20 Best PS2 Emulator for Android

Keep your PlayStation adventures going on your smartphones

Are you a fan of classic PlayStation 2 games and wish you could play them on your device? Well, you’re in luck! With the advancement in technology, there are now several PS2 emulators that allow you to relive those nostalgic gaming moments. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best PS2 emulators for your Android phone, letting you dive back into your favorite titles right from the palm of your hand.

Best PS2 Emulator for Android

Best PS2 Emulator for Android in 2023

We’ll delve into their features, performance, and overall experience to help you choose the perfect emulator for your gaming journey down memory lane. Let’s take a look at the top options that bring the magic of PS2 gaming to your Android smartphone or tablet.

1. AetherSX2


AetherSX2 stands as an advanced and one of the best PS2 emulators tailored for the Android platform, enabling users to relive their favorite PlayStation 2 titles on portable devices. This emulator necessitates a BIOS image, acquired through homebrew methods like bios-drain, extracted from one’s own console. For optimal performance, a high-end device such as Snapdragon 845-equivalent or better is recommended, boasting substantial processing power. It’s crucial to adhere to ethical usage by playing only games that have been personally dumped from owned discs. By harnessing tools like ImgBurn, users can create .iso files from their discs and transfer them to their devices via USB for an authentic gaming experience.

  • Various rendering options: OpenGL, Vulkan, and Software.
  • Up to 1080p and beyond upscaling.
  • Widescreen support for games lacking native compatibility.
  • Save states for easy progress tracking.
  • Touchscreen and Bluetooth controller compatibility.
  • Games loaded from iso/chd/cso disc images.
  • Customizable per-game settings for optimal experience.

2. PS / PS2 / PSP

PS / PS2 / PSP

The PS / PS2 / PSP emulator application caters to gaming enthusiasts who relish classical adventures, wars, brain teasers, and arcade games. It offers high-performance emulation for PlayStation consoles and is an open-source project built upon Libretro, prioritizing user-friendliness and a seamless experience. Leveraging cores such as play and pcsx2 for PS2, flycast for Dreamcast, ppsspp for PSP, and yabause for Saturn, the app draws inspiration from UI elements of Lemuroid, Dolphin, Citra, Flycast, and Mame4droid. This emulator boasts swift gameplay through a rapid game engine, effortless save and restore functions and user-friendly controls. It supports personalized screen configuration, high-quality graphics and sound, fast-forward capability, and on-screen button customization.

  • Support for zipped/7z/rar ROMs.
  • Battery-saving optimized code.
  • Compatibility with physical controllers.
  • Multiple-Disk image creator.
  • Plans for future support for WII U, Nintendo Switch, Saturn, PS3, and Xbox 360.
  • A wide array of supported consoles and file formats.

Note: Requires users to provide their own game files (ROMs) for operation.

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3. PPSSTWO – PS2 Emulator

PPSSTWO - PS2 Emulator

PPSSTWO, an Android emulator developed by Select33 within the Lifestyle category, presents an exceptional platform for playing a wide array of PS2 titles with remarkable stability on contemporary devices. Users can enjoy smooth gameplay on devices as recent as three years old, including both flagship models and mid-range alternatives. The emulator’s impressive performance ensures the smooth execution of most PS2 games, guaranteeing minimal lag and crashes for an enhanced gaming experience.

  • Compatibility with devices up to three years old, including flagships and mid-range models.
  • Easy download and installation process.
  • User-friendly interface for intuitive navigation.
  • Effortless search and selection of preferred PS2 games.
  • Impressive performance, ensuring minimal lag and crashes.
  • Emphasis on user device testing and issue reporting for continuous improvement.

Note: To locate the BIOS file, you’ll need Root Explorer. No device rooting is required for the app. Open Root Explorer, access the root directory and search for com.Select33.PPSSTWO. Inside the .!%#@$ folder, you’ll find the BIOS folder. It’s oddly placed, but this should assist you.

4. PS2 Emulator DamonPS2 PPSSPP

PS2 Emulator DamonPS2 PPSSPP

DamonPS2 PPSSPP is a high-speed PS2 emulator for Android, exclusively providing the capability to run PS2 games on mobile devices. Much like the functionality of PPSSPP for PSP games, the DamonPS2 emulator extends this emulation to PS2 video games. With optimal performance on Snapdragon 835\845 smartphones, including models like Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, and Note8, the emulator boasts compatibility with over 90% of PS2 games, albeit with a few graphics bugs in some cases.

  • Provides 2X~5X PS2 resolution (1080p HD).
  • Supports widescreen games (16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Gamepad support, similar to the PPSSPP emulator.
  • Option to skip BIOS boot for quicker game loading.
  • Multi-threading and NEON acceleration for enhanced performance.
  • Support for multiple formats of game ROMs (e.g., .iso, .bin, .img, .nrg).
  • Future features include cheat codes, frame-skip, no-BIOS file startup, and more.
  • Compatibility with Android 5.0+ and OpenGL ES 3.0+.

Note: Thermal Engine file deletion can improve game framerate.

5. Play!


Play! is one of the best PS2 emulators for Android, known for its capacity to run graphics-intensive titles with varying degrees of success. Games like Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Final Fantasy X, and Pro Evolution Soccer 3 are among those playable on this high-performance emulator. Play! isn’t exclusive to Android; it’s also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The emphasis of Play! lies in delivering accessible and streamlined PlayStation 2 emulation, automatically configuring and optimizing games for an enhanced gaming experience. It’s a free emulator that can be downloaded directly from its website, even though it’s not on Google Play Store.

  • High-performance capabilities for graphic-intensive titles.
  • Games like Shadow of the Colossus, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and more can be played.
  • May struggle on low to mid-end devices, resulting in low frame rates and distorted sound.
  • Easy-to-configure interface.
  • Doesn’t require a BIOS file for game execution.
  • Ongoing development promises improvements in future versions.
  • Compatible with a majority of 128-bit games on Android.

6. DamonSX2 Pro – PS2 Emulator

DamonSX2 Pro - PS2 Emulator

DamonSX2 Pro – PS2 Emulator stands as a feature-rich application designed to facilitate the optimal emulation of PlayStation 2 games. Its feature set contains a variety of benefits for gamers seeking an enhanced experience.

  • Allows users to save and load game states with ease, ensuring progress isn’t lost.
  • Replicates the fast game speed of the original PS2 device.
  • Supports easy network gaming, allowing users to engage with others in multiplayer modes.
  • Prioritizes battery conservation for prolonged gaming sessions.
  • Compatibility with zipped/7z/rar ROMs, offering flexibility in game file formats.
  • Promises perfect execution of PS2 ROMs on X64 ARM devices.

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7. PS2 Emulator

PS2 Emulator

The PS2 Emulator Mobile is a free application designed for gamers who enjoy adventure, war, brain teasers, and arcade games. This new emulator leverages advanced technologies to offer exceptional performance, improved graphics, and enjoyable gameplay for PS2 games. Whether using a low-end or high-end device, the emulator aims to optimize performance and enhance your gaming experience. With the PS2 Pro, players can expect impressive results and a seamless gaming experience on their Android devices.

  • Personalization options support both portrait and landscape modes.
  • High-quality game graphics and sound, closely resemble the original device.
  • Enhanced compatibility for a broader range of games.
  • Offers a superior game controller experience.
  • Easy save and load of game states.
  • Fastest game speed is achievable.
  • User-friendly interface, making it easy to use.
  • Optimized game compatibility and battery-saving capabilities.
  • Fast forward feature and near 100% speed emulation even on devices with lower performance.
  • Customizable control layout and support for compressed files.
  • Compatibility with physical controllers.

8. Gold PS2 Emulator (PRO PPSS2 Golden)

Gold PS2 Emulator (PRO PPSS2 Golden)

Gold PS2 Emulator (PRO PPSS2 Golden) presents an exciting opportunity for Android users to relive the action-packed world of PS2 games right on their devices. This is one of the best PS2 emulators for Android that offers an authentic gaming experience, replicating the thrill of PS2 battles, adventures, and more. By downloading this app, players gain access to a vast library of PS2 games, enjoying the nostalgia of classic titles. With its user-friendly interface, the emulator doesn’t require a BIOS file and supports a variety of game formats. Gold PS2 Emulator truly stands out as a genuine PS2 emulator, providing features such as cheat code support, theme color customization, and easy game management.

  • Automatically scans PS2 games (.iso files) on SD cards.
  • Supports arcade games, action-packed battles, and adventures.
  • Save and load game progress.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Android devices.
  • Inclusion of a virtual PS2 controller.
  • Supports games in .iso, ZIP, RAR, or 7Z formats.
  • Tutorial to assist users in utilizing the emulator effectively.

9. PPSSPP – PSP emulator

PPSSPP - PSP emulator

PPSSPP stands out as a feature-rich PS2 Emulator, effortlessly transforming Android devices into portable PS2 consoles. It’s been optimized for smooth performance on small screens, making it ideal for smartphones and even compatible with iOS devices. While boasting a solid 4.2+ average rating on the Google Play Store, occasional lags have been reported by some users. The emulator supports a range of engaging titles, including Dragon Ball Z, Little Big Planet, Burnout Legends, Fifa Street, and Burnout Dominator, among others.

  • Capable of running numerous games, though speed may vary based on device power.
  • It supports real PSP games, which you can convert to .ISO or .CSO files.
  • Play homebrew games freely available online.
  • Store games in the /PSP/GAME directory on your SD card or USB storage.
  • Free version is available, with an option to support future development by downloading PPSSPP Gold.

10. Free HD PS2 Emulator

Free HD PS2 Emulator

Free HD PS2 Emulator – Android Emulator For PS2 offers a top-tier Playstation 2 emulation experience, free of charge. This high-rated app is designed to allow smooth gameplay of PS2 games on Android devices, delivering superior graphics quality. It’s worth noting that this emulator does not include any PS2 ROMs or ISOs.

  • Utilizes NEON Acceleration.
  • The app includes a guide to aid in obtaining free PS2 games.
  • Game progress can be saved and resumed seamlessly.
  • Supports Multi-threading Acceleration.
  • Facilitates widescreen gaming (16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Supports 2X~5X PSP resolution (1080p HD).
  • Compatible with gamepads for an authentic gaming experience.
  • Delivering excellent graphics and high-quality sound effects.

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11. ePSXe for Android

ePSXe for Android

ePSXe for Android stands as a dedicated Playstation emulator, bringing PSX and PSOne games to the mobile platform. Stemming from the renowned ePSXe for PC, this emulator boasts exceptional compatibility (>99%), impressive speed, and precise sound replication. It’s tailor-made for smartphones and tablets, accommodating 1 to 4 players and even offering a split-screen mode for two players. The emulator features virtual touchscreen pad support, hardware button mapping (compatible with devices like Xperia Play, those with keyboards, gamepads, and external controllers like WiiMote, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Moga, and Ipega), and analog stick integration.

  • Native support for both ARM and Intel Atom X86 architectures.
  • Supports HD-enhanced graphics with 2x/4x software rendering and two OpenGL renderers.
  • Provides cheat code functionality, as well as compatibility with savestates and memcards from the PC version.
  • Run most games with maximized graphics at 60fps.

12. New PS2 Emulator

New PS2 Emulator

New PS2 Emulator – PS2 Free for Android stands as a top-tier solution for PS2, PSX, and PSOne emulation on Android devices. This emulator enables users to play PSX games in high definition, along with extra features for an enhanced gaming experience. As the best, original, and exclusive PS2 emulator for Android, it offers compatibility with a variety of games, although performance depends on device capabilities.

  • Extended support for Galaxy S7 Edge devices.
  • Supports various file extensions such as .bin, .mdf, .pbp, .toc, .cbn, .m3u, .iso, .img, .cue, zip, and 7z.
  • Emulator does not include games; users should convert their own PS2/PSX games to .ISO files and store them on their SD card or USB storage.
  • Notable PS2 games that work well on this emulator include Gran Turismo 2, Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider III, Resident Evil 2, Driver 2, etc.

Note: Some images in .ecm file format are not supported by this emulator.

13. Golden PS2

Golden PS2

Golden PS2 Emulator is your gateway to reliving classic PS2 games on your Android device. This free and fast Playstation 2 emulator offers a remarkable gaming experience. With integrated virtual PS2 joystick controls, it’s akin to using a PSP emulator for running PSP games on your Android phone. This emulator boasts enhanced graphics and resolutions, creating a perfect environment for playing PS2 games.

  • Comes with an integrated step-by-step guide, simplifying the usage of the PS2 emulator for gaming.
  • Free to install and compatible with a vast majority of Android devices, ensuring widespread accessibility.
  • Compatibility varies based on the emulator’s support for specific games.

14. Pro Playstation – Playstation Emulator

Pro Playstation - Playstation Emulator

Pro Playstation Emulator for Android facilitates an exceptional performance in PlayStation games, ensuring stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. Acting as a portable console system, this emulator enables you to delve into real PlayStation games. Immerse yourself in a gaming environment characterized by high-definition graphics and swift speeds. Designed for compatibility, this emulator functions seamlessly on a wide array of smartphones and tablets.

  • Personalizable controls for tailored gameplay.
  • Supports compressed files and physical controllers.
  • Enhances rendering for peak performance.
  • Enables save states and network multiplayer.
  • User-friendly interface with battery optimization.

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15. Free Pro PS2 Emulator Games for Android

Free Pro PS2 Emulator Games for Android

Free Pro PS2 Emulator Games For Android is a PS2 emulator for Android devices, offering an extensive library of games, including the latest PS2 releases. Its performance hinges on the device’s capabilities, encompassing storage, RAM, and graphics.

  • Comprehensive PS2 emulator guide for free games.
  • HD graphics, enhanced features for Android PS2 gaming.
  • Custom controls, and seamless gameplay continuation.
  • Wide compatibility with PS2 game ISOs.
  • Genuine PS2 experience on Android saves, and high-quality visuals.

16. FPse for Android devices

FPse for Android devices

If you’re looking to play PlayStation 1 games on your smartphone, FPse could be your answer. Developed by Schtruck & LDchen, FPse stands out by offering high-resolution rendering of all PSone games through OpenGL technology. Titles like Breath of Fire III and SOTN run smoothly on this emulator, and it’s readily available for download on the Google Play Store. However, it’s worth noting that some users have encountered audio problems with the app.

  • High-res OpenGL graphics, outstanding visuals.
  • User-friendly interface, auto-scans, and covers.
  • Diverse control support, including gestures.
  • Multi-format compatibility, external controller support.
  • Multiplayer modes, cheats, HD rendering, VR potential.

17. SuperPSX Plus (PSX Multi Emu)

SuperPSX Plus (PSX Multi Emu)

SuperPSX Plus (PSX Multi Emu) is your entry point into the world of emulation, designed to make your experience hassle-free. It is a good app to start your emulation journey with. To start playing, you’ll need a game file, also known as a ROM file. Simply copy your own game files to either your device’s SD card or internal memory. For smoother performance, opt for uncompressed ROMs.

  • Optimal performance with uncompressed ROMs.
  • Compatibility with a variety of ROM file types, including ps1, psx, psp, and more.
  • Ideal for newcomers to emulation, offering a user-friendly experience that’s easy to grasp.

18. PSP PS2 Emulator

PSP PS2 Emulator

Introducing PSP PS2 Emulator, your gateway to a world of PSP gaming on your Android device. As a versatile emulator, it grants access to a variety of PS PORTABLE games, including the latest releases. This comprehensive app provides not only emulation capabilities but also a treasure trove of PSP themes, games, and ROMs. Dive into the realm of PSP gaming with this feature-rich emulator tailored for Android Phones.

  • Vast PS PORTABLE game collection, classic to new.
  • Countless customizable themes for PSP games.
  • Abundance of PSP roms and essentials for full immersion.
  • Android-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • An all-in-one app for complete PSP gaming on Android.

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19. One Emulator for Game Consoles

One Emulator for Game Consoles

One Emulator: Free Emulator for Games stands as a versatile and open-source emulator, designed to offer an unparalleled gaming experience across a wide range of devices, from smartphones to televisions. This emulator is optimized for Android, providing a seamless and ad-free user experience. Importantly, it’s completely free, reflecting its commitment to fostering a premium gaming atmosphere without hindrances.

  • Seamless save and restore for uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Battery optimization for extended play without draining power.
  • Multiplayer support via link cable emulation.
  • An immersive experience with sensory and rumble emulation.
  • Enhanced BIOS emulation, no separate files needed.
  • Easy ROM organization, patching, and customization.
  • Flexible rendering, visual enhancement, and speed control.
  • User-friendly interface, cloud save sync, and display simulation.

20. Redream


Redream emerges as an exceptional Dreamcast emulator, offering a gateway to revisit your cherished Dreamcast games in stunning high-definition quality. This emulator brings back the nostalgia of Dreamcast gaming, allowing you to immerse yourself in the titles that hold a special place in your heart. For fans who miss the Dreamcast era, Redream revives the experience, offering a chance to play those titles that transitioned to other platforms like PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube when the Dreamcast production ceased.

  • High-quality gameplay.
  • Rediscover classics like Head Hunter Redemption, Rez, Soul Calibur II, Shinobi, Nightshade, Yakuza 1, Yakuza 2, and Gungrave.
  • Free to use

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As technology continues to evolve, so does the accessibility and quality of these emulators, ensuring that the legacy of PlayStation 2 lives on in the hearts of gamers across generations. So, pick the best PS2 emulators for your Android phone that suit your preferences, and do let us know which emulator worked for you best in the comment section below.

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