Is BlueMail Safe? Complete Review (2023)

Simplify your email management with BlueMail!

Are you constantly struggling to manage your email accounts? Well, BlueMail is here to help you out! This incredible platform allows you to organize your emails and save your time! But before you dive in, let’s check if BlueMail is safe to use or not and explore the features, pricing, pros and cons, and review of this app. So, let’s get started!

Is BlueMail Safe Complete Review 2023

Is BlueMail Safe?

Yes, BlueMail is generally considered a safe email client that mainly focuses on safeguarding users’ privacy. The platform boasts several key safety features like:

  • It doesn’t store emails on its server as well and it does not engage in selling users’ data.
  • By default, BlueMail also blocks all intrusive email trackers to prevent spamming.

However, sometimes the level of safety also depends on how you use it and on which device you have installed it. Therefore, though BlueMail is safe and secure, it is recommended to exercise caution and take additional security measures such as using strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication.

BlueMail Review: Features

BlueMail is an email management application that offers users a wide range of features to enhance users experience. It is a free and beautifully designed platform, compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms. It provides users the convenience to manage and access an unlimited email account from various providers such as Yahoo, Outlook, and others. Being an ad-free application, BlueMail is a perfect replacement for your stock email app.

To justify the above review, let’s see some great features provided by BlueMail:

  • Unified Folder: This feature lets you view all your email account folders in a single interface including inbox, sent, drafts, and more.
  • Multiple Account Support: BlueMail supports various providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, iCloud, Office 365, and Yahoo Mail.
  • BlueMail GEM AI: This feature helps users by suggesting responses, summarizing messages, writing emails, and enhancing email efficiency and precision.
  • People Toggle Switch: This feature provides a new way to view your inbox and helps in reducing unnecessary clutter.
  • Group Mail: This feature lets you efficiently define and share groups for sending and receiving emails.
  • Share Email: This feature allows you to engage with others while keeping your email address private.
  • Smart Mobile Notifications: With this feature, you can customize your mobile notifications to your preferences for each of your inboxes, including quiet hours, vibrate, LED light, snooze, etc.
  • Backup and Sync: This feature safely syncs all your email accounts to the new devices.

BlueMail | Is BlueMail Safe

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BlueMail Pros and Cons

Like any other software, BlueMail comes with both pros and cons. Let’s check them out:

Pros Cons
It is a reliable and user-friendly application, making it easy for everyone to use the app. The app is free but contains ads.
It allows users to manage multiple email accounts from one software. It doesn’t offer auto response.
It is a great integrated app which can work with any email domain It provides Slow and limited customer support which potentially causes frustrations for users.
BlueMail is easy to set up on any platform whether it is Android or Windows. It offers only a few third-party integration options.
It allows users to schedule and manage events within the app, eliminating the need to leave the app. Occasionally, the app might not function properly, leading to a crash or failed email sending.

BlueMail Pricing and Cover Plans

BlueMail is a comprehensive email management software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs, and Startups. BlueMail offers different pricing and cover plans to cater to various requirements. Let’s check them out:

  • Standard: This plan is completely free for users with a lifetime subscription. This plan includes a range of useful features such as unified folders, ad-free, instant push, clusters, dark theme, cross-platform, and support for any device and protocol. Additionally, it also offers encryption and security.
  • BlueMail Plus: For users looking for advanced features, there is a BlueMail Plus plan that costs around $5 per month, per user. With this plan, users get access to everything in the Standard plan, as well as themes, priority support, email backup on the desktop, early access to lab features, and GemAI.
  • Business Pro: This plan offers a corporate management dashboard, integration with multiple apps, priority support, corporate configurations, video conferencing, and policy and device management. To get access to these features, users can purchase this plan for $12 per month.

BlueMail Pricing

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How Does BlueMail Make Money?

BlueMail generates income in numerous ways including:

  • By Advertising: BlueMail makes money by placing targeted advertisements within the email client in a strategic manner. These ads are frequently displayed in a non-intrusive way, ensuring a seamless email experience for users.
  • By Premium Version: Although BlueMail offers a basic plan service for free, users have the option to upgrade to the premium version. This version includes additional features and storage options.
  • By Collaborating: BlueMail has established strong alliances with numerous businesses and service providers. Through this partnership, they integrate with other services including task management, calendar application, and cloud storage, within their email client. From these integrated services, BlueMail charges a percentage of the revenue generated.
  • By White-label Solution: BlueMail offers a White-label solution for businesses and organizations, meaning that companies can use the BlueMail email client and give it under their brand name. In return, BlueMail receives license fees.

What Makes BlueMail Different?

BlueMail’s unique features of managing unlimited email accounts, unified inbox, cross-platform syncing, calendar integration, Generative Email AI, cluster, etc. differentiate it from other email services.

We hope this comprehensive review helps you decide whether is BlueMail a safe choice for you or not after going through its pros and cons. Feel free to drop your queries or suggestions in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Techcult for more informative reviews.

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