Is Rossi Ranch Hand Discontinued?

Rossi Ranch hand is a reproduction lever action rifle developed by Rossi Firearms. The company was founded by Amadeo Rossi in 1889 in Brazil. It was a Mare’s leg styled rifle that cost around $700 Canadian and was the least expensive compared to other Mare’s leg rifles available in the market. In Canada, Mare’s leg rifles mostly use 12” barrels, while the 16” barrels were only limited to the United States. Mare’s leg styled rifle became popular because of the American television series Wanted: Dead or Alive, starring Steve McQueen, who used the prop version of this riffle. And because of Steve’s previous series Trackdown, these short rifles were called Mare’s leg. Despite being so popular, why and why did Rossi Ranch hand discontinued production? To know more about Rossi Ranch Hand, this article will help you. If you are someone who loves collecting guns or just wants to buy a Rossi Ranch hand and want to complete your Rossi Ranch hand collection with all the accessories, this article will help you to know where and how can you buy it and what are all the Rossi Ranch hand accessories that you can get.

Is Rossi Ranch Hand Discontinued?

Is Rossi Ranch Hand Discontinued?

Many people are into collecting vintage guns like Rossi Ranch Hand as they offer a deep insight into history. However, they are equally difficult to find especially in good condition. Since the Rossi Ranch hand has been discontinued, some rifles that have already been purchased and produced are still available. Can you still get Rossi Ranch Hand today? You will get to know if you can do that further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What is Rossi Ranch Hand SBR?

Rossi Ranch hand SBR is a Short Barrel Rifle, which is a modified version of the Rossi Ranch Hand rifle. To modify a Rossi Ranch hand to SBR, you need to submit SBR paperwork. Once it gets approved, you can modify it officially. There is nothing much you need to change, you need to change the buttstock of the Rossi Ranch hand rifle to convert it to a Short Barrel Riffle. And then you can enjoy shooting! Just make sure to use it for your safety and not to harm others.

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What are Rossi Ranch Hand Accessories?

The Rossi Ranch hand accessories are:

  • Holster: It is used to attach and carry Rossi ranch hand over the leg or on the arms or on the waist.
  • Leather Gunstock cover: A customized leather cover to keep the Rossi Ranch hand in it which can be carried along anywhere.
  • Buttstock: A long piece on the Rossi Ranch hand used to provide structural support to the gun which can be replaced to modify the rifle.
  • Scope mount: A scope mount can be attached to the gun; on it, a red dot or a holographic scope will be perfect for precise shooting.
  • Magazine: It stores the ammunition.

What is Rossi Ranch Hand 45 Colt?

Before knowing if the Rossi Ranch Hand discontinued, let us read more. Rossi Ranch hand 45 colt is a pistol with a caliber of .45 colt. A caliber of .45 colt denotes that the gun has a barrel of 0.45 inches (11 mm) in diameter. A caliber is used for determining the size of the rifle or handgun bore and the size of cartridges designed for different bores. Based on the caliber, the bullet of what size is required by the gun is decided.

Who Makes Rossi Ranch Hand?

Now that you know what is Rossi Ranch hand 45 colt, let us move forward. The Rossi Ranch hand is developed by an American company Rossi Firearms who are the actual owners of the Rossi Ranch handgun. These guns get manufactured in Taurus in Brazil for over a century now. The manufacturing cost is much less than when it is manufactured; it cost half to one-third that of the Italian guns and is one of the cheapest rifles in the Mare’s leg series.

Rossi USA website

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Is the Rossi Ranch Hand Discontinued? Is Rossi Ranch Hand Discontinued?

Yes, the Rossi Ranch hand has been discontinued. The production of Rossi Ranch Hand stopped in the year 2000. And since then, no Rossi Ranch handguns are getting manufactured by the company. Though, Rossi Ranch hand guns are not prohibited from using. They can still be found in the gun markets, but their availability is very less and is very hard to find currently. The ownership of the company changed many times, and because of some accidents happened and manufacturing faults, the company decided to shut down its production.

Did Rossi Firearms Go Out of Business?

No, Rossi Firearms did not go out of business. Rossi Firearms were making great weapons and are still making them. Rossi Firearms did get into trouble due to the safety issues reported by the users of Rossi Ranch hand rifles. But these issues were not big enough to get the company to a loss and to run them out of business.

Who Bought Rossi Firearms?

In 1995, Forjas Taurus (currently known as Taurus Armas), a Brazilian company, purchased the rights and equipment to manufacture Rossi brand revolvers. They manufacture three .38 models and four .357 magnum models under Rossi’s name, which were manufactured in the original manufacturing factory in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil. In 2009, Heritage Manufacturing was also purchased, and its production later moved to Taurus’ Miami, Florida plant.

Taurus Armas

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Can I Get Rossi Ranch Hand Mares Leg?

Yes, you can get Rossi Ranch hand mares leg. Although the Rossi Ranch hand discontinued its production, they are still available for purchase. You can buy the Rossi Ranch hand guns from Rossi’s online store, but you can get them offline. Rossi Ranch hand mares leg is not readily available, so it might happen that either you have to wait for it or you can look for other shops online and offline.

Is the Rossi Ranch Hand 357 Review Good?

Yes, the Rossi Ranch hand 357 reviews are good. They are well enough to be recommended to some gun collectors. The Rossi Ranch hand model 92 is offered in .357 magnum, which means the gun can carry bullets of 0.357 inches (9.07mm) in diameter. The .357 Magnum cartridge is notable for its highly effective terminal ballistics. The Rossi Ranch hand .357 magnum can carry eight rounds of .357 mag bullets. Only the barrel size of the Rossi Ranch hand gun is varied. The rest of the rifle is awesome as it is!

How to Get Rossi Ranch Hand 410?

Rossi Ranch hand 410 can be found on the online gun stores at Vance Outdoors. Also, you can purchase it by registering yourself at some offline gun stores in the United States of America. The availability of Rossi Ranch hand 410 is not much, but you can still find it in some stores. If you still couldn’t find the Rossi Ranch hand 410, you can contact Rossi’s Firearms to get one.

Vance Outdoors Rossi Ranch Hand 410


We hope that you learned about if the Rossi Ranch Hand discontinued or not. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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