Score: The Dating App for People with Good Credit Score

Can money buy you love? Swipe right and score!

Should you care about whether someone is fiscally compatible or not when looking for love?

Yes, when it’s about choosing your date, apart from physical and emotional, the financial equation is also an important aspect of successful long-term relationships.

But how do you find out if the other person is simply a name dropper or actually worth their claims? Obviously their credit score, right?

Score by Neon Money Club is the new age dating app that lets you make better & informed choices that align with your romantic and financial goals.

Keep reading to know more about it.

Score The dating app for people with good credit

Score Dating App for People With Good Credit Scores

Your credit score is based on your credit history.

As a high score indicates that you have made timely payments, have minimum or no debt, and can manage your finances responsibly, it usually gives an idea about your financial stability.

But, would you ask about someone’s credit score on your first chat? No, right? After all, it might be an awkward conversation down the line.

Score app aims to change that by smoothly integrating credit scores into the dating process and connecting users who are financially responsible.

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What is the Eligibility to Join the Score?

Unlike Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge, Score is not your usual online dating app

It has an eligibility criteria for users to join the platform and that is a credit score of 675 or higher.

Remember that users will not be able to see each other’s credit scores. 

How to Join the Score Dating App?

You can join Score if you fulfill their basic criteria. Follow the steps:

1. Visit the Score official website and tap on the SEE IF YOU QUALIFY option.

2. Fill in your details – Legal Full Name, Email Address, Birthdate, Cell number, and Address. You also need to provide the last four digits of your SSN.

Fill in your details

3. Tap on See If You Score.

If your score is 675 or more, you will be able to join. If not, you will be redirected to resources where you will get an option to learn about how you can increase your credit score.

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Why Should You Register Your Credit Score on the Score Dating App?

As said by Luke Bailey, the CEO of Neon Money Club, this app can really help to take the complicated conversations regarding finances on dates that are not traditional.

Score aims to raise awareness about the importance of financial awareness in relationships as well as in your everyday life.

It provides an opportunity to connect to others and at the same time improve your financial literacy.

Since there is a minimum criteria to join, you can rest assured that your match is credible enough and you do not need to have a complicated conversation about their financial standing.

How Does the Score Algorithm Work to Find You Your Match?

Score performs a soft credit check during the sign-up process and records the credit score.

It does not match people based on their credit tiers. So, someone with a score of 700 can match with someone whose credit score is 800.

However, some believe that the algorithm matches people with almost similar or a slightly higher range.

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Can Score Be Trusted to Find Your Soulmate?

Score gives you an initial indication of the financial position of your match on the platform. It does not guarantee romantic compatibility.

But, since people on this platform have an aligned path when it comes to money matters and the future, it does become easier to find your soulmate.

As at least one aspect of your relationship is something that you both agree upon, the chances of your date becoming your soulmate are much higher compared to any other dating app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Neon Money Club?

Ans. Neon Money Club is a fintech enterprise that wants to spread awareness about the importance of financial wellness.

It has partnered with American Express to launch a credit card that allows people to convert credit card points into money that they can invest later in the stock market.

Q2. If I sign up on Score, will it affect my credit score?

Ans. No, signing up on Score will not affect your credit score in any manner.

Q3. What is the ideal credit score for signing up on the Score dating app?

The ideal credit score for signing up on the Score dating app is a minimum of 675.

Q4. Will my credit Score be visible to everyone?

Ans. No, your credit score will not be visible to anyone but Score.

Q5. Is there a signup fee to join the Score app?

Ans. No, there is no signup fee or subscription required to join the Score app. However, it is on trial period only for 90 days.

Score is the perfect app for people who are realistic and who understand the importance of being financially stable as a couple and maintaining a healthy relationship.

That’s all about this app from our side.

Let us know in the comments if you have any queries or suggestions for us and stay connected to TechCult for more informative blogs.

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