Top 10 Cute Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft is a game that is as much about casual leisure and discovery as it is about rigorous survival. Survival mode is quite popular, and players are taking Minecraft more seriously than they had in the past. Having a decent home base is a crucial part of this mode. For your survival in the game, you will need a Minecraft house or foundation. It is where you usually change your spawn point, store collected resources, and construct, brew, or enchant goods. We have got a terrific variety of modern Minecraft house ideas for you to check out, ranging from contemporary houses to subterranean bases, tree houses to farmhouses. Each of these makes the most of every sort of Minecraft block that its architects choose to utilize. These Minecraft house designs will provide you with top cute Minecraft house ideas for whatever type of home you want to construct. Get, Set, Build!

Top Cute Minecraft house ideas

Top 10 Cute Minecraft House Ideas

One of the modern Minecraft house ideas most Minecraft players come up with is a modest wooden box erected in a hurry when the sun sets for the first time. Building a house in Minecraft, especially for novices, is difficult. Everyone needs to start somewhere, but when they aim to construct something visually appealing in Minecraft, they start to look for resources and collect them. The number of resources might be more than what is essential. To construct your house, you might need a blueprint or architectural design and ideas. There are many lovely designs out there, but many of them are incredibly complicated and would be tough for novices to grasp, even with a guide. It would take quite a lot of time to build a house in Minecraft, but when you built it to completion, nothing would compare to the sensation you would experience when you glance out the window of your cozy cabin from your mountaintop hideaway. You may also refer to some youtube videos on building Minecraft house designs step by step. 

Points to Remember

  • A Minecraft home may be as simple as a cube with a door and a window, or as complicated as a multi-story structure with many levels, rooms, windows, a skylight, and even a waterfall if you are feeling adventurous.
  • To build a Minecraft home, you may use any sort of block. Some blocks are more effective at defending you from monsters than others, while others can be more pleasing.
  • Minecraft players may customize the color and texture of many sorts of blocks in the game even without the use of modifications.
  • It is better to start with simpler dwellings if you are new to Minecraft and are still learning how to use all of the pieces.
  • The aesthetics of a house are not exclusively determined by its shape and size.
  • You can build a Nether portal near it for maintaining a location to return to while keeping enemies out. 

Here are the top ten fantastic yet simple & cute modern Minecraft house ideas you can check out to build your Minecraft house designs.

1. Farmhouse for Survivalists

This is a beginner-friendly design. It is simple to construct with ordinary resources such as wood and cobblestone and it is easy to expand in the future. If you build this type of house, make certain it is well-kept. Other use cases of this type of house design are listed below.

  • You can add more rooms to the building without thinking about the design.
  • You also have access to farming land and a convenient means to get there without having to leave the house or travel at night.

 Farmhouse for Survivalists

2. House with Plenty of Storage

The house with plenty of storage is also one of modern Minecraft house ideas. The primary component of this home design does not offer much to improve on the box with a roof design that most players would already have constructed. The added features on the other hand are the things that make the house much more appealing to the eye, such as:

  • Raising the main portion of the home makes it more attractive,
  • It is safer against Creepers and it provides more room underground.
  • The area below the house can be utilized to keep animals, store stuff, or it can be used to accommodate the second player.
  • It permits the space around the home to be used for various purposes, as illustrated in the photograph.

However, if you do not light up this area below, mobs will spawn. This does not mean that the gamers will have to light torches all over the place. To make it more ornamental and beautiful, players can illuminate outdoor basement in a visually beautiful manner by using fenceposts and candles.

House with Plenty of Storage | Cute Minecraft house ideas

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3. Oak & Spruce Wood by Smithers Boss

This house is worth looking at if you wish to build and want it to look attractive. It is largely made of wood, which is one of the most frequent Minecraft block kinds.

  • It may be made out of a variety of woods, but oak and dark oak look the finest.
  • Other blocks such as cobblestone and glass are also utilized since they are easy to find and collect.
  • The sole disadvantage of this house is that it is largely made of wood which makes it vulnerable to mobs.

Your house will look according to the shaders that you have installed, as utilized in the image below.

Oak & Spruce wood by Smithers Boss | Cute Minecraft house ideas

4. Roundhouse by The River

Some use cases of this house are listed below:

  • To provide additional levels and complexity to the interior design, this structure has a smaller circle on top of a larger one.
  • The open impression that this design offers is ideal for folks who want to keep everything they need in one place.
  • If more rooms are required, it would be simple to add another layer beneath or to expand the present ones to expand much higher.
  • Moreover, building houses near the river will impress your online friends and it will also allow the gamers for faster access to the top floors.

Here’s how to build this design:

  • Simply select a location on the chosen floor roof.
  • Put a water block to create a little waterfall.
  • Next, dig a hole one by one where the water lands to confine it and prevent making a mess. This will serve as a water elevator as well as give one riverfront home a more aquatic appeal, as depicted below.

A Roundhouse by The River | Cute Minecraft house ideas

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5. Sturdy Stone House

Sturdy Stone House is one of the top cute Minecraft house ideas. This basic stone home is worth creating if you do not want to build a house out of wood because it is less likely to survive harm. Some features of this house are as follows:

  • It uses conventional blocks like stone but adds a few block variants to make the final construction appear more interesting, rather than just a stone cube.
  • The house is pretty large, and you will be able to live in it for quite some time before upgrading.
  • It is also not the kind of house where you feel awful about leaving since you put so much effort into it.

A sturdy stone house

6. Inside Mountain

Probably, the players who did not create a wooden box on their first night dug into the side of a mountain instead.

  • It is rather simple to carve out a few rooms in a mountain, and the interior may be decorated in almost any way the player wants.
  • The outside, on the other hand, might be much more than a mountainside gateway. The whole sense of the space is extended out onto the side of the mountain, and the entire thing is visible through a window.
  • This not only looks good from the outside, but it also means that players do not have to rely on artificial lighting for the interior as it will have a pleasant sunny feel to it.
  • The contrast between the elegant interior and natural mountainside will be more obvious and complementing if the surrounding area around the big window wall is kept rustic and organic.

However, there is nothing wrong with planting a little garden in front of the huge window entry to add some flair without detracting from the mountain retreat ambiance.

Inside Mountain House Minecraft

7. Two-Story Small & Contemporary House

This is one of the more difficult buildings, and gathering the materials will take some time. If you want a big strong house, check out WiederDude design. Here are some features of this modern Minecraft house idea:

  • The house includes two levels and a swimming pool.
  • You may switch things up by converting the pool area into a farm that is conveniently accessible.
  • The use of concrete, especially white concrete that requires bonemeal, makes this house challenging to construct.
  • You might also make smooth stone blocks and use them instead.

The home may not be as attractive, but it is still a fantastic design.

A two-story small and contemporary house | Cute Minecraft house ideas

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8. Bunkhouse for Multiplayer

It is a lot of fun to play Minecraft with your friends, especially if they are new to the game. However, it implies that whatever home is created, unless it is built independently must have adequate space for both/all players, which is where this design shines. Some features of this cute & modern Minecraft house ideas are mentioned below:

  • This elevated house design with its pleasingly symmetrical structure provides each player with their own space with a complete comfy living area and bedroom.
  • The open bridge is positioned to keep monsters away while also providing fresh air.
  • Beneath it, lies a lovely small farm.
  • The bottom layer might also be used to create extra interior space, such as a community room.

If they have a lot of pals living in a single residence, players can perhaps create bunk beds for a more intimate atmosphere. Simply construct a tiny structure atop a bed using a fencepost and wooden slabs, then lay another bed on top.

Note: Make sure there is enough space for the bottom bunk so the player who sleeps there does not get stuck.

A Bunkhouse for Multiplayer | Cute Minecraft house ideas

9. Easy Castle

The urge to build a castle is fairly prevalent among Minecraft players. Those who have seen the extremely intricate and large ones believe they will never be able to realize their desire. That is not the case, as there is no rule that a castle must be large or elaborate. While living in a complex web of rooms and corridors is not quite the same as living in a castle. There are lots of ways for modest homes to seem like one. Here are the features of this type of cute Minecraft house idea:

  • The necessary turrets are included in this design that leads to a large entranceway followed by open central space.
  • If you find this too straightforward you can just add more turrets or increase the gaps between the current ones to make it more intriguing.
  • This design almost begs to be created from a more distinctive type of stone. Like bricks and chiseled stone bricks, because the more detailed textures of these blocks will make one castle appear like it was built from the most basic and plentiful materials.

An Easy Castle

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10. Tiered Farmhouse

Tiered Farmhouse is also one of the top cute Minecraft house ideas with the following noteworthy features:

  • Players will need a farm in their world fairly fast, and they will ultimately need a large one. This three-tiered design is both attractive and functional for whatever crops need to be cultivated.
  • If desired, players may even swap crop areas for animal quarters.
  • The house design is long and narrow, but there is nothing about it that cannot be changed. For example, players may easily expand the home downwards into the enormous room area available.
  • Players may put individual stone walls in load-bearing areas to build thin stone posts, thanks to the use of tiers in this design.
  • Furthermore, when these stone pillars are put adjacent to one another, they will automatically create walls, giving players a variety of visual possibilities for the house supporting elements.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the most efficient approach to construct a house in Minecraft?

Ans. To construct any structure in Minecraft, just put blocks to create walls. Build some walls by stacking blocks on top of each other, and a roof by stacking blocks side by side on top. Most blocks, whether Dirt, Wood, or Cobblestone, will function as a prototype home.

Q2. What is the appearance of a Minecraft mansion?

Ans. A Woodland Mansion is a construction that appears naturally in Minecraft. It has the appearance of a massive mansion and can only be found in the Dark Forest biome. Its exterior is built up of dark oak wood boards, dark oak wood, and cobblestone, with enormous glass windows.

Q3. What is the most uncommon item in Minecraft?

Ans. The Dragon Egg is the rarest object in Minecraft, as it only appears once per Minecraft world. The Dragon Egg hatches on top of the exit portal when players fight the Ender dragon for the first time. Furthermore, it is not possible to mine it directly with a pickaxe.


We hope this advice was useful in finding some top cute & modern Minecraft house ideas. Let us know which design was the most easy-to-build & most useful. Also, if you have any queries/suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section. 

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