How to Add and Use Custom CTA Buttons on Your Company Page 

Invite stratergic clicks to LinkedIn!

In the professional world, success can just depend on the right methods and a small boost that can take you to the moon. On LinkedIn, this boost can come from the use of custom CTA buttons on your company page. So, keep reading till the end to know about it.

Use Custom CTA Buttons on Your Company Page 

How to Add and Use Custom CTA Buttons on Your Company Page 

Previously, on LinkedIn, users had the only choice to either follow a company page or visit their website. However, a recent update has introduced custom call-to-action buttons, which are designed to increase audience engagement and interaction

Additionally, you also get analytics on the chosen CTA. Not just that, these call-to-action buttons can potentially convert visitors on your page to leads.

Note: It is only available for premium users and company pages. Also, you must be the admin of the page to add the custom CTA button. 

1. Go to your company’s page on LinkedIn.

2. Click on Edit Page > Buttons.

3. Now, turn on the toggle for Custom button.

4. Click on the downward arrow under the Button name.

5. Choose the action button you want.

Choose the action button you want

6. Now, enter the URL of the landing page and click on Save

Now, the button will be added to your page.

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How to Add Call to Action Button on LinkedIn Profile

Adding a call to action button on your LinkedIn profile can be very helpful. It can help people know more about you or your work.

Though the custom button is available for premium LinkedIn users, you can follow the below workaround to add a call to action button:

1. Go to your profile and click on the pencil icon.

2. Scroll down and click on Edit contact info under the Contact info section.

3. Now, scroll down and click on Add website.

4. Enter the URL and website type.

Enter URL and website name

5. Click on Save and the link will be visible on your profile.

What is LinkedIn Premium Custom Button? 

The custom button allows users to add a hotlink on your profile which will take the users to your desired web page or landing page. However, this call to action button is only available for LinkedIn premium users.

You’ll get some options to choose the text of your button or customize it on your own. This feature can help you to increase engagement and boost leads

How to Add Custom Button in LinkedIn Profile

Using the custom button on your LinkedIn profile, you can increase the audience and viewers to your page, blog, or wherever you want. Follow the steps on How to Add and Use Custom CTA Buttons on Your Company Page to add a custom button.

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To sum up, gaining and maintaining a success rate for your company page is important to increase the reach and connections. This new feature of LinkedIn is a must-try. 

Hope this article helped you with how to use custom CTA buttons on your company page on LinkedIn. Keep reading our blogs for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries below in the comment section. 

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