18 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

No phone call is unknown anymore! Find all the info that you need!

In a world dominated by technology, phone calls remain a vital means of communication. However, receiving calls from unknown numbers can be a cause for concern, especially given the rise in spam, scams, and unsolicited calls. Fortunately, reverse phone lookup services offer a solution to this dilemma for free. 

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

By using these services responsibly, you can gain control over your phone calls and ensure that you only engage with legitimate and trusted callers. This empowers you to make informed decisions about incoming calls.

1. Truecaller


Truecaller has revolutionized caller identification, providing quick insights into incoming calls using just a phone number. Its mobile version instantly displays caller names, while the desktop site requires a simple registration. Beyond caller ID, Truecaller boasts intelligent SMS management, spam filters, and call announcements for hands-free convenience. Truecaller effectively shields against robocalls and spam, enhancing communication security. While performance varies across locations and a strong internet connection is needed for mobile use, its benefits make it a standout tool.

  • Schedule ghost calls effortlessly.
  • Insights into profile viewers for added privacy.
  • Works globally, not limited to the United States.
  • Free basic plan available, with premium plans starting at $10.99/month.
  • Integrated messaging and calling platform for streamlined communication.

2. NumLooker

NumLooker | Best Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services

NumLooker stands out as a truly free reverse phone lookup service that uncovers the identities behind unknown callers effortlessly. It eliminates the need for sign-ups, providing a hassle-free solution for identifying incoming calls. Just input the number, click, and NumLooker’s extensive database does the rest. This service offers comprehensive information, including full names, educational background, work history, relatives’ details, and even criminal records. With instant results akin to a Google search, NumLooker maintains airtight security. While occasional customer care delays are a downside, its free access, user-friendly interface, and confidential searches make it an invaluable tool.

  • Trustworthy and confidential search results.
  • Suitable for various number types.
  • Notifications for website updates and special filtering options.
  • Enhances safety by revealing real identities.
  • Completely free as no cost associated with accessing important information.

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3. TruePeopleSearchTruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch stands out as a genuinely free and reliable reverse phone number lookup service. It offers comprehensive and accurate background information for individuals without requiring users to create an account, making the process hassle-free. Renowned for its speed, TruePeopleSearch swiftly delivers complete reports on searched individuals. Unlike many alternatives, it doesn’t demand prior knowledge beyond a phone number or address. Drawing from public records and social media sources, it compiles related information for a holistic view.

  • Completely free of cost.
  • No need to log in or register.
  • Offers quick responses for every search.
  • Comprehensive reports based on available information.

4. Spokeo

Spokeo stands as a versatile and free phone number lookup website, enabling a comprehensive understanding of individuals through various search criteria like phone numbers, names, email addresses, and residential details. This platform extends beyond caller identification, serving as a means to reconnect with family, friends, and business associates. It offers insights into personal details like birthdates, marriage anniversaries, and wealth profiles. While primarily available in the United States, it provides lightning-fast results and comprehensive insights with a premium membership, ensuring security and privacy.

  • A free quick search for reverse cell phone lookup.
  • Speedy data retrieval within seconds.
  • Enterprise package for business management.
  • Real-time updates on data changes.
  • Access to billions of records, including property, social networks, court, business, and customer records.
  • Plans are available starting at $0.95 for a 7-day trial.

5. Intelius

Intelius | Best Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services

Intelius stands as a premier reverse phone lookup service renowned for its vast public records database, ensuring accurate search results. By entering a phone number, users can access comprehensive reports that include names, addresses, social media accounts, criminal records, pictures, location, and phone carrier details. A paid subscription is required for unlimited reverse phone lookups, supported by a 5-day trial offer and a Fast Pass option for faster results. Intelius is known for accurate data, an intuitive platform design, and fast turnaround times. Although pricing plans and additional service costs can be confusing, they guarantee privacy and comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

  • Anonymous searches for subscribers and unlimited queries for paying users.
  • User-friendly platform design.
  • Detailed reports on unknown callers, including possible relatives.
  • Ironclad privacy and security.
  • Background searches without limits.
  • Android and iOS apps are available.
  • Pricing starts at $34.95 per month, with a 5-day trial at $0.95.

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6. TruthFinder


TruthFinder emerged as a powerful reverse phone number lookup application, offering access to publicly available data and a massive database of public records. Its unique self-monitoring tool expedites searches based on user-provided information. This platform empowers users to manage their digital reputation and security with lookup services and features, including a distinctive dark web scan for enhanced online safety. Expect comprehensive reports containing names, phone numbers, email addresses, potential connections, educational/professional history, criminal records, and more. While there’s no trial for reverse phone lookup, TruthFinder boasts unparalleled accuracy, an effortless user interface, and continuous dark web scan updates.

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Continuous updates to the dark web scan database.
  • Affordable subscription pricing ranges from $4.99 to $29.73 per month.
  • Android app is available.
  • Accurate information and diverse reporting options.
  • User-friendly platform interface.
  • Unlimited searches for reverse phone lookup with a subscription.
  • No free or trial plan.

7. BeenVerified


BeenVerified stands out as a leading reverse phone lookup service, renowned for its access to extensive public records encompassing social networks, government sources, and census data. Trusted for its role in the MTV show Catfish, it helps uncover fraudulent telemarketers and internet scammers. Reports include valuable details like criminal history, spam history, and potential connections. While the service is not entirely free, its monthly membership at $26.89 offers unlimited searches. BeenVerified’s mobile app, user-friendly interface, and use of SSL encryption for privacy enhance its appeal.

  • Offers a trial period at $1 for accessing its services.
  • Comprehensive range of lookup services, including phone lookup, email lookup, and vehicle search.
  • Detailed background reports with contact information, criminal history, and more.
  • Trusted by over 1 million users for accurate record searches.
  • Coverage includes contact info, criminal history, court records, vehicle records, and property records.
  • Offers valuable caller ID information for unknown numbers.

8. CocoFinder


CocoFinder stands out as an aesthetically pleasing and efficient public information and people search engine, offering free reverse phone lookup with name services. Renowned for its speed and accuracy, CocoFinder swiftly provides comprehensive results about individuals using their cell numbers, email addresses, or residential details. This user-friendly interface delivers caller information, including names, addresses, email addresses, and social media profiles. The Background Check feature extends to licenses, criminal records, employment history, and addresses. While offering inmate, obituary, and mugshot searches, CocoFinder features advanced filters for precise searches and maintains robust privacy and security.

  • User-friendly interface with lightning-fast connection to caller’s info.
  • Plans start at $1 for a 7-day trial.
  • Linked to public records databases worldwide.
  • Ensures safe, secure, and confidential searches.
  • Offers people search, white pages, address lookup, and background checks.
  • Displays relevant and up-to-date data instantly.

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9. USPhoneLookup

USPhoneLookup | Best Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services

USPhoneLookup offers a seamless solution for unmasking the identity of anonymous callers, providing a 100% free reverse phone number lookup service. It offers comprehensive information about unknown callers, including their names, social media accounts, ages, mutual friends, addresses, and email IDs. The platform is beginner-friendly, ensuring easy use for all. With secure and encrypted search lookups, USPhoneLookup delivers extensive reports quickly with comprehensive information, making it a convenient tool. Its drawback lies in the need for improved customer service.

  • Web-based platform accessible via browsers, no additional app installation required.
  • Robust data security with high encryption protocols.
  • Fast query processing for instant results.
  • Offers phone searches from all states in the US.
  • Free reverse number lookup service.
  • Comprehensive phone number details for a thorough lookup.

10. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate offers a membership-exclusive phone lookup service, encompassing reverse phone lookup search and people search options. With an A+ rating from the BBB, it provides comprehensive information such as location, previous addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal records, contact information, and job history in its phone number search results. Instant Checkmate compiles data from various sources, including social media accounts, commercial platforms, carrier phone records, and public and government sources. Despite the high cost of membership, Instant Checkmate’s features, custom reports, and privacy protection stand out.

  • Offers background checks, criminal record searches, and email address lookups.
  • A+ rating from the BBB.
  • Provides custom reports.
  • Delivers downloadable PDF reports with linked social media profiles and photos.
  • Ensures privacy protection for users.
  • Available as an Android app.
  • Quick and efficient query processing.
  • Comprehensive report format in a portable PDF.
  • Share button available on reports.

11. Zabasearch


Zabasearch is a reliable resource for uncovering the truth behind mysterious phone numbers, offering direct and free access to essential details without the need for credit card information. With features like a built-in people search function, trending searches, and personal records visibility control, Zabasearch stands out as a valuable tool.

  • Option to remove personal information whenever needed.
  • Offers complete caller ID insights for free.
  • Swift query processing for quick results.
  • User-friendly platform for easy navigation.
  • Ability to narrow down searches by city and state.
  • Best suited for US numbers.
  • Provides advanced background data alongside basic caller information.
  • Offers unlimited basic access through a free trial.
  • Premium plans start at $24.86 per month.

12. Whitepages

Whitepages | Best Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services

Whitepages stands as an ultimate reverse phone lookup tool, offering comprehensive insights into the world of the caller through detailed reports. Equipped with supportive background check tools, it can unveil maiden names, property records, recent searches, tenant checks, and Yellow Pages support. Prospective users can enjoy blazing-fast processing, detailed caller ID reports, and a straightforward interface. With its robust database built over the years, Whitepages is a go-to choice for those seeking in-depth information about unknown callers.

  • Stay updated with recent searches and researchable information.
  • Detailed reports encompassing scam ratings, criminal records, and more.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Available only for US numbers.
  • Free search provides limited information.
  • Premium plans start at $4.99 for 20 premium searches for more comprehensive access.

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13. Spytox


Spytox is a top-notch and straightforward free reverse phone lookup site, offering quick and cost-free solutions to the frustration of unknown numbers. With a robust databank, Spytox ensures instant results for recent searches while allowing users to manage their searchable information effortlessly. Prospective users can enjoy tons of free information, lightning-fast search processing (within a minute!), and a user-friendly experience. Known for its fast processing and free information, Spytox is a reliable choice for those seeking basic information about mysterious callers.

  • Supporting background check tools for enhanced information.
  • Effortless management of searchable information.
  • Limited to USA numbers only.
  • Free trial period available for a limited number of days.
  • Premium plans start at $19.99 per month.

14. Social Catfish

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a secure and comprehensive reverse phone lookup tool that combines public information and proprietary technology to protect users from deceitful online relationships and unknown callers. With a commitment to safety and security, the platform utilizes advanced security measures to safeguard user data. Its user-friendly interface guides you through the process of finding information such as phone numbers, addresses, and more.

  • Vast database including public records and social media profiles.
  • Offers email searches and social media searches beyond reverse phone lookups.
  • Access to business addresses, websites, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Provides instant results and detailed reports.
  • Focus on both individual and business profiles.
  • Offers a 5-day trial for users to experience its services.
  • Accessible and easy-to-use interface.
  • Extensive database with legally acquired public data.

15. PhoneNumberLookupFree

PhoneNumberLookupFree | Best Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services

PhoneNumberLookupFree is a cutting-edge and user-friendly free reverse phone lookup tool that excels at unveiling caller details while ensuring user privacy. With a focus on the United States, it has access to detailed caller information about unknown callers, including names, contact information, addresses, and financial records. The platform boasts lightning-fast searches, offering detailed results within minutes. Its intuitive and clean user interface and positive online reviews contribute to its reliability. However, it may present excess information that users don’t need.

  • Quick and reliable reverse phone lookup service.
  • Access to extensive legal public records.
  • Comprehensive information about area codes in the US.
  • User privacy is maintained during searches.
  • Free to use for all users in the United States.
  • Offers advanced search engines for accurate results.
  • Limited to residents of the United States.

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16. USPhoneSearch


USPhoneSearch stands out as a leading free phone lookup tool in the United States, processing around 9 million inquiries per month and retrieving data from extensive databases. It delivers quick search results from millions of records. The tool ensures confidentiality with its discreet phone lookup feature, maintaining user privacy. USPhoneSearch offers insights into social network profiles and access to marriage and divorce records. However, it is limited to residents of the US.

  • Superfast search capabilities powered by advanced computer technology.
  • Free unlimited searches for phone numbers without any restrictions.
  • Reveals owner’s name, previous addresses, and current location for free.
  • User-friendly and straightforward interface for quick searches.
  • Retrieves information from official government archives and public sources.
  • Supports both landline and cell phone number lookup.
  • Limited to residents of the United States.

17. NumLookup


NumLookup is a highly reliable and completely free reverse phone lookup service that provides users with accurate information about phone numbers in the US. Users can quickly enter a phone number and receive comprehensive results. The service’s commitment to privacy ensures that all searches are confidential and anonymous, with no search history stored or shared. NumLookup’s extensive information and commitment to remaining non-corporate and non-compromised make it a trusted choice for users.

  • No registration or sign-up is required, to ensure user privacy.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Provides extensive information beyond just the owner’s name, including location, carrier, and social media profiles.
  • Guarantees privacy and anonymity for all searches.
  • Trusted by millions of users for accurate and comprehensive reverse phone lookup.

18. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer | Best Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services

Spy Dialer is a comprehensive and genuinely free reverse phone lookup website that compiles billions of phone numbers, including VOIP, cell phones, and landlines. This service utilizes public data of individuals they are searching for. Offering a faster and sneakier approach to reverse phone lookup, Spy Dialer is a standout among free services, surpassing Google phone number lookup, cell phone trackers, and caller ID.

  • Works with mobile phones, landlines, and email addresses, even for non-published numbers.
  • Offers a truly free phone number lookup service with no hidden charges.
  • Allows up to 50 free reverse phone lookups per day.
  • Offers a hassle-free experience without requiring users to sign up.
  • Provides information not found in phone books, white pages, or yellow pages.
  • Utilizes public data to find owner names and photos for unknown or suspicious phone number lookups.

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Free reverse phone lookup services have become essential tools for protecting ourselves from spam, scams, and unwanted calls. With the variety of options available, you can choose the service that best suits your needs. If you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment for us in the box below.

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