23 thoughts on “Mouse and Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10 [SOLVED]”

  1. I’ve never seen more stupid suggestions. How can I “click” or do any other actions with keyboard/mouse if they do not respond?

    1. Same here sir. I can’t perform the above steps as described without the keyboard and mouse functions working!! My whaaaat!!

  2. What do you clowns not understand about, THE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD DON’T WORK ?

    You can do none of the above, zero, zilch, nad withouty the mouse and keyboard – comprehendi ???

    1. did u fix it. im having the exact same problem. All these guides keep saying to use my keyboard. IT DOESNT WORK…

  3. I have found that performing a shut down, a “cold” re-boot, restores my keyboard. Keyboard is NOT be restored from a re-start. I have also noticed that the keyboard is working during POST and other BIOS steps. It isn’t killed until Windows starts booting, therefore I conclude that this a Windows problem, and Microsoft refuses to face it. All of the tips given are the same as those being spewed my MS – nothing new. They all put the blame on the user (“re-load your drivers,” blah, blah, blah), instead of improving their product.
    (Note: I have not any problems with the mouse – I am using a wireless mouse with a USB receiver. Oh, and I have a MS keyboard, and they still can’t fix the problem!)

  4. NOT [SOLVED] at all
    Method 1: “Enable” Legacy USB Support in BIOS – Step 3: Go to USB Configuration and then “disable” USB legacy support.

    Rest is useless shit because NO MOUSE AND KEYBOARD

  5. I had a hard drive fail on my acer rl100. I took it to the shop they installed a new HD and W10. Then the tech showed me the unit was running and connected to wifi all checked out well. So he shut it down, I paid my bill, brought it home started up the unit and it booted to windows and no keyboard or mouse worked. I tried all the steps as mentioned above and none worked.
    I brought it back and the tech kept it for an hour. He called me back to pick it up and sure enough it worked he even turned it off and back on with my keyboard and mouse. Worked fine. I brought it back home and it did not recognize the kb or mouse. Now I am pissed. I called the guy but the place was closed. Left a message asking what he did to fix the problem. Next day I get a call from the shop, but a diffrent guy. He told me to bring it back and so I did. Not the same guy… original went on vacation. New guy wanted to charge me an hour minimum and told him just fix it. He wasn’t as clever as the first guy.
    In the end I still have a brick. How is it that tech 1 was able to initially fix it? So I wait until tech 1 comes back.A couple of weeks go by and the tech 2 said tech 1 quit.
    So l know it can be fixed, I just want to know how tech 1 did it without a keyboard and mouse.
    Can someone step up and share real tips instead of asking did you reboot from a cold start a 101 times
    C’mon give the dog a bone…

  6. nice… succeed in restoring my pc and the mouse and keyboard working again. when loading the window in startup keep force shutdown the pc. do it several time and next startup it will load to the recovery mide.in recivery mode the mouse e and keyboard working just dine then i just restore to the previous restore point in my pc.

  7. Agree, everything was fine until the last win 10 update downloaded. MS chat session was a waste of 3 hrs. Instead of offering to help resolve the problem they directed me to MY IT dept. Really? wtf! Now I’m stuck with fixing something they caused. Hellooo Mac

  8. hello sir, I am Rayhan khan from bangladesh. I am facing a problem that my laptop is not working. the mouse arrow is moving in my command but cant click. if I click something its not responding. about half an hour after its responding. mouse arrow moving slow and hanged sometime. pls help me how I fix it.
    thanx in advance.

    1. No help here. Nothing resolved. After Resetting PC, stuck at screen before login with no mouse or keyboard movement.

  9. Solution: Try going into your BIOS and in the USB section disable backward compatibility. This fixed my problem and my older USB 1.0 mouse still works.

    My mouse and keyboard would intermittently stop working about once per day. It was infuriating. I tried EVERYTHING including a completely fresh install of windows.

    I don’t think my fresh Windows install was part of the solution but I did do it the day before I disabled backward compatibility in BIOS for USB devices so you may also want to try that. I definitely still had the problem after the clean Windows install before I made the change to the BIOS.

    I’m currently on day 3 of no problems so I’m pretty sure this works. Previously I had the problem at least once a day if not more.

    I have an ASROCK motherboard – not sure if that matters.


  10. from recovery envirnment, locate startup option, load the window to safe mode
    it should recognize the keyboard and mouse, and if that happens you can restart windows normally

  11. If I was able to do any of that it would be nice mouse and keyboard stop soon as windows starts I have done everything I know to do they both are working fine in BIOS and on safe mode but stop soon as the little circle starts

    1. I have same problem. Mouse and keyboard not working after windows 10 reinstall. Tried safe mode, system restore, troubleshooting, usb out and in, everything I can think of, given that I can’t use keyboard or mouse, can’t get into device manager or control panel or anywhere.

  12. I have the same problem there is basically no solution i can boot up bios with keyboard and mouse and enable the usb things. And still nothing yeah i tryed booting up with safe mode no solution for anything.. help..

  13. I have my lesson learned hard way. Do not attempt reset PC on window 10 at all course! That bloody option mess up everything. It just happend my PC keep reboot after login phase for no reason lead me to straight up try reset. Only to met another disaster, keyboard and mouse not working. Not just that almost all usb port doesnt work. It took me 2 days to settle that by doing clean install, format the pc fresh again. Thats the only option guys. Because the keyboard n mouse is working in BiOs. Fresh install using usb.

  14. Tip for PC owners: install a cheap USB PCI card. Probably Windows will install different drivers for it, and you can use the ports to get in and solve things in device management.

  15. IF I read one more reply that says anything that needs a keyboard or mouse to work, I will go insane. Listen the people asking for help TOLD YOU they did not work, although you are attempting to help, you don’t understand the dilemma!

  16. Well the following maybe to late for some but may help others. After searching the globe and tried almost every suggestion from registry changes to driver updates using Boot disk. I mange to find a workaround. My problem was disabled mouse and keyboard after boot up. I can go in the BIOS and mouse and keyboard works fine. Whet the pc boots al seems fine up to a certain point, where I assume the USB drives get loaded. I plugged the drive into a computer I know works 100%. Windows 10 went through the process off adding devices. Once booted I setup the computer to be able to login remotely. Placed the drive back into the pc where the keyboard and mouse not working. I then remotely login to the machine . remove all the drivers from device manager and then install All the motherboard drivers. Rebooted and all was working. This is not a solution to a Microsoft Problem, but rather a time consuming Workaround which worked for me. Good Luck and hope this might work for others.

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