Top 28 Best Online Gaming Websites

Explore top 28 online gaming websites, avoiding the hassle of sifting through hundreds. Unleash your inner gamer bug.

Online gaming sites are full of exciting new discoveries, however, with hundreds and thousands of websites and platforms available online, it is important to know where to go. But, don’t worry, as we have compiled a list of the top 28 best online gaming websites for you. Now, feel free to explore and say get set go to your gaming bug.

28 Best Gming Websites

Top Online Gaming Websites

After careful research, we have compiled the following list of top gaming websites that you can explore. 

1. Y8

Y8 | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List website started in 2006 and at that time it started with thirty million players. It is among the top online gaming websites that have more than sixty-three thousand games. Moreover every hour new titles are added. There is no need to create an account to access the games. For giving feedback to the developers there is a comment section that players can use.

2. Miniclip


Miniclip is among the most popular online gaming websites that launched in the year 2001. Player registration is optional but for multiplayer games, the players must register themselves. The players can change the language of the website as it supports 15+ global languages. Miniclip offers a huge library of games and players are offered the list of top ten and top hundred games for easy selection.

3. Pogo


Electronic Arts launched Pogo in 1999 and thus it can be considered as the oldest online gaming website. There are more than 200 titles available on the website sorted by different parameters. Player registration is optional but it offers extra benefits to the registered players. Another great feature of Pogo is that it also works as a social media platform by allowing users to make friends on the website itself.

4. Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

Launched in the year 2002 has more than two thousand online games that cover almost every genre. The website offers download options for platforms such as Mac, Android, and Windows. For accessing the games, players must register themselves on the website. offers country-specific websites in eight different languages. Comparatively, this website offers better games than other platforms.

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5. Addicting Games

Addicting Games is among the top online gaming websites in the United States. The website has a count of more than 10 million monthly active users due to its wide genre of games. The players can give reviews and ratings to the games available on the website. Although the website has a good collection of games for playing these games Adobe flash player is required.

6. Kongregate


Kongrete is a popular online gaming website that has more than 128k online games. The huge library of games can be accessed without following the registration process. The website supports three languages and there is a chat room for player communication. A special feature offered by Kongregate is that new game developers can also upload their creations on this website. Therefore, it is considered a top online gaming website.

7. Poki


If you want to play games with your mates then Poki is a free gaming website that allows you to do so. There are more than 1000 titles from different categories that can be played on different devices. Poki is available in 28 languages moreover the monthly user count is over 30 million making it a top online gaming website.

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8. Armor Games

Armor Games | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

Launched in 2004 Armor Games is a popular website that features a wide variety of games. The games available on the website can be played using mobile devices and players can download them as well. The registration process is optional but if you want to get additional features then you can register yourself on the website. Armor Games is a popular online gaming website that allows developers to upload their games.

9. ShockWave


ShockWave is among the oldest online gaming site that was launched in 1998. The website has more than eighteen hundred games covering almost all the categories. The sign-up process is optional but if you sign up then you can enjoy the extra benefits. The games available on the website can be downloaded on PCs but these are paid games. Moreover, every week a new game is added to the library.

10. AOL Games

AOL Games

Owned by AOL, Games provide the best classical games to the users. The popular gaming website can be accessed without registration. Only a few titles and categories are available on this website and it is very useful for the players who are into card-based games. Games are among those websites that are free from malware and spyware and therefore can be trusted.

11. FOG


Acronym FOG stands for free online games. FOG has almost 40 categories of games that can be accessed without logging in. The library of this website is huge but Adobe Flash Player is required for playing the games. FOG is available in 32 languages with different subdomains thus it is considered one of the top online gaming websites.

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12. King

King | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

King is a leading smartphone game company offering only 22 game titles that can be accessed using PC, tablet, and mobile devices. The company allows the players to sync their gaming progress and for this login. King supports 16 languages and makes it a top online gaming website. Although the website has few games it has offered some high-grossing games to the players.

13. AGame


AGame has a large collection of games ranging from racing to puzzles. The website focuses on games that are largely played by girls. Account creation is optional and the rating feature helps in giving a review about the game to fellow players. The games based on HTML5 can be played on this website and thus it can be considered as a good online gaming site.

14. Newgrounds


Newgrounds was launched in 1995 as an entertainment website that offers animated movies, flash games, and audio. NewGrounds is one of the oldest online gaming sites on the list. The developers can submit their games on the website as it accepts user-produced content. Although the registration process is an option but once you become a registered user you receive fewer ads.

15. Crazy Monkey Games

Crazy Monkey Games

Crazy Monkey Games is not very popular but it still has a good collection of flash games. The focus of the website is on action, RPG, arcade, and fighting games. The players do not have to create an account and the games can be played free of cost in full-screen mode. A lot of advertisements pop up during the gameplay which becomes troublesome for some players.

16. BGames

BGames | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

The B in BGames stands for BOYS as the website contains games specially developed for boys. The games can be played without logging in and the download option is not available on the website hence services must be claimed online. Sub-categories on the website help in finding the best titles like Star Trek. BGames is counted among the top online gaming websites.

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17. Zynga

Zynga | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

Although Zynga was launched in 2007 it gained popularity among the masses in 2009 with the FarmVille on Facebook. The website uses social media platforms such as Facebook for offering online games and thus the monthly user count of Zynga has crossed 30 million. With such a huge user count, Zynga is a popular website for online games. Games available on the website have outstanding graphics and therefore these games can be considered addictive.

18. Cartoon Network Games

Cartoon Network Games

Cartoon Network Games lets you play different games with your favorite cartoon characters from the Cartoon Network TV channel. You can find games based on popular cartoon characters such as Gumball, Ben10, etc on the website that can be played without registration. There are few games on the portal but the popularity of the cartoon characters has helped it in becoming a popular online game site.

19. Popcap


Popcap was founded in the year 2000 and later EA acquired it thus making it a trusted source for online gaming. Most games are removed from the website but it still offers a great collection to the players with only 10 titles. As the website is owned by EA, Popcap can be considered a popular online gaming website.

20. PlayRetroGames

PlayRetroGames | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

If you love playing retro games then PlayRetroGames is the place for you. It is an online emulator website that supports and offers classic games and systems. Creating an account is optional on PlayRetroGames but game titles can be rated even without login. Both 8-bit and 16-bit systems are supported on the website but the game loading time is too much.

21. MMOGames


Founded in 2007 MMOGames is a website that provides versatile services like articles, reviews, and free online games based on MMOs and MMORPGs. There are more than 2000 games on the website that can be played using JAVA. A large library of games can be accessed without logging in as there is no compulsion of getting yourself registered on the website.

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22. Arkadium


Arkadium was launched in 2001 and it became a popular online gaming website after that. In 2011, the Microsoft Solitaire collection was developed. The website has an impressive user interface that features thousands of popular titles. There are different categories such as popular games, new releases, and fan favorites on the homepage of Arkadium.

23. GamesGames

GamesGames | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

GamesGames contains more than 20k games that can be played online making it a top online gaming website. The categories of games are available at the top of the homepage. Based on your playing interest the “for you” section recommends games that you might like and for activating this feature account creation is necessary.

24. A10

A10 | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List offers free games covering all categories. Players can find their favorite games easily on the website because the user interface is simple. The games on A10 are few but they are quite addictive and therefore it is considered a popular website for online games.

25. was launched in 1998 and it currently offers more than 2500 downloadable titles. It is among the oldest game website in the list that offers high-quality games. This is a premium website where the players can access a few titles free of cost but only for one hour. The exclusive titles can be accessed by premium members only thus limiting the reach of normal users.

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26. | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

The name of this website says it all. contains games that are specially designed for girls. Popular titles can be found easily from the recommendation list but the games are limited making it the best online gaming site for girls.

27. is a dedicated platform for multiplayer games that has more than 200k titles but not all of them are multiplayer. On the homepage, you can find the top titles moreover for finding the best titles players can use game tags. The games on the website load slowly and thus you must have a fast internet connection to play the games.

28. FreeArcade

FreeArcade | Top Most Popular Online Gaming Websites List

FreeArcade is widely known for the Crossword Puzzles although it also contains many different types of games based on Java. Thus, for accessing the games the players must install Java on their devices. Moreover, every week three new games are added to the website.

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Online gaming websites are the best place to feel the nostalgia of old classic arcade games and new and exciting versions of popular games. These websites provide a great experience to players who wish to get some time off of their busy lives. We hope you were able to find just the website for you. If you have any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comment section.

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