Instagram Follow Limit Per Day and Per Hour

Make the most of your social journey with a clear understanding of the platform's follow limits.

In the realm of followers and following, Instagram, like any other social platform, has set specific limitations for a secure environment. It’s essential to comprehend and abide by Instagram follow limits in order to preserve a safe space for all. So, let us guide you through your Insta journey within set boundaries by answering your query how many Instagram follow limit per day and per hour is actually permissible.

Instagram Follow Limit Per Day and Per Hour

Instagram Follow Limit Per Day and Per Hour

Instagram has imposed follow limits that let you follow a specific number of accounts on the platform. The per-day and per-hour limit to follow accounts vary depending on the age of your account and your activity. Though there is no specific information from Instagram officially, few research and testing have estimated the follow limits as given below:

  • For newer accounts, the per-day limit is 100-150 and the per-hour limit is 7-13.
  • For older or established accounts, the per-day limit is 150-200 and the per-hour limit is 10-13.

How Long Does Instagram Follow Limit Last?

The Instagram follow limit lasts according to per hour or per day and when that hour or day passes, you can follow people again. But if you reach the total following limit of 7,500, then you cannot follow more accounts. It is advisable to follow 10-15 accounts per hour to avoid any ban.

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Why am I Limited from Approving Follow Requests on Instagram?

You can get limited from approving the following requests under the following cases:

  • If you have switched your Instagram account from public to private and vice versa too many times, then your existing follow requests can be removed.
  • If you have not accepted all the requests before turning your account public or a business profile, the follow requests will be removed.
  • Some actions have gone against the Community Guidelines of Instagram.

Community guidelines of Instagram

What are Other Limits on Instagram?

Instagram imposes different kinds of limits on its users to protect its guidelines. Some of these limits are:

Note: The following numbers are provided based on the trial and testing method. Hence, they may vary.

  • Liking Limit: People usually like more and more posts of different accounts in order to be noticeable. But Instagram imposes a limit of around 100- 150 per hour and 300-500 likes per day.
  • Comment Limit: If you cross the comment limit of 200 per day, then Instagram can consider you as a bot and an action against your profile can be taken.
  • DM Limit: Methods like copy-pasting a message and sending it to different accounts or generating an automated DM is another strategy adopted by people to gain followers. If you send more than 100 DMs a day, your account is likely to be suspected by Instagram.
  • Story Limit: Instagram imposes a per-day limit of around 100 stories. If you exceed this, the previous stories are likely to be replaced with the new ones. 
  • Hashtags Limit: Hashtags are another way for users to reach more and more audiences. You can only add a maximum of 30 hashtags under a post.
  • Tags and Mentions Limit: Instagram only allows you to tag 20 persons on your posts and mention 10 persons in the comments.

Note: Take a gap of 20-30 seconds while liking or commenting. If you don’t do so, Instagram might think you’re a bot and block you.

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Why does Instagram have Limits?

Instagram can impose limits on its users for various reasons:

  • To avoid activities that go against the guidelines and Terms of Use
  • To avoid any risk of spam and bots
  • To avoid collecting and accessing information in unauthorized ways

Terms of use

What Happens if You Exceed Limits?

If you exceed limits on Instagram, then your account can undergo various restrictions like banning from doing a certain activity or getting blocked for 24-48 hours. If you continue exceeding these limits, it can also lead to the termination of your account. 

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We hope this article helped you know the Instagram follow limit per day and per hour. Keep reading our blog for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries in the comment section below.

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