Shotgun Farmers Unlock Codes: Redeem Now

Shotgun Farmers is an online shooting video game developed and published by Megastorm Games. This fun multiplayer game has everything that a video game lover wants. From growing your own guns to being a fast-paced game, it has everything that will keep you on your toes. The best part of the game is Shotgun Farmers unlock codes which can get you free profile badges, headgear, and other amazing items. If you are someone looking for the same and want to know more about Shotgun Farmers codes then you have come to the right place. In today’s guide, we will discuss everything related to Shotgun Farmers PS4 codes and Shotgun Farmers discount code. So, let us begin our informative guide on Shotgun Famers game codes.

Shotgun Farmers Unlock Codes: Redeem Now

Shotgun Farmers Unlock Codes to Redeem Now

Shotgun Farmers

As you know already, Shotgun Farmers is a multiplayer game that is available on multiple platforms like PlayStation 4, Steam, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Let us look at some other features of the game that are worth knowing:

  • It is a shooting game in which players have to grow crops (which result from missed shots) which in return helps in growing guns.
  • This involves firing your bullets into the ground to plant your ammo.
  • Players cannot reload in Shotgun Farmers, you need to grab the crops that are planted by you or your enemies to need more ammo.
  • Players can harvest weapon plants for more ammo or can even let the crop grow to get a larger clip.
  • Shotgun Farmers is enjoyed thoroughly by indie game lovers.
  • With the help of Shotgun Farmers discount code, players can get their hands on many useful items in the game like profile badges, headgear, and other stuff which makes playing the game more enjoyable.

Items and Profile Badges for Shotgun Farmers

Items and Profile Badges for Shotgun Farmers

As mentioned, there are certain badges and items in Shotgun Farmers that can help you in enhancing your gaming experience. To unlock these items, players need Shotgun Farmers PS4 codes. While we will talk about these codes in the coming paragraphs, let us look at the list of these important badges first:

  • tiktokbok: This code on redeeming unlocks the I am Bok Bok chicken profile badge.
  • tiktokmoo: This one unlocks the I am Moo Moo cow profile badge.
  • tiktokneigh: On redeeming this code, you can unlock the I am Neigh Neigh horse profile badge.
  • tiktokoink: This code will help you in redeeming the I am Oink Oink pig profile badge.
  • tiktokkaw: On redeeming tiktokkaw, you can unlock the I am Kaw Kaw crow profile badge.
  • z0mbear: z0mbear codes help in unlocking headgear.

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List of Shotgun Farmers Unlock Codes

Now that you are aware of the items and profile badges that you can receive by using the codes, it is time to uncover them. You can get all the new information on these codes from the official Twitter handle of Shotgun Farmers. The account provides instant access to fresh game codes that can help you with Shotgun Farmers updates.

Twitter handle of Shotgun Farmers

Apart from that, below is the list of some of the current and famous Shotgun Farmers codes:

Note: The codes listed below are subject to expiration. You can redeem these codes till they are live. In case they get expired, you will not be able to redeem any badges or items from Shotgun Farmers.

  • Anniversary 2018: On using the code, you can get a free 1 anniversary match played.
  • Anniversary 2019: On using the code, you can get a free 1 anniversary match played.
  • Christmas Tree: This code will get you 1 winter match played.
  • Carrocket: On redeeming this code, you can get free 250 carrocket launcher kills.
  • Bun Bun: Using Bun Bun gets you free 20 easter matches played.
  • Cornstalker: This code helps you survive 5 horde waves.
  • Juggstalker: Using this code help you survive 30 horde waves.
  • Bombkin: You can get free 1 Halloween match played.
  • Wolf Hunter: Redeeming this code helps you in surviving 32 horde waves.
  • Gift Box: On redeeming it, you get free 10 winter matches played.
  • Snowman: This one gets you free 5 winter matches played.
  • Survivor: You can get 1 horde wave survived by redeeming this code.
  • Master Survivor: It can get you 50 horde waves survived.
  • Pumpkrow: You can get free 10 Halloween matches played with this code.
  • Mistletoe: You can get 15 free winter matches.
  • Candy Cane: on redeeming it, you get free 20 winter matches played.
  • Santa Hat: You get 1 winter match played with it.

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How to Redeem Shotgun Farmers PS4 Codes

If the codes are not expired and you are able to use them, there is a whole process of redeeming these Shotgun Farmers game codes. This involves following the steps provided below for the redemption of codes:

1. First, launch Shotgun Farmers on your device.

2. Now, go to the Main Menu of the game.

3. Locate and select the CUSTOMIZE option.

select customize option

4. Now, in the CUSTOMIZE menu, select the ENTER CODE button present in the lower corner of the screen.

5. Then, enter an active code in the text field and SUBMIT to redeem the code.

enter code

Once done, you can now enjoy your free rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many game modes are present in Shotgun Farmers?

Ans. Currently, there are 4 different regular modes present in Shotgun Farmers. Along with that, the game also has a special event which is called a turnipment (tournament).

Q2. How many players can play in Shotgun Farmers?

Ans. Shotgun Farmers is a multiplayer game in which up to 10 players can play per match, both in public lobbies as well as in private rooms.

Q3. Is Shotgun Farmers a fun game?

Ans. Shotgun Farmers is a fun, thrilling, lively, colorful, cartoony, and fast-paced game. Most of the time in the game is spent battling enemies. Therefore, it is a great shooting game for thrill seekers.

Q4. Can I play Shotgun Farmers on my PS5?

Ans. Yes, Shotgun Farmers is available to play on PS5. To play the game on PS5, make sure that it is updated with the latest software.

Q5. Is Shotgun Farmers available for PC?

Ans. Yes, Shotgun Farmers is available to play on PC with full cross play.


Shotgun Farmers is indeed an enjoyable game and we have tried to include the best possible Shotgun Farmers unlock codes for you to redeem some amazing features of the game. We hope that our doc was helpful in enhancing your Shotgun Farmers gaming experience with some new items now available for you. If you have more queries or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section given below.

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