Quickly Switch Between Worksheets in Excel

If you use Microsoft Excel frequently you might have noticed that switching between different worksheets in excel is quite difficult. Sometimes switching between few worksheets seems easy. The most common method of switching tabs is clicking on each tab. However, when it comes to managing plenty of worksheets in one excel, it is a very tedious task. Therefore, having knowledge about shortcuts and short keys will be very useful. And these shortcuts can be helpful in increasing your productivity. Let’s discuss the methods through which you can easily switch between different worksheets in one excel.

Quickly Switch Between Worksheets in Excel

Using shortcut keys does not make you lazy but it increases your productivity and saves you a lot of time that you can spend in other work. Sometimes, your touchpad or mouse stopped working and in that situation, keyboard shortcuts come very handy. Therefore, Excel shortcuts are the most useful ways to speed up your work process.

Quickly Switch Between Worksheets in Excel

Method 1: Shortcut Keys to switch between Worksheets in Excel

Ctrl + PgUp (page up) — Move one sheet to the left.

When you want to move to the left:

1. Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

2. Press and release the PgUp key on the keyboard.

3. To move another sheet to the left press and release the PgUp key a second time.

Ctrl + PgDn (page down) — Move one sheet to the right.

When you want to the right:

1. Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

2. Press and release the PgDn key on the keyboard.

3. To move to the other sheet to the right press and release the PgDn key a second time.

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Method 2: Go To Command to move around excel worksheets

If you have an Excel sheet with loads of data, Go To command can help you to navigate to different cells. It is not useful for the worksheets containing a very low volume of data. Therefore, it is advised to use this command only when you have an excel file with a large amount of data.

Step 1: Navigate to the Edit menu option.

Navigate to the Edit menu option.

Step 2: Click on the Find & Select option then choose the “Go To” Option.

Click on the Find in the list.

Step 3: Here type the reference where you want to go:  “Sheet_name + exclamation mark + the cell reference”.

Note: For example, if there are Sheet 1, Sheet2, and Sheet3 then in the reference you need to type sheet name which you want to go to then the cell reference. So in case you need to go to sheet 3 then type Sheet3!A1 where A1 is the cell reference in Sheet 3.

Here type cell reference where you need to be.

Step 4: Now press Ok or press Enter key in the keyboard.

Method 3: Move to the different worksheet using the Ctrl + Left Key

With this method, you will get a dialogue box with all available worksheets on your excel to toggle between. Here you can easily choose the worksheet that you want to work on. This is another method that you can opt for to toggle between the available worksheets in your current excel file.

There are several other Excel shortcuts that can help you to get your things done in excel in the easiest and fastest way.

CTRL + ; With this, you can Enter the current date into the active cell

CTRL + A  It will select the entire worksheet

ALT + F1 It will create a chart of the data in the current range

SHIFT + F3  By pressing this shortcut, it will pop up the Insert Function dialog box

SHIFT + F11  It will insert a new worksheet

CTRL + HOME  You can move to the beginning of a worksheet

CTRL + SPACEBAR  It will select the entire column in a worksheet

SHIFT + SPACEBAR  With this, you can select an entire row in a worksheet

Is it worth to opt shortcut keys for working on Excel?

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Do you want to keep on scrolling and clicking on the worksheets the whole day or want to get your work done fast and spend some quality time with your peers and colleagues? If you want to get your things done faster, excel shortcuts are the best way to do this. There are plenty of other shortcuts available for different tasks on Excel, if you can remember all of them, it will make you a superhero in Excel. However, you can only remember the shortcuts that you frequently use for your work as it will help you to get your daily tasks done faster.

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