What are the Games to Play on IG Live?

Discover interesting games for your IG Live to keep your audience engaged.

From daybreak to nightfall, we cannot envision our lives without swiping through Instagram’s Explore page. Another fantastic feature of Instagram is the live stream option. Want to make Instagram Live more fun? Then, we will help you with games to play on IG Live and Instagram Reel. Let’s start!

What are the Games to Play on IG Live?

What are the Games to Play on IG Live?

According to a survey conducted in 2022, 92% of all internet users watch videos, with live streaming ranking fourth in terms of popularity. The king of the internet is video content, and Instagram plays a major role in it. Keep reading further to find out what are the games to play on IG Live in detail.

Are There Any Instagram Games?

Yes, there are a variety of games to play on IG Live. Continue reading this article to learn more about IG games.

What Activities Can You Do on Instagram?

Here are some activities or games to play on IG Live for improving your live Instagram:

  • Engage your audience by posing queries, conducting polls, and answering comments.
  • Show behind-the-scenes material or privileged video.
  • Work together with other artists or influencers.
  • Make use of interactive elements like stickers, filters, and filters.
  • Make it a regular occurrence and inform your followers in advance of the time and date of the live stream.
  • By giving pointers, counsel, or knowledge about your area of expertise, you can add value.

What are the Games to Play on IG Live?

Instagram users can play games on their IG Live broadcast with the help of the Instagram Live function, which also enables real-time interaction with their followers. On Instagram Live, you can play some games like:

  • Challenge your audience with multiple-choice options for answers.
  • Make a quiz with several questions, and ask your followers to submit their responses.
  • Create a quiz with two choices and invite your audience to vote.
  • Create an emoticon slider and let your audience use it to express how much they disagree or agree with a remark by sliding the emoji.
  • Offer a challenge to your followers asking them to take a selfie and post it to their own Instagram stories.

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What Games Can You Play on Instagram Story?

You can play various Instagram games to play with followers, such as:

1. Three True Things And One Lies

The game’s name itself provides all the necessary context. You must first create four posts in order to play this game. These posts include a lie about you or your company together with some facts. You may then conduct a poll among your followers to determine which of the four choices is incorrect. With the help of this game, you may educate and enlighten your audience about your company. The engagement of your narrative rises when the audience must guess which of two statements is true. Your audience will learn a lot more about you and your company thanks to this.

2. Challenge for Quickdraw

This game may be among your top selections if you prefer and are looking for something interactive. You can issue a fast draw challenge to your followers to increase connection and engagement. With this game, you can request that your fans or friends quickly doodle whatever you like. After that, you’ll tag your friends or followers to take on the challenge. They’ll agree to your request and draw whatever you wish. They will then tag you in a screenshot they publish in their stories about the challenge.

3. This or That

Many players can connect to your account and take part in this or that game. With the help of this game, you might be able to engage plenty of fans. It works when people repost their thoughts on a specific subject and enables them to discuss contentious themes. People have the ability to learn what other people believe about a certain subject. You must build or choose a template for this challenge and post it on your story to engage your followers.

What are Instagram Games to Play with Followers?

Instagram With the aid of the Instagram Live feature, users can play games during their IG live broadcast. This feature also enables real-time interaction with their followers. You may play a number of games on Instagram Live, including:

  • Create a live quiz in which you pose questions and your audience responds in real-time.
  • Create a live poll in which you may pose a question and receive immediate feedback from your followers.
  • Create a live word search and let your followers complete it in real time.
  • Offer a challenge to your followers asking them to count in real time the number of times an object appears in a picture or a video.
  • Create a live selfie challenge and ask your followers to post a picture of themselves on their own story in real time.

What are Instagram Reel Games?

Instagram Reels are short, repeating clips similar to TikTok, and Instagram reel games are engaging games that may be played within them. Playing games made by other users or creating their own Reel games is an option for users. The games might have elements like points scoring and rankings and frequently require user participation like swiping or tapping on the screen.

A few examples of Instagram Reel games are:

  • Tap the Beat
  • Guess the Song
  • Dance Challenge

Instagram Reels

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How Do You Make a Live Instagram Fun?

Here are a few tips to how do you make a live Instagram fun and engaging:

1. Be truthful (and professional)

Being truthful and genuine is the first Instagram Live rule that you must follow. Instead of behaving like a salesperson or reading from a script, people want to see you live because they want to see a real individual. Particularly in these challenging times, people crave real, actual human connection, even if it is only through their phone screens.

So how do you portray your most authentic self to your audience?

  • Be open and vulnerable. Don’t be scared to show it.
  • Feel free to express yourself.
  • Talk to them the same way you would a friendly coworker.

2. Allow enough time for planning

While it would be appealing to simply go on Instagram Live and brag to your followers about the great business you operate, this might not work out as well as you had thought. Those that have mastered Instagram Live are scheduling their live sessions in advance and setting specific goals, despite the fact that it clearly has a more laid-back, unplanned air. Your structure must be well-planned and ordered in addition to having distinct objectives.

For example, will there be a Q&A session during your live stream or Maybe a sneak peek or a product launch? Other options include using Instagram Live to live stream an event, a product preview, a lecture, or an office tour. You can also use the games to play on IG Live, as mentioned earlier in this article.

3. Take Instagram Live to the fullest

Remember that Instagram Live is not a medium for professional marketing where you would constantly advertise your business. Make sure you’re having fun because Instagram is more of a site where people hang out to have fun. If you’re not, your audience will be able to tell.

  • Laugh at yourself
  • Show off your personality
  • Don’t be concerned if you misspell something or make a mistake
  • Accept mistakes, laugh at yourself, and carry on

Your audience will appreciate your sincerity. So, have fun, interact, and don’t be too concerned because if you’re having a good time, so will your followers.

4. Communicate with your viewers

The great feature of letting viewer comments in real time on Instagram Live is also available! Although this might be great for the audience, the presenters might find it too much to handle. Even though you are obviously not compelled to reply to every comment, you should make an effort to stick to your plan. But you should also consider this an opportunity to actually interact with your audience. Whether it’s by responding to a question that is pertinent to the conversation you are having or expressing gratitude for someone’s kind remarks. Showing your customers that you are paying attention to them at the moment will make them feel special and connected to your business.


So, we hope you have understood what are the games to play on IG Live. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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