Top 10 Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Browsing

Top 10 Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Browsing

Anonymous browsing is a must in today’s world in order to protect your privacy online. Here are the Top 10 Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Browsing.

While surfing the internet, you are continuously being eyed on by various people for your activities, including your frequent searches, preferences, and visiting on different websites. It can be done by a lot of individuals to know what your browsing patterns are for their vested interests. 

This is indeed an intrusion of your privacy, and you would do anything to prevent such people from peeking in your private work. Not only Government officials and service providers would want to know about your recent activities on the internet, but there are cybercriminals too who do not spare a minute to retrieve your personal information and use it in their unjustified favor. Thus, you would want to hide your personal information from such hostile elements.

This can be done by anonymous web browsers for private browsing, which will not show your IP to service providers and would not let you get tracked by anyone. 

Here are some best anonymous web browsers which will conceal your identity and let you surf the internet with no worries at all:

Top 10 Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Browsing

1. Tor Browser

Tor browser

Online traffic of your usual web browsers, like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, is used by websites for different purposes, like analyzing your preferences and arranging ads according to them, or keeping an eye on any malicious activities, like visiting other websites with prohibited content. 

Now along with just close surveillance, these websites may further block some other content for you, which you would like to visit, creating a problem for you. 

It emphasizes the importance of using the TOR Browser, which manipulates your traffic and sends it to the required addresses in a circumlocutory way, barely giving any details about your IP or personal information. The Tor browser is one of the best Anonymous Web Browsers you can use to protect your online privacy.


  1. The biggest issue with this browser is speed. It takes a bit longer than other anonymous browsers to load.
  2. Its loopholes would surface when you would want to download torrents or play videos from unauthenticated sources.

Download Tor Browser

2. Comodo Dragon Browser

comodo dragon | Best Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Browsing

Developed by the Comodo Group, this browser lessens your chances of being tracked by individuals and websites, maintaining your anonymity at all costs. It is a Freeware browser which can be used in place of Google Chrome for surfing the internet safely. 

It protects you by warning you about any malicious content on any website. It acts as an on-demand site inspector, by bypassing any unwanted content in a website.

Comodo Browser automatically blocks all cookies, hostile elements, and unauthorized tracking by cybercriminals. It has a bug tracking system that checks potential crashes and technical issues and informs you about them.

It inspects  SSL digital certificates of secured websites and checks if a website has incompetent certificates.


  1. The browser may replace your original web browser and alter DNS settings, allowing unwanted websites to access private information.
  2. Security vulnerabilities, in comparison with other web browsers.

Download Comodo Dragon

3. SRWare Iron


This browser has an identical user interface with Google Chrome. It is an open-source Chromium project developed by a German Company, SRWare, for assuring its users’ anonymity and privacy. 

SRWare Iron covers Google Chrome’s loopholes by protecting your private information, by blocking ads and other background activities, like extension, GPU blacklist, and certification revocation updates.

Google Chrome does not let you show many thumbnails of the pages you visit on the New Tab page. It covers this flaw and lets you add more thumbnails, giving you quick access to websites and platforms without search for them.


  1. It removes Native Client, Google’s custom navigation feature, and other features, so you would not be able to have the same experience as Google Chrome.
  2. It does not have Google Chrome’s automatic address bar search suggestions feature.

Download SRWare Iron

4. Epic Browser

Epic browser

It is yet another web browser that does not compromise your privacy with your surfing on the internet. Hidden Reflex has developed it from Chrome Source code. 

Epic Browser does not save any of your browsing histories and instantly deletes all history the moment you exit the browser. It removes all ads and hinders individuals and companies from tracking you, keeping your privacy intact. Initially, it was developed for use by Indians. It had widgets like chatting and email options.

It effectively deletes all tracking activity automatically, which includes blocking cryptocurrency miners from going through your account. Its fingerprinting protection prevents access to audio context data, images, and font canvas.


  1. Some websites do not work or behave abnormally.
  2. This browser is not compatible with password managing systems.

Download Epic Browser

5. Ghostery Privacy Browser

ghostery privacy browser | Best Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Browsing

This is an authentic privacy-ensuring web browser for iOS. It is a free and open-source web browser extension, and can also be installed as a browsing app on your phone. 

It enables you to detect Javascript tags and trackers and to regulate them to remove potential bugs hidden in some websites. It blocks all cookies and lets you surf the internet without any fear of being tracked.

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Ghostery Privacy Browser does not let you face any lags and allows you to visit websites smoothly. It informs you whether there are any trackers on the website you are going to visit. It creates “Whitelists” of websites where any third-party’s script blocking is not allowed. It renders you with a personalized experience of surfing the internet, making it an appreciable anonymous web browser for private browsing.


  1. It does protect your privacy but does not have an opt-in feature, like Ghost Rank, that takes account of ads blocked, and sends that information to companies to evaluate their data.
  2. It does not completely hide your browsing pattern.

Download Ghostery Privacy Browser

6. DuckDuckGo


This is yet another anonymous web browser for private browsing that is a search engine, and also works as a Chrome extension on your phone or computer. It automatically blocks all cookies and bypass websites with hostile javascript tags and trackers.

DuckDuckGo never saves your browsing history and ensures that your frequent visits and browsing patterns are not affected by the intrusion of certain companies and individuals. It does not use trackers, making it a reason not to be tracked by websites when you visit or exit them.

 Another advantage of using this anonymous browser is that you can install it in iOS and OS X Yosemite instead of only Android. You will not have to install it separately and add it as an extension on your browser for free.

You can use it with the TOR Browser for added security and anonymity while browsing.


  1. It does not provide many features as Google does.
  2. It does not use tracking, which ensures privacy but makes it a completely closed source.

Download DuckDuckGo

7. Ecosia

Ecosia | Best Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Browsing

After knowing the purpose of this private web browser, you will surely want to install and use it. It is a search engine that lets you surf the internet and visit any website you want without being tracked, blocks cookies, and does not save your browsing history.

For every search you execute on Ecosia, you help to conserve the environment by a tree getting planted. Till now, over 97 million trees have been planted by this initiative. Ecosia’s 80% of the revenues are directed towards non-profit organizations, with the aim to propagate reforestation.

Talking about the browser, it is safe to use and does not save any searches you make. Whenever you visit a website, you are not taken as a visitor, because it obfuscates the website of your presence. It is just like Google and has an amazing browsing speed.


  1. It is doubted that Ecosia might not be a real search engine, and it might secretly send your private information to advertising companies.
  2. The number of trees planted may not be a real figure or just an exaggeration.

Download Ecosia

8. Firefox Focus

firefox focus

If you know about the Mozilla Firefox web browser, then this browser would be easy for you to use. It is an open-source search engine that can easily bypass restricted content of any website without being tracked, and your private information is not sent to any unauthenticated sources.

Firefox Focus is available for Android as well as iOS. It features 27 languages and provides tracking protection from unsolicited advertising companies and cybercriminals. It thoroughly examines all URLs and prevents Google to direct you to malicious websites or content.

For deleting your browsing history, you will have to click on the Trash icon. You can also add your favorite links to your homepage. 

This web browser is still in the development process but worth using if you want to protect your privacy. 


  1. There is no bookmark option in this web browser.
  2. You can only open one tab at a time.

Download Firefox Focus

9. TunnelBear


Along with providing a safe browsing experience by acting as a VPN client, TunnelBear lets you surf the internet with no fear of being tracked. It bypasses websites with unsolicited surveys and content and hides your IP so that those websites do not track it. 

TunnelBear can be added as an extension to your Google Chrome browser, and you can also use it as a separate browser. Its free period will provide you a limit of 500MB per month, which might not suffice for you, so you might think of buying the unlimited plan, which will allow you to browse from over 5 devices, with the same account. 

It is more of a VPN tool, and you will not regret it after using this.


  1. You cannot transfer money using Paypal or cryptocurrency. 
  2. Usually, slower speeds, and not apt for streaming via OTT platforms like Netflix.

Download TunnelBear

10. Brave Browser

brave-browser | Best Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Browsing

This web browser helps you keep your privacy intact by blocking intrusive ads and trackers and bypassing any website, boosting your browsing speed.

You can use Brave Browser with TOR to hide your browsing history and evade your location from every website you visit. It is available for iOS, MAC, Linux, and Android. Browsing with Brave will enhance your browsing speed and let you conceal your private information.

It automatically blocks all ads, cookies, and removes unsolicited spying elements from your search engine, protecting your privacy. 

It is a reliable anonymous web browser for private browsing on Android, iOS, and other Operating Systems.


  1. Fewer extensions and add-ons.
  2. You might have issues with some websites.

Download Brave Browser

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So, these were some of the best anonymous web browsers for private browsing, which can be used to mask your location on websites, hide your IP, and let you surf the internet without being tracked. Many of them are free of cost and can be added as an extension to your Google Chrome browser.

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