17 Best Penetration Testing Apps for Android

Want to harness your Android testing skills? Try these great apps

Are you an ethical hacker or a penetration tester, wondering if there are any tools for Android devices, similar to those available for computers? you’ll be glad to know that there are some useful apps for conducting such testing on mobile devices. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best penetration testing apps for Android.

Best Penetration Testing Apps For Android

Best Penetration Testing Apps for Android

Penetration testing, often referred to as pen testing, is a systematic and controlled approach to identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in a system, network, or application. This can also be done on Android devices. In this article, we have curated a list of some of the best penetration-testing apps for Android.

Note: Some of the tools mentioned in the list do not have official websites or channels for installation, and can be installed from third-party providers. Installing an app from an untrustworthy source can put your device at risk of getting infected with viruses and malware. User discretion is advised.

1. Nessus


Nessus Vulnerability Scanner for Android assesses network security on mobile devices with key features for remote scanning and results analysis.

  • It offers remote scanning convenience from online servers.
  • You can easily manage scans, and start, stop, or pause them.
  • Users can create templates for predefined scans, reducing configuration efforts.
  • The app provides results analysis with filtering options for scan findings comprehension.

2. zANTI


zANTI is a comprehensive mobile penetration testing toolkit designed for analyzing and securing Android applications.

  • You can identify potential security risks with vulnerability scanning.
  • It can discover and assess network vulnerabilities through network scanning.
  • zANTI has support for Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks for network traffic analysis.
  • It includes password-cracking functionalities for testing unauthorized access resistance.
  • The app can generate detailed security test reports for experts and developers.

3. Kali NetHunter

Kali NetHunter

Kali NetHunter, a specialized version of Kali Linux for smartphones, especially Android devices, is a valuable tool for ethical hackers and security assessments.

  • It provides wireless network security testing capabilities.
  • You can assess web application security with Kali NetHunter.
  • Ethical hacking activities, such as vulnerability scanning and exploitation, are supported.
  • It offers impressive customizability, allowing you to add tools and scripts.
  • You have seamless access to the extensive Kali Linux repository for additional tools and updates.

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4. Fing


Fing is a popular network and Wi-Fi analyzer tool for Android devices, offering detailed information about connected devices, MAC, and IP addresses.

  • It excels in providing detailed information about connected devices, including MAC and IP addresses.
  • While not designed for penetration testing, it can be used for network assessment.
  • Fing identifies vulnerabilities such as open ports.
  • It helps identify unknown devices and notifies about new connections.
  • Offers real-time network monitoring.

5. Nmap for Android


Nmap for Android, also known as Network Mapper, is a versatile tool for penetration testing and network discovery.

  • It offers comprehensive port scanning, identifying open ports and services.
  • Nmap excels in OS fingerprinting and detects specific service versions.
  • The tool supports scripting with NSE for custom scripts.
  • It aids in network mapping and host discovery.
  • Nmap provides a repository of pre-built scripts.
  • It’s cross-platform, open-source, and user-friendly on Android.

6. cSploit


cSploit is an Android network penetration testing suite for pen testing purposes.

  • It offers network analysis and vulnerability scanning.
  • Metasploit integration enhances its capability to identify and exploit network weaknesses.
  • You can perform password cracking and manipulate network packets.
  • It allows the execution of Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.
  • cSploit supports router exploitation.
  • Designed to be user-friendly for testers of all levels.

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7. SSLStrip


SSLStrip is a tool used by penetration testers and security experts to assess web application and network security by intercepting and downgrading HTTPS connections to HTTP.

  • SSLStrip is capable of downgrading HTTPS connections for traffic interception.
  • It logs exchanged data comprehensively for analysis.
  • SSLStrip aids in security risk demonstrations to organizations and users.

8. tPacketCapture


tPacketCapture for Android is a versatile tool for network analysis and penetration testing, accessible without root access.

  • It captures network packets on Android devices.
  • You can save packets in the PCAP file format.
  • The app aids in detecting vulnerabilities and abnormal network behavior.
  • It’s valuable for penetration testing to scrutinize network traffic.
  • tPacketCapture helps troubleshoot connectivity issues.

9. Arpspoof


Arpspoof is a valuable tool for network penetration testing, enabling responsible and ethical evaluation of network security through ARP spoofing simulations.

  • It specializes in Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) spoofing.
  • Arpspoof facilitates packet interception for analysis.
  • The tool helps professionals impersonate devices on the network.
  • It aids in detecting susceptibility to ARP spoofing.
  • Arpspoof assists in uncovering vulnerabilities and instructing students about network security.

10. AndroRAT


AndroRAT, short for Android Remote Administration Tool, is an open-source remote administration tool for Android devices.

  • You can manage calls and SMS with it.
  • AndroRAT has GPS tracking functionality.
  • It provides access to the device’s camera and microphone.
  • You can manage files, including retrieval and deletion.
  • It features keylogging for capturing keystrokes.
  • App installation and removal can be done remotely.

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11. APKinspector

APKinspector | Best Penetration Testing Apps and Tools for Android

APKinspector is a valuable tool for analyzing Android apps, offering benefits in penetration testing and reverse engineering.

  • It enables static analysis for code, resources, permissions, and manifest files.
  • APK Inspector offers APK decompilation, resource, and manifest inspection.
  • You can review the Dex code with this tool.
  • While not an antivirus, it aids in malware detection.

12. DroidBox


DroidBox is a dynamic Android application analysis tool used in penetration testing to assess Android app behavior and security.

  • It excels in dynamic analysis, monitoring app behavior, system calls, network activity, and file actions.
  • DroidBox aids in malware detection, privacy assessment, traffic analysis, and API call monitoring.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface with detailed logging.
  • Real-time monitoring keeps you updated on app activities.
  • As an open-source tool, it benefits from community updates and improvements.

13. SQLmap


SQLmap is a powerful open-source tool used for penetration testing, especially on Android Termux, focusing on detecting and exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities in web applications.

  • It automates SQL injection testing for efficient vulnerability assessment.
  • You can potentially take over databases to assess exploits.
  • SQLmap offers automated scanning for convenience.
  • It is compatible with various database systems.
  • Strong community support ensures regular updates and bug fixes.

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14. Drozer

Drozer | Best Penetration Testing Apps and Tools for Android

Drozer is a versatile Android security assessment and penetration testing tool for professionals.

  • Drozer provides dynamic analysis and vulnerability scanning.
  • It aids in pinpointing vulnerabilities within Android applications and the OS.
  • You can perform data manipulation and app interaction with it.
  • Security experts can create custom modules to enhance its functionality.

15. MobSF (Mobile Security Framework)


MobSF (Mobile Security Framework) is an open-source framework for mobile application security analysis and penetration testing, mainly focusing on Android apps.

  • It offers static analysis to detect security problems without app execution.
  • Dynamic analysis assesses vulnerabilities during runtime.
  • MobSF supports reverse engineering for app understanding.
  • It facilitates code review of Android apps.
  • It reveals security flaws, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities.
  • The framework complements comprehensive mobile app security assessments.

16. Hackode


Hackode is an Android app designed for ethical hacking and penetration testing.

  • It has network scanning abilities to discover open ports and services.
  • You can perform Whois lookups for domain information.
  • Hackode supports DNS queries.
  • It includes an IP calculator for subnet calculations.
  • Accesses the Google Hacking Database for vulnerability searches.
  • Offers a security RSS feed for cybersecurity news updates.

17. Network Discovery

Network Discovery | Best Penetration Testing Apps and Tools for Android

Network Discovery for Android is a versatile network scanning tool, useful for reconnaissance in penetration testing.

  • It performs network scanning, service detection, and device enumeration.
  • Network Discovery provides DNS resolution and integrates with Android’s VpnService.
  • You can identify devices, open ports, services, and device details.
  • It aids in understanding network layout and assessing vulnerabilities.

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We hope you have chosen the best one from our list of the top penetration testing apps for Android. Please let us and others know which one you selected. If you are aware of any other penetration testing apps that you believe should be on this list, please share them with us in the comments section.

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