Overclock Android To Boost Performance In The Right Way

New and updated android Smartphones are constantly popping up in the market with new updates and features. As a result, more games and apps are being updated regularly for supporting them, hence consuming more power and making older smartphones slow. You may have experienced lag in your smartphone when you open too many apps. Everyone cant affords to buy new smartphones now and then. What if you come to know that you can boost the performance of your android device? You will ask how it is possible? But it is possible by a method known as overclocking. Let us know more about overclocking. You can simply overclock android to boost performance.

Overclock Android To Boost Performance In The Right Way


Overclocking means forcing the processor to run at speeds higher than the specified speeds. 

If you are the one who is looking to overclock the smartphone, then you are in the right place!

We are going to share the methods for overclocking your android device. Follow the below guide to overclocking android to boost your device’s performance.

But before moving ahead, we must know why your smartphones become slow?

Reasons why your smartphones are slow:

There can be a lot of factors responsible that make your Android device slow. Some of them:

  1. Low RAM
  2. Outdated processor
  3. Outdated technology
  4. Viruses and malware
  5. Limited CPU clock speed

In maximum cases, limited CPU clock speed is the reason for making your smartphone slow.

Risks and benefits of overclocking android to boost performance:

Overclocking has many benefits, but it comes with some risks too. You should use overclocking when you have no other options available.

Risks of overclocking:

  1. It may damage your device.
  2. The overheating issue may take place
  3. The battery drains faster
  4. Overclocking new devices terminated your warranty
  5. Reduces CPU’s lifespan

Benefits of overclocking:

  1. Your device will run very fast
  2. You can run multiple apps in the background
  3. Overall performance of your device increases

You will need the following things to overclock android to boost your device performance:

Make sure that you have the below-mentioned things ready before moving ahead:

  1. Rooted android device
  2. The device is fully charged
  3. Backup your files
  4. Install an overclocking app from Google Playstore

Precaution: it is at your own risk whatever happens to your device. Use with utter precaution.

Steps to Overclock Android to Boost Performance

Step 1:  Root your android device.

Step 2: Download and install overclocking software. (Recommended: SetCPU for Root Users.)

SetCPU for Root Users | Overclock Android To Boost Performance

  • Launch the app
  • Give superuser access

Step 3:

  • Allow the app to scan the present speed of the processor.
  • After detection, configure the min. and max speed
  • It is necessary for your Android CPU switching.
  • Don’t try to hurry and increase the clock speed right away.
  • Do it slowly.
  • Observe which option works for your device
  • After you feel that the speed is stable, click on “Set to Boot.”

Step 4:

  • Create a profile. Set the conditions and times when you want SetCPU to overclock.
  • For example, you want to overclock your device while playing PUBG, and you can set SetCPU to overclock for the same.

That’s it, and now you have successfully overclocked your device.

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Some other suggested apps to Overclock Android:

1. Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)

Kernel Adiutor Root

  • Kernel Auditor is one of the best overclocking apps. With the help of this app, you can manage to overclock like a pro.
  • you can manage configurations like:
  • Governor
  • CPU frequency
  • virtual memory
  • Also, you Can do backup your files and edit the build-prop.

2. Performance Tweaker

Performance Tweaker

  • Performance Tweaker is similar to Kernel Adiutor App.
  • We recommend trying this app.
  • You can easily configure the following
  • CPY HotPlug
  • CPU frequencies
  • GPU frequency, etc.
  • But one drawback is that it is a little bit complicated to use.

3. Overclock for Android

  • This app makes your device super fast and helps you save battery life.
  • You can set custom profiles and gain full control over the app.

4. Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro

Faux 123 Kernel Enhance Pro

  • Faux123 allows you to tweak CPU voltage and displays GPU frequencies in real-time.
  • You have full control over
  • CPU governors
  • Adjustments of CPU frequencies

5. Tegra Overclock

Tegra OverClock | Overclock Android To Boost Performance

Tegra Overclock helps to switch between 

  • Battery saving mode (by underclocking) 
  • Give a performance boost (by overclocking).

You can select the desired number of CPUs and configure core and internal voltage. Also, you can get a consistent frame rate. It is also a good option for overclocking your device.

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So that’s all about overclocking your android device. Overclocking can boost up your devices’ speed, but it will also lead to more battery consumption. We recommend you use overclocking only for a short time.

Following the steps discussed above will surely boost up your device’s CPU speed and increase your device’s performance.

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    Overclocking simply doesn’t work like that. Kernel tweaking apps for rooted devices allow users to customize CPU governor parameters and core workload scaling. They do not, however, overclock the CPU.
    Overclocking an Android device is possible only by installing a custom kernel. Period.

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