3 Ways To Remove Slideshow From Any Website

Slideshows are undoubtedly a great way if you want to express information in points. You can use slideshows to present some quantitative or list-based data. You see slides almost everywhere! Your office, your school teaching modules, and the websites your surf, slideshows are everywhere. Slideshows are generally inculcated with short texts, images and videos which build interest in the reader. This applies at schools, colleges, and corporate offices too but that’s definitely not the case with webpages.

What is the need to Remove slides?

You must have stumbled upon a slideshow while surfing a website. What did you feel then? Yes, these slideshows reduce your browsing speed and disturb your smooth reading experience. You spend more effort on clicking that next button and waiting for the page to reload than reading the actual article.

Some content creators and website managers include slideshows on their webpage on purpose. Do you know why? It is a mere trick, Cha! It increases their page views and ad impressions. The slideshows on a webpage are also a tool to increase surf-time of their websites. This helps them to boost their website rank. Every second of a viewer’s presence is beneficial to the publishers. They play with user experiences just for some ad impressions. Just imagine, if a webpage has 20 slides, then we will have to click next button 20 times. Isn’t it a real pain?

Remove Slideshow From Any Website

This made me hate slides! And now that you are reading this article, I guess you hate slides too. Just think if we too had used slides for this article. Would you be reading this article with such interest and focus? Hell no! We know what our readers look for and we know what you guys want to get rid of too.

Well, don’t you worry because we have got you covered? We have some tips and tricks for you to get rid of those slideshows. These are ways to merge all those slides in a single webpage.

How to Quickly Remove Slideshow From Any Website

Let’s look at all the methods to remove slideshow from any website one by one:

#1. Deslide

There is an internet app that can save your time and effort by merging all the slides into a single webpage. The Deslide app de-slides a slideshow. All you have to do is paste the URL of webpage and rest of the work is done by Deslide. Read along to get the detailed process –

1. First of all, you need to open a new tab in your browser and visit the Deslide web app. You can visit the web app from here.

Visit the Deslide web app

2. Now you have to copy the URL of the webpage from which you want the slides to be removed.

3. Now enter the copied URL in the available text-area next to Slideshow URL. You also need to choose the display combination. The combination you choose will be applied to the resulting webpage.

Enter the copied URL in the available text-area next to Slideshow URL | Remove Slideshow From Any Website

4. Finally, click on Deslide button and you are done! Your desired webpage will now be on your screen without any slides.

That was it—a simple few steps formula to get rid of annoying and time-consuming slides. You can also bookmark this web app as to be ready for any war against the slides!

#2. PageZipper

This method is by far the best and the easiest method to throw those bugging slides away. It is just a one time work and you are saved forever. All you need is one click. Page Zipper merges all the pages into a single one. It is a bookmarklet, and you can install it in your browser as an extension by following the given steps:

1. Search PageZipper in your browser search area. Click on the first link that available on the search engine. If you are using Firefox, you can find the extension on the Mozilla Add-ons page or you can use this link.

Open Firefox

2. You can also visit this link.

3. Here you just need to drag and drop the Page Zipper link to your bookmark toolbar. See the picture below:

Need to drag and drop the Page Zipper link to your bookmark toolbar

4. Open any webpage with slides and click on the Page Zipper bookmarklet. It will instantly zip all the next pages into one single page. For example, see the picture below:

Click on the Page Zipper bookmarklet | Remove Slideshow From Any Website

See? Just a one-time drag-drop and you are ready to fight with the slideshow any time! PageZipper is an amazing tool if you want to get rid of those slides instantly. As it merges all the next slides on the same page, you just have to scroll down, and the next page will start from the endpoint of the current page.

#3. Printfriendly

Printfriendly is a website that can convert the slideshows of a webpage into a single printable page. It also allows you to export a PDF format of that webpage and you can download it too. Here is how you can do it:

1. Copy the URL of the webpage from which you want the slides to be removed.

2. Visit the Printfriendly or else you can search for it on your browser search engine.

Visit the Printfriendly You can search for it on your browser search engine

3. Now you need to paste the copied link into the text area and click Preview.

4. Once you click on the Preview button, it’ll show you all the content of every slide into a single page.

Once you have click Preview button, it’ll show you all the content of every slide

5. You can download the pdf version of that page too. Click on PDF option on the menu bar.

Download the pdf version of that page | Remove Slideshow From Any Website

6. It will open a dialogue box asking you to download. Click on the Download button, and you’ll have your pdf file downloaded in a moment. Downloading pdf file may be helpful if you are in a hurry and want to read the article later.

Above-mentioned three tricks will surely help you remove slideshow from any website but knowing some alternative options won’t harm you. Let us see an alternative method to Deslide.

The Print Preview – Some websites provide you with the option to print the webpages. That means those webpages can be viewed in printable form. In such a case, you just have to click on the Print button, or you can press CTRL+P. Now, the website will show you a print-preview with all the slides combined into a single page. This option allows you to download PDF too. There is also an option to password protect that PDF file. Note that this method only works for websites that have used left-right links in their slideshows.

As promised, we have helped you get rid of slides from any webpage. Deslide, PageZipper and Printfriendly are the best ways out there to merge those slides into one-page reading. There are several more methods, but some of those require third-party apps installation and some needs set up for every time they are used. If you have any other method similar to the mentioned three or even better, then do comment and let everybody know.


We hope this article was helpful and you were able to remove Slideshow from any website you want. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to reach out using the comment section.

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