What is Take This Lollipop Game and How to Play It Online via Zoom Link

Get haunted by the lollipop before the perils of online privacy hunt you down!

Among many other candies and chocolates, as a child, lollipops have been a treat for almost all of us. However, did you ever think that could be scary enough for you? Well, it became true with Take This Lollipop, described as an interactive horror film and social experiment that shows the potential dangers of sharing personal information online. In the past couple of years, its sequel Take This Lollipop 2  became quite popular among teenagers, where the game takes place in a Zoom-like chat. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s see what this fuss is all about!

lollipop game zoom

What is Take This Lollipop Game 2 on Zoom?

Created by director and developer Jason Zada, Take This Lollipop is primarily a short film where the viewer takes the role of a character interacting with a PC. It begins with a fictional Facebook-like interface, the player’s character logs in to explore profiles of other users. It requires you to grant access to your Facebook account, and the story takes a dark turn as the player’s actions lead to suspenseful, unsettling consequences.

Similar to its predecessor, Take This Lollipop 2 served as a cautionary tale designed to raise awareness about online privacy and cybersecurity issues associated with oversharing personal information on social media and the internet. 

Cyber threats

It begins with a website. After a warning, once the access is granted, it proceeds to display a video in which a mysterious figure navigates to the user’s Facebook profile, creating an eerie sensation. 

Also known as Zoom Lollipop Challenge, the game has been designed in a way that you appear to be in a Zoom-like 4-way video call once you have enabled the webcam. Just sit there and watch members of the call taken down by an online stalker, in a similar fashion to a horror movie. 

After the end of the call, another 4-way video call shows up on the screen where you’ll be faced with a scary thought. Even though you will still be a character in the new video, this time, it won’t be your real-time video. The new you will have a different voice and will use your personal data to make the experience feel real. 

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How To Play Lollipop Game Online

Even though some call it the Lollipop Zoom game, you are not required to install the Zoom app on the device or hit any link to play it. In fact, all it takes is a PC with a browser and a webcam, or any connected front-facing camera as the game uses deepfakes and video from the webcam.

Visit the official Lollipop game website, click on Lollipop to play, and follow the on-screen instructions to play. As the game is no longer available for free, you can now experience both versions at $2.99.

Take This Lollipop 2 Game

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Rules and Objectives of Take This Lollipop Game

There are no specific rules you need to follow to play Take This Lollipop Zoom, as it is not exactly a traditional game with winners & losers but more of an interactive & personalized short film-like experience. You are presented with a video of a creepy character who appears to be interacting with your Facebook data and browsing your photos & personal information in real time. This data is used to create a suspenseful narrative, like the character is targeting you personally.

The objective of the game is to make you understand the importance of online privacy. 

  • As you’ll be asked to grant access to your Facebook profile before playing, ensure that you are fully comfortable with sharing your information.
  • It is not intended to harm or misuse your data. So, it does not store it beyond the duration of the game.
  • You can face creepy and unsettling elements as you progress through the story. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, you can choose to exit the game.

Lastly, if you enjoy horror as a genre for games or movies, the Take This Lollipop Zoom game can definitely provide a unique and spine-chilling experience. However, if you are sensitive to it, we suggest you approach it with caution. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such fun games.

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