaging and shipping fees.

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Through this guide, we hope you were able to gather insights into what you can do with SHEIN points. We discussed a handful of ways to earn these points and use them to avail of huge discounts on your purchases. We would love to hear your suggestions regarding other ways to use these bonuses for a better deal.

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