Is There a Limit to Google Reviews Per Account?

With Google Reviews, consumers can leave their remarks about certain businesses or places listed on Google. It allows other users to validate that entity properly before conducting any trade. But there is always a possibility of too many fake or negative reviews on a listing from a single account. So, to keep it under check, Google has imposed a limit on reviews per account and characters. This article will give you insights into this and help you learn the Google Reviews policy better.

Is There a Limit to Google Reviews Per Account?

Is There a Limit to Google Reviews Per Account?

Establishing a strong online presence is crucial for businesses as it attracts new customers, creates opportunities, and maintains existing clients, and Google reviews provide the ability to rate and review other establishments. The set limit on the Google reviews from a single account helps keep the listing reviews more valid and helpful for others. Want to know this limit? Let’s dive further into this article to learn about it!

Are Fake Google Reviews Illegal?

Yes. Google does not condone fraudulent reviews and has the right to remove any that it deems to be such or that do not adhere to its review guidelines. By selecting More, then Flag as inappropriate next to the review, you can ask Google to delete it.

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Can You Leave a Google Review Twice?

No. Users are only permitted to post one review per reviewing account for a listing, which is the intended practice. The main motive is undoubtedly to stop as many spam and fraudulent reviews as is currently practicable. But you can amend your review and inform the public whether the company’s service has improved or declined. The limits on Google reviews prevent users to leave a review twice on the same listing.

Can I Review the Same Business Twice?

No. As mentioned earlier, users are only permitted to post one review per account.

If you’re serious about doing this, you must post each review using a different account and IP address. You might be able to conceal your location by using Tor or a VPN.

Can You Redo a Google Review?

Yes. You can edit reviews, ratings, and photos after they are published. You can change every aspect of your Google review if you decide to update it. As there are certain limits on Google reviews, being able to edit them makes it easier for users to redo the entire review.

edit reviews, ratings, and photos

Can I Delete and Repost Google Review?

Yes. You can delete Google reviews or repost them as per your liking. A review can be erased by the reviewer themselves by deleting it, or a business can ask Google to remove an offensive review. Your Google reviews are significant in any circumstance despite having limits to them. It must be a fair portrayal because other consumers will use it to determine the genuine performance of a company. Depending on the action you want to take, click on either Edit review or Delete review. After modifying your review, click on the Post button.

Edit review - Post button

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Can You Delete a Google Review You Have Done?

Yes. You can delete your Google reviews at any time from the reviews section of your Google account.

Is There a Limit to Google Reviews?

Yes. The limit Google reviews have is 4096 characters. Keep in mind that characters can be made up of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. Emojis count as two characters each. Nonetheless, increasing the limit is a useful option if you do have additional spaces at the beginning or conclusion of your content. You wouldn’t want an additional 100 spaces at the end of your content to go toward your 4096-character limit.

You do need a Google account in order to leave a Google review. Remember that the review will include your full name in the public domain. According to Google’s review policies, one review can have a Google account linked. Avoid submitting multiple reviews with different Google accounts from a single device, such as a computer, as it is against Google policy.

How Many Google Reviews Can You Leave Per Day?

Using a single Google account, one review can be submitted for each business listing. However, there is no limit on the number of reviews one can leave on Google in a single day for various listings.


So, you must have learned why is there a limit to Google reviews and further understood the related Google policy comprehensively. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section below for us to know. Your feedback and queries are valuable, and we encourage you to share what you want to learn about in our next article.

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