Top 10 PPC Sites And Ad Networks

Looking for top PPC Sites And Ad Networks to apply in 2020? If yes, then you need to apply for a good CPC ad network.

Cool! PPC sites are some of the options you could try out. Do you know that you can earn a lot from ads? Don’t worry if you do not know about it. We are always there to help you out. There are a lot of sites in which you can earn online this way. Try out these sites and make the most out of your online time. You could really earn a lot using these sites online. 

There are people who have earned a fortune by these advertising platforms. You could be one of them soon. Try out and make your first step into the world of ads and marketing. Drive traffic to the websites, and that will drive money to you. 

PPC – What is this?

  • PPC expands to Pay Per Click.
  • It is a way of advertising to drive traffic to websites.
  • In PPC, the publisher of the ad pays you with minimal amounts if you click their ads.
  • When you click the ad, the respective websites show up. This brings traffic to the websites and more number of content views.

PPC – What do you get?

  • This innovative method of content marketing could be how you can earn a little more 4563.
  • The publishers present you with Ads, Surveys, or Forms.
  • You would have to click on that Ad(or complete in case of Forms and Surveys) to earn a little pay as a reward.
  • Sometimes you would have to share the posts and earn referrals to get your minimal reward.
  • All you have to do is visit some ads, answer surveys, or link them to your blog.

Why does the website offer you money?

This may be a question in your mind. Yes! They do offer a little amount for your clicks. When you click their ads, their sites will show up. The tempting ads could lead you from buying a product or service from their site. Or you would share the ads if offered a little pay. The people you refer to may buy something. Thereby this promotes their sales and web traffic. This is the reason behind the minimal pay you get.

What are some of the trusted sites?

PPC ads of all websites are not trusted. Some may be fraudulent and hence won’t offer you anything. Thus, we have listed the top websites for you. Many people who click and earn online trust these websites. What are you waiting for? Read our article and enjoy earning!

Top 10 PPC Ad Networks in 2020

Know the Terms

We have used a few terms related to PPC ads. The meanings of the terms are here.

  • CPC – Cost Per Click: The amount paid per click the user makes on the ad.
  • CPM – Cost Per Mile: The amount paid to a website by an advertiser per 1000 visitor through the ads posted on that site.
  • CPA – Cost Per Action: The amount paid for specific actions on the ads posted on the websites.
  • CPL – Cost Per Lead: The amount paid per lead (that is per sign-up by a customer)

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Now you know the terms. What else? Let’s know some good websites to earn from.




Bidvertiser is a great alternative to AdSense. It provides various types of ads such as pop-up advertisements, banner advertisements, and a lot more. Even with less traffic, users can earn more profit. Bidvertiser’s approval methods are easy and good. You can even withdraw a minimal amount of $10 (10 Dollars) through PayPal. This is great compared to all other networks. You can use Bidvertiser and earn a lot in a very short time.


propeller ads

This is another great platform for PPC advertising. You can add advertisements such as One Click ads, banners, video ads to your website or blog and earn when a user clicks it. You can earn through all these: CPA, CPM, CPC, CPL, etc. The minimum payout is a bit high (i.e., $100 – 100 Dollars). But Propeller Ads offer a faster profit gain. That is, you can make a fortune in a short span of time.



If you wish to earn from ads, Revenuehits is one of the best places for you. You can easily make a lot of money using Revenuehits ads on your website or blog. Revenuehits provide you with a lot of ad-options to choose from. Those are pop up ads, text advertisements, etc. The payment is good as you can gain more money. Also, the experience you have visually is great at Revenuehits. It pays you based on CPC for the ads. The pay offered here is really good. Register at Revenuehits soon to start earning.



It is one of the top PPC sites which you can apply for in 2020. InfoLinks is an interactive ad platform based on in-text link-based advertisements. Using InfoLinks, you can earn a huge sum quickly. The minimum payout offered is at a medium level (an amount of about $50). As the name suggests, InfoLinks provides informative advertisements. Using those interactive advertisements, you can make a good profit. What are you waiting for? Earning a fortune is just three feet away from you. Go grab it!

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As the name suggests, Clicksor offers you money on ads, based on the clicks. Clicks are the key to earn here. Clicksor comes with a lot of opportunities for you to earn. You can earn a commission of 10% when you refer to the Ads or the sites to people. You can cash out when you reach the least amount of $50 (50 dollars). Click, click, and click! Coins will flick, flick, flick!



This is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. maintains a high-quality ad supply worldwide and it is one of the best sites for contextual advertising. CPC, CPM, and CPA are the earning methods here. You can cash out only if your earnings meet a minimum of $250 (250 Dollars). The minimum payout may seem high. But, the quality of the Ads here is remarkable. If utilized properly, you are sure to enjoy the experience. Start earning now by signing up at



Affinity is well-known for its engaging ads on various digital media platforms. Affinity has offices in India and the USA, and it operates worldwide with a large ad network. You can cash out here with the least amount of $50. You can expect decent outputs from this site. Besides, Affinity offers much better ads and options for you to optimize the ads. They do offer a good user experience here. If you want to add money using ads, Affinity could be one of the best choices.


Google adsense

Here comes one of the most used advertising sites-Google AdSense. Many people use it as it comes from a trusted brand, Google. Google AdSense is well-known for quality earnings. The least payout you can expect in AdSense is $100 (100 Dollars). You can quickly earn from low traffic using AdSense. Besides, AdSense is one of the sites that offer the highest CPM rates. It has many automated tools and is optimized for revenues. Also, it provides quality and responsive ads. The interactive ads of Google are definitely something you should not miss. AdSense can be an effective way to earn from your website or blog.



Adhitz is one of the providers of quality ad content. But the main drawback is that the site offers a low CPC rate. That is, users would get very low amounts per click. The least payout is as low as twenty-five dollars ($25). Very few sites offer payouts like this. You can cash out very soon here. It is one of the sites that are growing the fastest. As the name, the ads of Adhitz are surely a hit as it gives good advertisements. It has an extensive network of ad publishers. Adhitz shows ads on more than 20,000 websites every day. You can easily use Adhitz to buy and sell ads.


You can place your ads in many ways using Superlinks and earn pretty good amounts. You can post the ads on your websites and make your viewers click on the ads. You can earn based on CPM and CPC methods. You can cash out with a minimum earning of $100 (100 dollars). You can redirect the traffic to the ads and earn well. 

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We wish you the maximum benefits from these sites. We hope you make good money out of these. Sign up at these platforms and start earning now.

Have queries or comments for us? Do contact us. Else, do post your queries in the comments. Happy Earning!

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